Super Bowl LIV Novelty Bets

Gary Emmerson:

It seems that the pinnacle event in American sports brings out the creative side of the sportsbooks with plenty of novelty markets available for the NFL's championship game.

The 2020 Super Bowl looks a coin toss when it comes to the winners, but three fringe markets are worth focusing on for interesting bets on the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers clash.

Jimmy Garropolo’s first pass attempt is an incompletion

Garoppolo has not been throwing the ball that much. In the divisional round, he had just 19 attempts. In the last round, he had 8 attempts. He completed 17 of those 27 attempts for a 63% completion rate. Clearly, San Francisco is throwing the ball carefully and selectively. Accordingly, when it comes to Garoppolo completing his first attempt in the Super Bowl, you might find that bettors are inclined to bet with him. However, let’s not ignore the occasion here. Even if Garoppolo isn’t nervous who says that the receivers won’t be? Nerves are something that players work through in these big games as they get comfortable. But the first moments of a major sporting event can be stomach wrenching even for the pros involved in the game. $2.60 looks pretty long for this peripheral market. Bet against Jimmy and/or his receiver being cool and calm on this occasion. Take an incomplete pass on his first attempt.

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The game goes to overtime

The spread for Super Bowl LIV is just -1.5 for the Chiefs to cover. The moneyline odds likewise make the Chiefs just very small favorites. The odds suggest a close game and based on the running games that each team has, you might expect a low-scoring affair. When games are low scoring, then you expect the score to remain close. Accordingly, you might regard this Super Bowl as one that has a better than average chance of going to overtime. There is big variance on the odds for the YES side of overtime. You could do a lot worse than the odds of $11.00 that Unibet offers. Bettors should go with that line. If the game is, in fact, close, then you could have a really strong interest in the dying minutes of the game. That can make the contest enjoyable to the end even if you aren’t rooting for a particular team.

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Longest Touchdown Yardage in Game – Under 44.5

How long will the longest touchdown of the game be? The OVER/UNDER is set at 44.5 yards. In this match prop, you win if the longest TD in the game has yardage of less than 44.5. In short, if there is a touchdown for 45 yards or more, then you lose. If there is no touchdown in the game, then the bet is voided. What you have to like about this prop is that both of the teams are very good defensively. They probably won’t get beat long for a TD. Also, Jimmy Garoppolo just doesn’t throw that much. Him air-mailing a long TD to a receiver just doesn’t seem likely to happen in this occasion. While the runningbacks in the game are good and can spring a 45-yarder for a TD, it still seems like it’s not that likely to happen. Patrick Mahomes going deep is the big threat but 44.5 yards for TD yardage seems high still. If they are anywhere within 44 yards of the end zone, hitting the OVER would be impossible on that drive.

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