AFL Fixture 2021

Marcus Bazzano:
AFL 2021 Fixture

Looking for the AFL fixture for the 2021 season? See who your team plays this season.

The fixture for the much anticipated 2021 AFL season has been released. However, only the first six rounds have allocated dates and times.

See the full current AFL fixture below.

Round 1

DATE πŸ—“GAME πŸ‰TIMEΒ  ⏰Stadium 🏟
Thursday | March 18Richmond vs Carlton7:25pm (AEDT)MCG
Friday | March 19Collingwood vs Western Bulldogs7:50pm (AEDT)MCG
Saturday | March 20Melbourne vs Fremantle1:45pm (AEDT)MCG
Saturday | March 20Adelaide vs Geelong4:35pm (AEDT)Adelaide Oval
Saturday | March 20Essendon vs Hawthorn7:25pm (AEDT)Marvel Stadium
Saturday | March 20Brisbane vs Sydney7:45pm (AEDT)Gabba
Sunday | March 21North Melbourne vs Port Adelaide1:10pm (AEDT)Marvel Stadium
Sunday | March 21GWS vs St Kilda3:20pm (AEDT)Giants Stadium
Sunday | March 21West Coast vs Gold Coast6:10pm (AEDT)Optus Stadium

Round 2

DATE πŸ—“GAME πŸ‰TIMEΒ  ⏰Stadium 🏟
Thursday | March 25Carlton vs Collingwood7:20pm (AEDT)MCG
Friday | March 26Geelong vs Brisbane7:20pm (AEDT)MCG
Saturday | March 27Sydney vs Adelaide1:45pm (AEDT)MCG
Saturday | March 27Port Adelaide vs Essendon4:35pm (AEDT)Adelaide Oval
Saturday | March 27St Kilda vs Melbourne7:25pm (AEDT)Marvel Stadium
Saturday | March 27Gold Coast vs North Melbourne8:10pm (AEDT)Gabba
Sunday | March 28Hawthorn vs Richmond1:10pm (AEDT)Marvel Stadium
Sunday | March 28Western Bulldogs vs West Coast3:20pm (AEDT)Giants Stadium
Sunday | March 28Fremantle vs GWS6:10pm (AEDT)Optus Stadium

Round 3

DATE πŸ—“GAME πŸ‰TIMEΒ  ⏰Stadium 🏟
Thursday | April 1Brisbane vs Collingwood7:40pm (AEDT)Gabba
Friday | April 2North Melbourne vs Western Bulldogs4:20pm (AEDT)Marvel Stadium
Friday | April 2Adelaide vs Gold Coast7:50pm (AEDT)Adelaide Oval
Saturday | April 3Richmond vs Sydney1:45pm (AEDT)MCG
Saturday | April 3Essendon vs St Kilda4:35pm (AEDT)Marvel Stadium
Saturday | April 3West Coast vs Port Adelaide8:10pm (AEDT)Optus Stadium
Sunday | April 4Carlton vs Fremantle4:20pm (AEDT)MCG
Sunday | April 4GWS vs Melbourne7:10pm (AEDT)Manuka Oval
Monday | April 5Geelong vs Hawthorn4:20pm (AEDT)MCG

Round 4

DATE πŸ—“GAME πŸ‰TIMEΒ  ⏰Stadium 🏟
Thursday | April 8Sydney vs Essendon8:20pm (AEDT)SCG
Friday | April 9Port Adelaide vs Richmond8:50pm (AEDT)Adelaide Oval
Saturday | April 10Western Bulldogs vs Brisbane2:45pm (AEDT)Mars Stadium
Saturday | April 10St Kilda vs West Coast5:35pm (AEDT)Marvel Stadium
Saturday | April 10Gold Coast vs Carlton8:25pm (AEDT)Metricon Stadium
Saturday | April 10Collingwood vs GWS8:25pm (AEDT)MCG
Sunday | April 11North Melbourne vs Adelaide2:10pm (AEDT)Marvel Stadium
Sunday | April 11Melbourne vs Geelong4:20pm (AEDT)MCG
Sunday | April 11Fremantle vs Hawthorn5:40pm (AEDT)Optus Stadium


Round 5

DATE πŸ—“GAME πŸ‰TIMEΒ  ⏰Stadium 🏟
Thursday | April 15St Kilda vs Richmond8:20pm (AEDT)Marvel Stadium
Friday | April 16West Coast vs Collingwood9:10pm (AEDT)Optus Stadium
Saturday | April 17Western Bulldogs vs Gold Coast2:45pm (AEDT)Marvel Stadium
Saturday | April 17Sydney vs GWS5:35pm (AEDT)SCG
Saturday | April 17Carlton vs Port Adelaide8:25pm (AEDT)MCG
Saturday | April 17Brisbane vs Essendon8:25pm (AEDT)Gabba
Sunday | April 18Adelaide vs Fremantle2:10pm (AEDT)Adelaide Oval
Sunday | April 18Hawthorn vs Melbourne4:20pm (AEDT)MCG
Sunday | April 18Geelong vs North Melbourne5:40pm (AEDT)GMHBA


Round 6

DATE πŸ—“GAME πŸ‰TIMEΒ  ⏰Stadium 🏟
Friday | April 23GWS vs Western Bulldogs8:50pm (AEDT)Manuka Oval
Saturday | April 24Geelong vs West Coast2:45pm (AEDT)GMHBA
Saturday | April 24Gold Coast vs Sydney2:45pm (AEDT)Metricon Stadium
Saturday | April 24Carlton vs Brisbane5:35pm (AEDT)Marvel Stadium
Saturday | April 24Melbourne vs Richmond8:25pm (AEDT)MCG
Saturday | April 24Fremantle vs North Melbourne9:10pm (AEDT)Optus Stadium
Sunday | April 25Hawthorn vs Adelaide1:30pm (AEDT)University of Tasmania Stadium
Sunday | April 25Collingwood vs Essendon4:20pm (AEDT)MCG
Sunday | April 25Port Adelaide vs St Kilda7:40pm (AEDT)Adelaide Oval


Round 7

DATE πŸ—“GAME πŸ‰TIMEΒ  ⏰Stadium 🏟
N/ABrisbane vs Port AdelaideN/AGabba
N/ACollingwood vs Gold CoastN/AMCG
N/AEssendon vs CarltonN/AMCG
N/ANorth Melbourne vs MelbourneN/ABlundstone Arena
N/ARichmond vs Western BulldogsN/AMCG
N/ASt Kilda vs HawthornN/AMarvel Stadium
N/ASydney vs GeelongN/ASCG
N/AAdelaide vs GWSN/AAdelaide Oval
N/AWest Coast vs FremantleN/AOptus Stadium


Round 8

DATE πŸ—“GAME πŸ‰TIMEΒ  ⏰Stadium 🏟
N/AGold Coast vs St KildaN/AMetricon Stadium
N/AGWS vs EssendonN/AGiants Stadium
N/AHawthorn vs West CoastN/AMCG
N/AMelbourne vs SydneyN/AMCG
N/ANorth Melbourne vs CollingwoodN/AMarvel Stadium
N/ARichmond vs GeelongN/AMCG
N/AWestern Bulldogs vs CarltonN/AMarvel Stadium
N/APort Adelaide vs AdelaideN/AAdelaide Oval
N/AFremantle vs BrisbaneN/AOptus Stadium


Round 9

DATE πŸ—“GAME πŸ‰TIMEΒ  ⏰Stadium 🏟
N/AEssendon vs FremantleN/AMarvel Stadium
N/AGold Coast vs BrisbaneN/AMetricon Stadium
N/AHawthorn vs North MelbourneN/AUniversity of Tasmania Stadium
N/AMelbourne vs CarltonN/AMCG
N/ARichmond vs GWSN/AMarvel Stadium
N/ASt Kilda vs GeelongN/AMarvel Stadium
N/ASydney vs CollingwoodN/ASCG
N/APort Adelaide vs Western BulldogsN/AAdelaide Oval
N/AWest Coast vs AdelaideN/AOptus Stadium


Round 10

DATE πŸ—“GAME πŸ‰TIMEΒ  ⏰Stadium 🏟
N/ABrisbane vs RichmondN/AGabba
N/ACarlton vs HawthornN/AMCG
N/ACollingwood vs Port AdelaideN/AMCG
N/AEssendon vs North MelbourneN/AMarvel Stadium
N/AGeelong vs Gold CoastN/AGMHBA
N/AGWS vs West CoastN/AGiants Stadium
N/AWestern Bulldogs vs St KildaN/AMarvel Stadium
N/AAdelaide vs MelbourneN/AAdelaide Oval
N/AFremantle vs SydneyN/AOptus Stadium


Round 11

DATE πŸ—“GAME πŸ‰TIMEΒ  ⏰Stadium 🏟
N/ABrisbane vs GWSN/AGabba
N/ACollingwood vs GeelongN/AMCG
N/ARichmond vs AdelaideN/AMCG
N/ASt Kilda vs North MelbourneN/AMarvel Stadium
N/ASydney vs CarltonN/ASCG
N/AWestern Bulldogs vs MelbourneN/AMarvel Stadium
N/AGold Coast vs HawthornN/ATIO Stadium
N/APort Adelaide vs FremantleN/AAdelaide Oval
N/AWest Coast vs EssendonN/AOptus Stadium


Round 12

DATE πŸ—“GAME πŸ‰TIMEΒ  ⏰Stadium 🏟
N/ACarlton vs West CoastN/AMCG
N/AEssendon vs RichmondN/AMCG
N/ASt Kilda vs SydneyN/AMarvel Stadium
N/AAdelaide vs CollingwoodN/AAdelaide Oval
N/AMelbourne vs BrisbaneN/ATIO Traeger Park
N/AFremantle vs Western BulldogsN/AOptus Stadium


Round 13

DATE πŸ—“GAME πŸ‰TIMEΒ  ⏰Stadium 🏟
N/AMelbourne vs CollingwoodN/AMCG
N/ANorth Melbourne vs GWSN/ABlundstone Arena
N/ASt Kilda vs AdelaideN/ACazaly’s Stadium
N/ASydney vs HawthornN/ASCG
N/APort Adelaide vs GeelongN/AAdelaide Oval
N/AFremantle vs Gold CoastN/AOptus Stadium


Round 14

DATE πŸ—“GAME πŸ‰TIMEΒ  ⏰Stadium 🏟
N/AGeelong vs Western BulldogsN/AGMHBA
N/AGold Coast vs Port AdelaideN/AMetricon Stadium
N/AGWS vs CarltonN/AGiants Stadium
N/AHawthorn vs EssendonN/AMCG
N/ANorth Melbourne vs BrisbaneN/AMarvel Stadium
N/AWest Coast vs RichmondN/AOptus Stadium


Round 15

DATE πŸ—“GAME πŸ‰TIMEΒ  ⏰Stadium 🏟
N/ABrisbane vs GeelongN/AGabba
N/ACarlton vs AdelaideN/AMarvel Stadium
N/ACollingwood vs FremantleN/AMarvel Stadium
N/AEssendon vs MelbourneN/AMCG
N/AGWS vs HawthornN/AGiants Stadium
N/ANorth Melbourne vs Gold CoastN/ABlundstone Arena
N/ARichmond vs St KildaN/AMCG
N/APort Adelaide vs SydneyN/AAdelaide Oval
N/AWest Coast vs Western BulldogsN/AOptus Stadium


Round 16

DATE πŸ—“GAME πŸ‰TIMEΒ  ⏰Stadium 🏟
N/ACollingwood vs St KildaN/AMCG
N/AGeelong vs EssendonN/AGMHBA
N/AGold Coast vs RichmondN/AMetricon Stadium
N/AHawthorn vs Port AdelaideN/AMarvel Stadium
N/AMelbourne vs GWSN/AMCG
N/ASydney vs West CoastN/ASCG
N/AWestern Bulldogs vs North MelbourneN/AMarvel Stadium
N/AAdelaide vs BrisbaneN/AAdelaide Oval
N/AFremantle vs CarltonN/AOptus Stadium


Round 17

DATE πŸ—“GAME πŸ‰TIMEΒ  ⏰Stadium 🏟
N/ABrisbane vs St KildaN/AGabba
N/ACarlton vs GeelongN/AMCG
N/AEssendon vs AdelaideN/AMarvel Stadium
N/AGWS vs Gold CoastN/AGiants Stadium
N/AHawthorn vs FremantleN/AUniversity of Tasmania Stadium
N/ARichmond vs CollingwoodN/AMCG
N/AWestern Bulldogs vs SydneyN/AMarvel Stadium
N/APort Adelaide vs MelbourneN/AAdelaide Oval
N/AWest Coast vs North MelbourneN/AOptus Stadium


Round 18

DATE πŸ—“GAME πŸ‰TIMEΒ  ⏰Stadium 🏟
N/ACollingwood vs CarltonN/AMCG
N/AGold Coast vs Western BulldogsN/AMetricon Stadium
N/AGWS vs SydneyN/AGiants Stadium
N/AMelbourne vs HawthornN/AMCG
N/ANorth Melbourne vs EssendonN/AMarvel Stadium
N/ARichmond vs BrisbaneN/AMCG
N/ASt Kilda vs Port AdelaideN/AMarvel Stadium
N/AAdelaide vs West CoastN/AAdelaide Oval
N/AFremantle vs GeelongN/AOptus Stadium


Round 19

DATE πŸ—“GAME πŸ‰TIMEΒ  ⏰Stadium 🏟
N/ACarlton vs North MelbourneN/AMarvel Stadium
N/AEssendon vs GWSN/AMarvel Stadium
N/AGeelong vs RichmondN/AMCG
N/AGold Coast vs MelbourneN/AMetricon Stadium
N/AHawthorn vs BrisbaneN/AMCG
N/ASydney vs FremantleN/ASCG
N/AWestern Bulldogs vs AdelaideN/AMars Stadium
N/APort Adelaide vs CollingwoodN/AAdelaide Oval
N/AWest Coast vs St KildaN/AOptus Stadium


Round 20

DATE πŸ—“GAME πŸ‰TIMEΒ  ⏰Stadium 🏟
N/ABrisbane vs Gold CoastN/AGabba
N/ACollingwood vs West CoastN/AMCG
N/AEssendon vs SydneyN/AMarvel Stadium
N/AGWS vs Port AdelaideN/AManuka Oval
N/AMelbourne vs Western BulldogsN/AMCG
N/ANorth Melbourne vs GeelongN/ABlundstone Arena
N/ASt Kilda vs CarltonN/AMarvel Stadium
N/AAdelaide vs HawthornN/AAdelaide Oval
N/AFremantle vs RichmondN/AOptus Stadium


Round 21

DATE πŸ—“GAME πŸ‰TIMEΒ  ⏰Stadium 🏟
N/ABrisbane vs FremantleN/AGabba
N/ACarlton vs Gold CoastN/AMarvel Stadium
N/AHawthorn vs CollingwoodN/AMCG
N/ARichmond vs North MelbourneN/AMCG
N/ASydney vs St KildaN/ASCG
N/AWestern Bulldogs vs EssendonN/AMarvel Stadium
N/AAdelaide vs Port AdelaideN/AAdelaide Oval
N/AWest Coast vs MelbourneN/AOptus Stadium


Round 22

DATE πŸ—“GAME πŸ‰TIMEΒ  ⏰Stadium 🏟
N/ACollingwood vs BrisbaneN/AMarvel Stadium
N/AGeelong vs St KildaN/AGMHBA
N/AGold Coast vs EssendonN/AMetricon Stadium
N/AGWS vs RichmondN/AGiants Stadium
N/AHawthorn vs Western BulldogsN/AUniversity of Tasmania Stadium
N/AMelbourne vs AdelaideN/AMCG
N/ANorth Melbourne vs SydneyN/AMarvel Stadium
N/APort Adelaide vs CarltonN/AAdelaide Oval
N/AFremantle vs West CoastN/AOptus Stadium


Round 23

DATE πŸ—“GAME πŸ‰TIMEΒ  ⏰Stadium 🏟
N/ABrisbane vs West CoastN/AGabba
N/ACarlton vs GWSN/AMarvel Stadium
N/AEssendon vs CollingwoodN/AMCG
N/AGeelong vs MelbourneN/AGMHBA
N/ARichmond vs HawthornN/AMCG
N/ASt Kilda vs FremantleN/AMarvel Stadium
N/ASydney vs Gold CoastN/ASCG
N/AWestern Bulldogs vs Port AdelaideN/AMarvel Stadium
N/AAdelaide vs North MelbourneN/AAdelaide Oval