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Will Hawthorn and Sydney Swans go winless through 2017?

Gary Emmerson 18 Apr 2017
  • Hawthorn and Sydney Swans have started the season 0-4
  • The Hawks are $51 to not win a game in 2017
  • The Swans are $81 to endure a winless campaign
Will Hawthorn fans not get to celebrate a win? (credit:Wikipedia)

Hawthorn and Sydney Swans have been priced up to winless through 2017 after going down in their opening four games of the season.

The big guns have endured nightmare starts to the campaign with defeats in all four games in first month of the 2017 season.

And Sportsbet have opened up markets on whether either the Hawks or the Swans will win a game this year.

Online bookmaker is offering the Hawthorn-haters $51 for them to go through the entire 2017 season without a win. 

Sydney Swans, meanwhile, is rated a $81 chance to go winless.

There doesn’t look like being a revival for either of the battlers with $1.65 for them both to miss finals football this season. 

It is $14 for both of them to make it to September and play finals footy.

So when will they actually win a game? Well, round 6 against St Kilda is the shortest price for Hawthorn ($3.00) while the Swans’ best chance appears to be in the very same round against Carlton ($1.85).

Markets courtesy of

Hawthorn and Sydney in 2017
$1.65   Both Sydney and Hawthorn to miss Top 8
$14      Both Sydney and Hawthorn to make Top 8
First team to win a game?
$2.25   Sydney
$2.75   North Melbourne
$3.50   Hawthorn
Hawthorn’s Next Win
$3.15   Rnd 5 v West Coast (h)
$3.00   Rnd 6 v St Kilda (h)
$5.50   Rnd 7 v Melbourne (a)
$4.75   Rnd 8 v Brisbane (h)
$34      Rnd 9 v Collingwood (a)
$51      Rnd 10 v Sydney (a)
$67      Rnd 11 v Port Adelaide (a)
$34      Rnd 12 v Gold Coast (h)
$5.00   Round 14 or later
$51      No Wins in 2017
Sydney’s Next Win
$2.95   Rnd 5 v GWS (a)
$1.85   Rnd 6 v Carlton (a)
$4.50   Rnd 7 v Brisbane (a)
$26      Rnd 8 v Nth Melbourne (a)
$41      Rnd 9 v St Kilda (a)
$29      Rnd 10 v Hawthorn (h)
$51      Rnd 12 v Western Bulldogs (h)
$67      Rnd 13 v Richmond (a)
$8.00   Rnd 14 or later
$81      No Wins in 2017

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Will Hawthorn and Sydney Swans go winless through 2017?

Hawthorn and Sydney Swans have been priced up to winless through 2017 after going down in their opening four games of the season. Latest odds...

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