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NBA Multibet Tips - NBA predictions and picks to combine into a multibet today

  • Combine our selections into a winning NBA multi

Looking for winning NBA multibet tips? Our team combine their selections every day to come up with big winning bets to back.

Whether you like to play the head-to-head betting markets, punt on the points spread or take on the overs or unders in the total points market, you can secure a bigger return every day by placing a multibet.

Sportsbet and CrownBet both offer refunds on losing multibet if they go down by just one leg - so you can have a punt with an added degree of confidence.

We've come up with our betting tips to combine into an NBA multibet.

Today's NBA Multi

Two-leg Multi, $10 Returns $36

Washington Wizards -5.5 ($1.95)
This series now goes to Washington with the Boston Celtics leading 2-0. It could very easily be 0-2 the way these opening two games have gone and the Wizards are by no means out of this series. The Wizards have held double-digit leads in both games in Boston before going onto lose. The Wizards held a seven-point lead in the last quarter and were still up by two points with under 30 seconds to go and John Wall and Bradley Beal both had game-winning shot opportunities that came up short, the Wizards went on to lose 129-119 in overtime. "It was a heck of a basketball game," Washington coach Scott Brooks told reporters. "Two teams played their hearts out. Two great players played well. I thought both teams competed, played their hearts out, nothing to be ashamed of. We lost both games. Now we got to go home and take care of Game 3." An important thing to note is that the Wizards were right in this game despite Bradley Beal having probably his worst game for the season. Beal shot just 4-15 and 1-9 from beyond the arc, this caused him to panic on the offensive end, giving up six turnovers. Beal and Wall won’t combine for -14 on the floor again. Mr Fourth Quarter became Mr Overtime as Isaiah Thomas scored 29 of his 53 points in the fourth quarter and overtime. Thomas who was rocked with his sister's death just two weeks ago scored his career high on what would’ve been her 23rd birthday. "My sister wouldn't want me to stop," Thomas said during a TV interview after the win. "The only thing about it is, once I leave this gym, I hit reality and she's not here. So that's the tough part. But, when I'm in this arena, I can lock in and I know everything I do is for her." The Wizards led for 27 minutes in game one and 40 minutes in game two and still find themselves 0-2 down. As long as they don’t dwell on those two losses they should be fine and I’m predicting this series will be back in Boston at 2-2.

Utah Jazz @ Golden State Warriors Over 99 points First Half ($1.85)
Rust wasn’t a factor in the opening game of the series for the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors picked up where they left off a week prior, not needing to get out of second gear for a 106-94 victory over the Utah Jazz. The scoreline flattered the Jazz as they never looked a winning chance despite not being blown out. All five starters scored in double-digits while Rudy Gobert was the top scorer for the Jazz with just 13 points. The Warriors won impressively despite shooting just 24 percent from beyond the arc. Jazz star Gordon Hayward struggled, scoring 12 points while shooting just 4-15 from the field. The Jazz did slow the tempo down, keeping the Warriors to just 91 possessions, a full seven possessions less than their season average. The key for the Warriors was committing just seven turnovers. . "That is huge for us to win the possession game against a team that loves to slow it down, and is methodical on offense," Warriors point guard Stephen Curry said during the postgame press conference. "We had to value each possession offensively on our end, make them work, but not give them any freebies." Hayward scored 20 or more points on five occasions during the seven-game first-round series against the Los Angeles Clippers but was a shaky 4-of-15 in the opener against the Warriors. "I didn't feel like Gordon was hesitant to shoot," Jazz coach Quin Snyder told reporters. "They did a good job trying to limit his looks. But the couple clean ones he got, he's been making those, and I would anticipate him making those." In the first half in game one the Warriors held a 58-46 advantage, a score that totals 104 points, five more than the line set for game two. The Warriors have been averaging 59 points for the first half throughout the season while the Jazz have averaged 49 points. I think this line should be set more around the 104-105 mark rather than the 99.5 it’s set at now. For that reason I think the best bet for this match is to take the over for the first half total. 

NBA Live Streaming

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Betting on NBA Basketball

Bookmakers have a number of markets available for basketball games and we run through some of the most popular ways to bet on the sport.


The Point Spread, more commonly known as the ‘line’ in Australian betting terms, is one of the most common bet types. The spread allows the punter to get even odds on either team by giving or taking points. For example, if the Golden State Warriors are playing the Utah Jazz you may see this market...Golden State Warriors -11.5 vs Utah Jazz +11.5. The - symbol will always be associated with the favourite and the + symbol will always be associated with the underdog. This simply means if you take Golden State -11.5 they must win the game by 12 or more points for the bet to win. If you are betting on the Utah Jazz +11.5 this means the Jazz and either wins the game or lose by less than 12 points. If they do, the bet is a winner. 


Total betting is the most common bet for professional NBA bettors. The Total has two sides, the Over and the Under. The ‘Total’ is the number of combined points between the two teams. For example in the Golden State vs Utah game, the Total is set at 209.5. This means if the Warriors beat the Jazz 111-99, the total will have gone over the expected 209.5 points and the Over will be paid out. Vice Versa if the total score ends at 109-99 the Under will be paid out. 

Money Line 

The Money Line or ‘Head to Head’ betting is the simplest and most popular bet types in NBA. The Money line is simply the odds that bookmaker sets for either team to win a game. All the Money Line requires is for you to correctly pick the winner of the match. The Odds for an underdog will be much higher than betting against the spread so this is often a more popular betting proposition for the amateur punter. 

First Basket Scorer
The First basket scorer market simple. You are able to bet on who will score the first basket of the game. Only the starting 10 players on the court are to be considered as bench players will never score the first basket of the game. 

Quarter Betting
Betting on individual quarters is quickly becoming a more popular bet type among punters. You are able to bet on the outcome of a quarter, by betting on a team or the total points scored in that quarter. For example, if the Warriors are playing the Jazz, a first quarter market may read:

Golden State Warriors -1.5 | Over 55.5 points | Utah Jazz +1.5 | Under 55.5 points 

It is important to watch for teams that are historically fast starters and others that are slow starters. The first quarter is regarded as the highest scoring quarter whilst the third quarter is known for being the lowest scoring.

How does a multibet work?

Multibets are an extremely popular way to bet and we show you how to place your multis and win big with our essential guide.

First of all, multis offer a great way to secure big winning returns on your bets as you combine various bets into one.

A multibet can be placed at bookmakers like CrownBet and Sportsbet, who offer the opportunity to combine any number of bets from two to 25 into one single bet.

Each individual bet is referred to as a “leg” of a multibet and you will need all results to go your way to bag a winner.

The payout from each leg of the bet is used as the stake for each following leg in your multi bet, until all legs are completed.

So if you placed $5.00 on the Golden State Warriors to win at $2.00, you would win $10. That $10 would then go onto the next leg of your multi and so on.

By the time you get to the last leg of the bet, you could have a vast amount of money being staked. 

If you're brave, you'll let it all roll on the last result. If you're not, you may wish to cash out with Sportsbet now offering the chance to get out of bets early for a guaranteed return.

Multibets can turn small stakes into something big - and many punters have done so, including one individual who won $49,000 from two separate multis on the same day.

*State exclusions apply to some offers. NSW Residents are excluded from bonuses and offers. Please read the T&Cs of each offer with each bookmaker.

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NBA Multibet Tips - NBA predictions and picks to combine into a multibet today

Looking for winning NBA multibet tips? Our team combine their selections every day to come up with big winning bets to back.

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