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The Ladbrokes Card gives punters a safe and efficient way to get quick and easy access to winning funds. The Ladbrokes MasterCard allows winnings to be withdrawn as cash from ATMs or spent directly from the card.


How does the Ladbrokes Card Work?

The Ladbrokes Card operates as a MasterCard Prepaid card. Importantly, once a card has been ordered and activated, it must be linked directly to a Ladbrokes account.

Any funds sitting in the account can then be withdrawn as cash from an ATM or used for contactless payments or to shop online. In addition, the Ladbrokes Card can be used in any location where MasterCard is accepted.


Receiving a Ladbrokes Card and Activation

Activating the Ladbrokes Card is straightforward. Once you have received the card in the mail, log in to your account. Then, visit My Account and select the Ladbrokes Card and type in the code that arrived with the card. That’s the activation process and the only way to activate a card.

To qualify for a Ladbrokes Card, you must be a registered account holder with them and be an Australian Resident. The card has to be ordered from the account to receive it. Complete ID verification has to have been done in the Verification Centre on an account, including up-to-date address details.

To register an account, no Ladbrokes sign-up bonus is required. This is because new legislation prevents bookmakers from offering new customers a sign-up bonus. But registration with this highly rated bookmaker gives an excellent betting platform, including racing promotions, multi-bet variety, cash out, etc.

If you hold an older Ladbrokes Visa Card, it can no longer be activated because the operator discontinued the services and moved to MasterCard. Visit your account to request the new Ladbrokes Card.


Deposits & Withdrawals with the Ladbrokes Card

To transfer any winnings that you have in your Ladbrokes account, select the Ladbrokes Card at the point of making a withdrawal.

That sets it as the destination, and you can complete the withdrawal process as you would for any other method.

This is usually a very rapid process. It shouldn’t take more than a few seconds after completing the withdrawal transaction for the balance of your Ladbrokes Card to be updated.


Can I use my Ladbrokes Card to get cash out at ATMs?

The Ladbrokes Card can be used at ATMs as a Credit withdrawal. Use the card as you would any other to pull out cash using a 4-digit PIN. ATM fees will apply. The card can also be used for online shopping or physical purchases. Use the card as you would any MasterCard debit card with a 4-digit pin.

Contactless payments can be made through PayPass. You will first need to have used the card with its PIN at an ATM. There are no fees for having the Ladbrokes card issued, nor for any POS Purchase made with it.

Any fees for ATM withdrawals will be down to the owner of the said ATM. Check Ladbrokes for the full details of fees and limits.


Managing the Ladbrokes Card

The Ladbrokes Card cannot receive funds from you – the winnings in your Ladbrokes account solely fund it. No additional money can be added, so you can only spend what you have.

While it does operate like any regular credit or debit card, the big difference is that it is not linked to a bank account, only the Ladbrokes one. So that benefit is that you don’t have to wait around for banks to process things.

Because there is no intermediary of a bank in play here, it means that when you initiate a withdrawal to the Ladbrokes Card, the funds will be available almost immediately to use on the card. The balance update should take only a few seconds.

To check the balance and transaction history, the card statement can be found through a Ladbrokes Login, a click on the Ladbrokes Card tab and then Transaction History. That will direct you to a secure page outside Ladbrokes, where you plug in your card number and PIN. Ladbrokes Cards are valid for three years from ordering, and Ladbrokes will automatically send out replacements.


Ladbrokes Card Fees & Charges

While there are no fees for ordering or activating a Ladbrokes Card, nor for things like POS purchases, fees may be incurred. So it’s worth reading over the Terms & Conditions for things like charges and limits that may apply to the Ladbrokes MasterCard.


Account Queries

Ladbrokes can be contacted in several ways for any queries about the Ladbrokes Card. Check out the Ladbrokes Contact Us page for full details about the telephone support, live chat, or to submit a support request form.

It is possible to change the PIN on your Ladbrokes Card, and that will require you to log into your account and click on Ladbrokes Card. Once you have logged into the secure page that opens from there, you can find the PIN change option, and for security, Ladbrokes will email you a confirmation.

Please note, the Ladbrokes Visa Card is being discontinued. The card will simply be deactivated when it comes to an end, and it won’t automatically be switched over to a MasterCard. Instead, you will need to request the new Ladbrokes Card.

If your card has been lost or stolen, to deal with this matter urgently, transfer all funds from your card back to your Ladbrokes account. Then give the Ladbrokes Customer Service team a call on 1300 533 276, and they will immediately suspend it. Once the card has been emptied of funds back to your account, Ladbrokes will cancel it and issue a new one.


Ladbrokes MasterCard Terms & Conditions

The Ladbrokes MasterCard has full terms and conditions because this deals with a prepaid debit card, and things like eligibility, fees, security, and other operations are highly important. For the full details of the Card, take a look at the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

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