Super Bowl LIV MVP Tips

Gary Emmerson:

Who will win the MVP award in Super Bowl LIV as Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers battle it out to be Super Bowl LIV champions?

How do you look further than Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs when it comes to Super Bowl LIV MVP tips? For starters, the award is one that typically goes to the quarterback of the winning team. That has held up on nine occasions in the last 12 Super Bowl games.

Betting Mahomes in the 2020 Super Bowl does presuppose a KC victory but there are those that think the oddsmakers are way off when it comes to the upcoming game. The game is considered to be one that will be close. But there are many that think that the 2020 Super Bowl will be a blowout win in KC’s favour.

The Chiefs have been scoring like crazy lately. They posted 51 against Houston, 35 against Tennessee, and 31 in their regular-season finale. You have to go back ages to find a game where their offense didn’t get at least 20 and Mahomes has been central to all of their success.

At odds of $2.00 with Sportsbet, the KC QB looks like great value to be MVP. He is much more of a marquee QB than his counterpart for San Francisco, Jimmy Garoppolo. Also, Mahomes just isn’t turning the ball over that much. He has 8 TD passes in the playoffs already and no interceptions. He threw just five INTs through the whole regular season.

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This is clearly a market where you should just be going with the favourite instead of spreading yourself thin and maybe taking a few too many papercuts. Take Mahomes at EVEN odds with Sportsbet.

If you are going to focus on longshots, then take a completely different stance to the game. If things go wonky, then don’t be surprised if Richard Sherman is central to it. He is San Fran’s best interceptor on defense. He has two INTs in the playoffs and three from the regular season. He has been in the Super Bowl twice before so nerves shouldn’t be a problem for him. At $201.00 with Sportsbet, he should be among your longshots.

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