Top 3 NBA Game Saver Buzzer Beaters

NBA Buzzer Beaters

Top 3 NBA Buzzer Beaters.

Palmerbet’s New Game Saver product is now available on the NBA, to celebrate we’ve dug up the NBA archives to find our top series-clinching buzzer beaters. You can bet punters on the wrong side of these wish they had a Game Saver up their sleeve.

Michael Jordan – ‘The Shot’

With the 1989 Eastern Conference first round series between the Chicago Bulls and Cleveland Cavaliers series on the line, Michael Jordan had three seconds to win the game. One point separated the two teams after Jordan and Craig Ehlo traded buckets in the space of six seconds.

Taking the inbound pass from Brad Cellars, Jordan took two dribbles to the free-throw line, rose-up, and stayed up. He hung in the air as Ehlo put a hand in his face. As Ehlo soared past, the ball finally left Jordan’s hands.


It’s a game-winner etched in the minds of NBA fans of all ages around the world. To each and every one of them, it’s ‘the shot’.

Lillard’s Bad Shot

It’s Game 5 of the 2018-19 First Round series between the Portland Trail Blazers and Oklahoma City Thunder.

We’re in Dame Time.

Damian Lillard had just hit a two-point shot with 32.8 seconds remaining before Russell Westbrook failed to put the Thunder in front on the following possession. Lillard is dribbling from left to right as the clock winds down. Paul George is fixated on him waiting for the drive. After all, this all happened while standing on the logo at halfcourt. But instead of dropping his shoulder and trying to get by George, Lillard picked up his dribble. Stepping back off his left foot, Lillard threw up a 37-foot bomb as the buzzer sounded.


Lillard knocked down what George later called “a bad shot” to send the Thunder home.

Lillard’s First Walk-off Winner

Whatever George thought of Lillard’s game-winner in 2019, he should have seen it coming. After all, it wasn’t the first time the Portland point guard had clinched a series with the final shot
of the game.

Down 98-96 to the Rockets in Game 6 of the 2013-14 First Round series, Lillard had 0.9 seconds to get a shot off and secure the Trail Blazers first series win in 14 years.

As the referee’s whistle blew for the in-bounds, Lillard sprinted around a screen and toward Nic Batum. Chandler Parsons missed the jump. By creating separation between himself and Parsons before receiving the pass, Lillard had a clear look at the basket.

Given what we know about Lillard now, it’s no surprise that he knocked it down.

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