NBA Championship Odds 2019/20

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NBA Championship odds for season 2019/20. See which teams are favourites to win the NBA Championship.

The Los Angeles Lakers are outright favourites at $4.00 to win the 2019/20 NBA Championship.

Sitting on top of the Western Conference, the Lakers are 34-9 for the season and have a 3.5-game advantage over the Los Angeles Clipper.

The Milwaukee Bucks have the best record in the NBA and have an eight-game advantage in the Eastern Conference with a 39-6 record. The Bucks are $4.50.

Third favourites are the Clippers at $5.00 with a 31-13 record. They have the wood over the Lakers so far in their season match up.

All other teams are double figures with the Philadelphia 76ers at $11 and Houston Rockets at $13.


Ladbrokes Market
Los Angeles Lakers $4.00
Milwaukee Bucks $4.50
Los Angeles Clippers $5.00
Philadelphia 76ers $11
Houston Rockets $13
Boston Celtics $21
Denver Nuggets $21
Utah Jazz $21
Dallas Mavericks $34
Miami Heat $41
Toronto Raptors $51
Others $67+

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