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Spread betting specialist. Unique way to bet.

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PointsBet are a new name to the Australian betting industry with the specialist sport spread betting bookmaker offering a unique way to place wagers.

Spread betting offers a way to make big wins by predicting results and outcomes, and PointsBet is the place to try it out. The bookmaker’s slogan of “the more your bet wins by, the more you win” is true – but don’t forget the same applies to the amount is loses by.

If you’re an expert at predicting winning margins, distances or scores, then why not try spread betting at PointsBet and discover a new and unique way to make more from your wagering.

About PointsBet

PointsBet are the first ever specialist spread betting bookmaker in Australia. They offer you the chance to predict the outcome of matches or fixtures and various bets within each game. The more your bet wins by, the more you win.

They offer the opportunity to spread bet across a variety of sports – 24 in fact – including AFL, NRL, NBA, NFL and many other popular sports with 300-plus markets available per game. More than 100 of the markets will not be available anywhere else.

PointsBet offer specialist markets such as Player Shooting Percentages, Time of first basket by player, Player points multiples, Time in minutes played for players to pass selected points, Longest made FG distance in feet as part of their innovative markets.

As a PointsBet customer, you get a personal introduction to the service from an account manager to maximise your chances of winning big.

How does spread betting work?

If you’ve never experience spread betting, it is crucial you know how it works before starting out. You’re not betting at fixed odds, and the winnings or losses of any bet you place are determined by the outcome of the event.

In simple terms, the more you are right in your wager the more you will win. The more wrong you are, the more you’ll lose. To ensure you only lose as much as you can afford, you’ll set limits for every bet.

In simple terms, if your bet wins by one point for example then you win 1 x the amount you staked. If it wins by two points you will win 2 x the amount stakes and so on.

In the below NBA example, the bet is relating to the time (in seconds) for players and teams to attempt or achieve specific events. Every second is a multiplier for winnings or losses. For example, bet over 22 seconds for the first FG attempted, and a player takes first shot at 42 seconds, you win 20 x your stake (a $10 bet would return $200). If the player took the shot after only 12 seconds, that would be a loss by 10 seconds, so a $10 stake would mean a $100 loss.

For certain markets there is the option to restrict your potential losses – although this also reduces your potential winnings. If you backed Minnesota -5, for example, and you set a stop loss at 12pts…if they lost by 20pts at the line you wouldn’t lose 20 x stake. You would lose only 12 x your stake. If they happen to win easily at the line, the winnings will also be reduced and capped at 12 x your stake.

Watch PointsBet’s guide to spread betting tutorial:

Types of bets available for spread betting available at PointsBet

PointsBet offer a variety of bets per sport with the opportunity to bet on several performance, time and minutes related outcomes.

The types of bets you can expect are:

NBA: Time of first free throws to be made by players and teams, time of first 3PT FG by teams and players, time of first 2PT FG for teams and players, time for players to pass 3pts, 5pts, 10pts, 15pts, time of first fouls committed and much more

AFL: Time of first goal, time of first behind, time of team passing 10pts, 20pts

League/Union: Time of first try, time of team first tries

Ice Hockey: Time of first goal, time of team goals, time of first penalty, time of first shot

Soccer: Time of team and match first goal, time of second goal, time of third goal


The PointsBet website is quick and easy to use, and has a distinctive black and red colour scheme. There are plenty of tutorials and guides explaining how spread betting works and the complexities of betting this way and you should quickly learned the unique way of placing bets. The markets and odds are relatively easy to find too, with upcoming events listed on the home page for speedy bet placement.

Customer Service

There is a handy help section on the website, but if you can’t find the answer you require you can contact PointsBet via telephone or email.

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