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Today's Race Cards

Horse Racing

Location 12345678
Ascot4hr 13m4hr 55m5hr 35m6hr 15m6hr 55m7hr 37m8hr 17m8hr 57m
Caulfield1hr 27m2hr 2m2hr 37m3hr 12m3hr 47m4hr 27m5hr 7m5hr 47m
Charles Town-2m28m54m1hr 18m1hr 53m
Delta Downs-22m4m31m58m1hr 25m1hr 53m
Doomben2hr 29m3hr 4m3hr 39m4hr 19m4hr 59m5hr 39m6hr 19m6hr 59m
Gold Coast2hr 14m2hr 49m3hr 24m3hr 59m4hr 39m5hr 19m5hr 59m6hr 39m
Golden Gate5,2,45,4,31,3,22,1,34,1,7-47m-17m12m
Gulfstream Park5,6,35,2,63,5,27,2,64,5,12,9,57,4,83,7,1
Laurel Park1,2,127,9,38,7,26,8,39,1,57,5,127,8,915,6,1
Matamata-45m-10m24m59m1hr 34m2hr 13m2hr 48m3hr 23m
Morphettville1hr 35m2hr 10m2hr 45m3hr 20m3hr 55m4hr 35m5hr 15m5hr 55m
Newcastle2hr 41m3hr 16m3hr 51m4hr 31m5hr 11m5hr 51m6hr 31m7hr 11m
Orange2hr 33m3hr 8m3hr 43m4hr 23m5hr 3m5hr 43m6hr 23m
Otaki-28m6m41m1hr 16m1hr 52m2hr 30m3hr 5m3hr 40m
Penn National-2m-35m-8m19m46m1hr 13m1hr 40m2hr 7m
Randwick1hr 42m2hr 22m2hr 57m3hr 32m4hr 7m4hr 47m5hr 27m6hr 7m
Sam Houston1hr 7m1hr 35m
Santa Anita Park1,2,52,1,32,5,49,2,3-2m-32m-2m27m
Sunland Park4,2,58,7,44,7,108,10,54,5,611,10,3-59m-33m
Tampa Bay Downs1,7,21,4,57,2,13,1,26,4,93,1,67,8,32,4,5
Toowoomba4hr 51m5hr 31m6hr 11m6hr 51m7hr 22m7hr 57m8hr 34m
Turfway Park-47m-18m10m39m1hr 8m1hr 37m2hr 6m2hr 35m
Warwick Uk1,2,42,6,12,3,76,1,58,6,9
Yarra Valley2hr 18m2hr 53m3hr 28m4hr 3m4hr 43m5hr 23m6hr 3m

Harness Racing

Location 12345678
Albany11hr 0m11hr 37m12hr 2m
Albion Park7hr 2m7hr 32m8hr 4m8hr 37m9hr 7m9hr 34m10hr 7m10hr 44m
Albury6hr 53m7hr 28m7hr 59m8hr 24m8hr 54m9hr 31m10hr 14m10hr 49m
Buffalo Raceway6,5,42,4,36,4,2-8m-50m-32m-14m3m
Geelong7hr 25m7hr 52m8hr 27m9hr 0m9hr 27m10hr 0m10hr 37m11hr 4m
Globe Derby8hr 20m8hr 49m9hr 20m9hr 52m10hr 22m10hr 57m11hr 27m11hr 57m
Gloucester Park3,12,13,11,48,6,10
Meadowlands12m32m52m1hr 12m1hr 32m1hr 52m
Menangle7hr 17m7hr 44m8hr 12m8hr 44m9hr 15m9hr 44m10hr 29m11hr 12m
Miami Valley-57m-37m-17m2m22m42m1hr 2m1hr 22m
Western Fair2m22m42m1hr 2m1hr 22m1hr 42m2hr 2m
Winton Nz-19m15m50m1hr 22m1hr 57m2hr 25m3hr 0m3hr 35m
Woodbine Harness27m47m1hr 7m1hr 27m1hr 47m
Yonkers7m27m47m1hr 7m1hr 27m1hr 47m

Greyhound Racing

Location 12345678
Belle Vue6,2,35,1,26,5,22,6,34,3,53,5,64,1,35,4,1
Bulli8hr 2m8hr 21m8hr 45m9hr 9m9hr 28m9hr 53m10hr 16m10hr 39m
Cannington11hr 9m11hr 32m11hr 54m
Derby Lane Evening27m44m1hr 1m1hr 18m1hr 35m1hr 52m
Derby Lane Matinee6,4,55,8,41,2,58,5,28,7,57,1,23,5,66,2,8
Hall Green5,4,62,5,31,3,44,2,32,3,42,3,41,5,21,2,3
Ipswich7hr 41m7hr 56m8hr 16m8hr 35m8hr 58m9hr 19m9hr 42m10hr 5m
Notts (Dogs)5,4,65,1,22,5,42,5,43,4,12,5,32,5,11,4,5
Orange Park Evening42m56m1hr 10m1hr 24m1hr 38m1hr 52m
Palm Beach Evening-2m11m25m39m53m1hr 7m1hr 21m1hr 35m
Palm Beach Matinee7,5,67,1,81,4,21,5,46,4,11,6,36,7,86,5,4
Pr Barr1,3,55,3,42,4,13,1,44,1,26,5,45,3,45,2,3
The Gardens7hr 7m7hr 30m7hr 46m8hr 6m8hr 29m8hr 51m9hr 16m9hr 39m
The Meadows8hr 9m8hr 32m8hr 54m9hr 12m9hr 32m9hr 57m10hr 19m10hr 42m
Traralgon7hr 14m7hr 34m7hr 49m8hr 13m8hr 38m9hr 2m9hr 22m9hr 47m
Wentworth Park8hr 25m8hr 42m9hr 5m9hr 25m9hr 50m10hr 12m10hr 35m10hr 54m

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