How to make money betting online – Expert betting advice to help you win more

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If you want to win more from punting on racing and sport, then read on and get armed with a few simple tips that WILL help you increase your profit margin – guaranteed!

Successful punting is not just about picking the winner of a certain event and collecting your cash – it’s about getting the best value for money, which in turn helps cover the losing bets every punter is going to have.

To put it into perspective, would you apply for a home loan with the bank you’ve been with all your life because it’s easier, or would you shop around and look for the best interest rate available and try and save yourself thousands of dollars?

Punting with a bookmaker is exactly the same! Why would you place a Fixed Odds bet with your regular bookmaker at $2.50 for example, when another bookmaker is offering $2.80.

The 30 cent disparity may not seem like much, and depending on the size of your stake, it really isn’t in that one instance, but over the course of a punters lifetime, that small amount can equal thousands of dollars.

For example, even a small punter that is placing a $10 wager on two horses each Saturday can benefit from getting better odds.

If that same punter could find just 10 cents better value on each tip – and you can – he or she would be making an extra $2 each Saturday. 

Again, it doesn’t seem like a lot, but over a year, it adds up to $104 which is 10.4 free bets or five weeks of free punting.

In most cases you will find much more than a 10 cent difference between bookmaker odds and the end result is more free bets.

So if you’re a punter that is happy to keep getting short-changed because it’s easier, stop reading right now! But if you want to get real value for money and win more than you ever have before, keep reading and become a proficient investor.

Where to get the best betting odds?

Before we even get to Fixed Odds, let’s talk about the TAB. 

Punters that bet with the TAB on the tote are always going to be getting short-changed and they will simply make less than a savvy punter.

In Australia, depending on what state you live in, TAB tote punters are subject to being paid out a dividend that is affected by flow of money with either, UBET, NSW or S-TAB.

For example, a thoroughbred race on Saturday at Rosehill Gardens sees the favourite win. The horse pays $2.60 on NSW Tote, $2.70 on S-TAB and $3.20 on UBET – this is a common occurrence that happens in every race.

The poor punter that has $20 on the winner with NSW Tote gets back $52, while the UBET punter gets $64 – hardly fair if you’re the NSW punter.

Most bookmakers offer a product that entitles you to get the best dividend out of the three totes and Starting Price (SP).

Depending on the bookie, this feature is available on all Australian thoroughbred races and pays out the best price out of the three totes or Starting Price (SP).

Bookmakers with Best Tote features:

Sportsbet (Top Tote+)
CrownBet (Best Tote Plus)
Ladbrokes (Best Tote or SP)
ClassicBet (Best of the Best)
Palmerbet (Best of the Best)
Bet365 (365 Best & 365 Tote)

So now that you can get the best possible price out of the three totes, are you home and hosed when it comes to getting the best odds? – hardly!

Getting Top Tote will ensure you get the best price at jump time, but what if you have an early tip or really fancy a horse after doing the form? 

Bookmakers have big teams of form analysts working for them, but quite often they miss a vital clue and don’t pick up on it until a swell of money starts coming for a horse.

For example, a galloper racing at Moonee Valley on Saturday is installed as an $11 chance but is heavily backed and comes into around $5 on the totes – Top Tote products are still going to be a better option than the TAB tote, but you’ve missed the boat and are getting half of what the smart Fixed Odds punters are getting.

And although $11 may have looked like a really good price compared to the $5 on offer at jump time, another bookmaker may have had $12, $13 or $15 for that matter.

Having an account with multiple bookmakers is essential if you are going to make more profit than your mate who is punting with just one bookie.

Getting in early can also be a big advantage, and from experience, Sportsbet and Bet365 are generally the first bookmakers to frame a market on Australian thoroughbred meetings.

However, being first to frame the market doesn’t always mean best odds and Ladbrokes, CrownBet, Luxbet, Palmerbet, WilliamHill, Unitbet and Classicbet regularly feature among the best odds for particular runners or events. Bottom line – it pays to shop around.

What are the best bookmaker sign-up bonuses?

Unlike the TAB’s that give you nothing for opening account, just about every bookmaker has a sign-up bonus that can increase your betting bank from the get go.

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How to make money betting online – Expert betting advice to help you win more

If you want to win more from punting on racing and sport, then read on and get armed with a few simple tips that WILL help you increase your profit margin – guaranteed!

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