NFL Tips and 2019/20 Season Predictions

The countdown to the 2019/20 NFL season is on as the race to Super Bowl LIV begins and we've picked out some predictions for you to be backing across the action.

The 2019 Super Bowl saw the New England Patriots defeat the Los Angeles Rams to claim the NFL title, but could they repeat the feat this time around?

We've hunted out some value bets as we make three predictions for the 2019/20 season.

AFC East

Buffalo Bills: The Buffalo Bills could be the surprise team of the NFL this upcoming season. They did a lot in their offseason to improve their offense and there is definitely a will among this team's management to win. In a league where managers might be playing for next season or building a team down the road, it's definitely important to see where management is looking before backing a team. In the case of the Bills, there is a focus on the short term. 
The Bills have an interesting dynamic on offence in that their QB Josh Allen is a rushing QB. He set some franchise records last season for rushing yards for a quarterback. Among his peers, there is generally a fear to rush because rushing increases the probability of injury. But the bottom line is that a rushing QB poses a double threat: the rushing sets up the passing and the passing sets up the rushing. There is a lot of feel-good optimism with Buffalo and the coverage of their off-season signings are generally favorable. That said, the Bills have not actually been that bad under Sean McDermott. They made the playoffs in 2017 and in 2018 they had some nice victories. Their 16-10 victory over the KC Chiefs was unexpected and showed that they weren't pushovers, even en route to a disappointing overall record. Don't be surprised if the Bills put up a 10-win season in 2019. That could put them in the mix for the divisional title in the AFC East and the Bills should be backed at $13.00 with Unibet.

Miami Dolphins: We have seen it in the past before: a team loads up with two playable quarterbacks and, from one point of view, appears to be in solid shape because they have depth in the most important position in gridiron football. But from another point of view, teams that are in this situation are teams that could be heading toward some drama if both QBs want to be in the games. The 2019 Miami Dolphins have Ryan Fitzpatrick and Josh Rosen. That said, even if Miami sorts things out neither Fitzpatrick nor Rosen is anything amazing. Take Miami to finish dead last in their division, the AFC East. The odds are $1.50 with Unibet on that. For a team that could free fall from the start, that's not a bad line.

New England Patriots: The New England Patriots' win total for the upcoming 2019 season has to be one that NFL fans will be looking to bet against. There has been a development with this team in the off-season that could affect their offensive chemistry in an important way. Rob Gronkowski has been a staple in the Patriots' offense since way back in his 2010 rookie season. He has been a prefered target of long-time quarterback Tom Brady for ages. Gronkowski had 79 touchdowns in his career, he received nearly 8000 yards, and he was always someone that defenses had to think about. With his retirement, anyone reasonable has to wonder what the effect will be on the Patriots. There is also an annual question as to when Tom Brady will lose his effectiveness. His passing yardage has remained stellar in recent seasons but he will be 42 years old soon. With each passing season, he is a little bit more injury prone than the previous season. The Patriots are set at 11 wins for the season with Unibet's OVER/UNDER. That is the total that they had last season as they went 11-5. If anything, they are worse this season and NFL bettors therefore have to be going for the UNDER side of things at $1.97. With this bet, it's nice to know that exactly 11 wins would be a push.

New York Jets: The New York Jets are in a potentially tough division. The New England Patriots promise to make things crowded at the top. Additionally, the Buffalo Bills made some changes that could see them contend. It seems that the only team that will be easy to pick on will be the Miami Dolphins, a team that many think will be toward the bottom of the entire NFL. However, the Jets' 2019 season is one that begins with optimism. Firstly, it's reasonable to assume that QB1 Sam Darnold will be better than he was last year just because of experience. Furthermore, Darnold has a major offensive threat to work with in 2019, one that he didn't have in 2018 as Le'veon Bell has joined the Jets' franchise. New coach Adam Gase didn't have a lot to work with in Miami these last three seasons. However, he still managed a 23-25 record in three seasons in Florida. What bettors can look for with this team is a complete improvement in the rushing game. There certainly isn't much to lose in this regard as the Jets were near the bottom of the league last season. Gase's and Darnold's ability to use the rush to set up the pass is what could make or break this team. They don't seem to have a marquee wide receiver to facilitate that but teams with great rushing can use that to distract defenses and then hit them in the air. This is something that time will tell but if Gase and Darnold can accomplish something in this regard then deep drives might protect the defense, one that looks like it is built to stop the rush more than anything. Doubts with this team are real, however, betting odds to make the playoffs account for the doubt. You can get the Jets at $6.50 with Ladbrokes to get into the post-season. You'll be looking for something to go wrong with Buffalo and/or New England for that to happen but the Jets did sign Bell and he's one of the league's premier players. Matters might turn quickly for this New York franchise.

AFC North

Baltimore Ravens: The AFC North looks like a division where just one win or a tiebreaker scenario could make all the difference. The team that is very unlikely to be in the mix is the Cincinnati Bengals. Ahead of the start of the season, this division looks like it's between the Baltimore Ravens, the Pittsburgh Steelers, and the Cleveland Browns. With favored Cleveland, there's a problem with betting the betting favorites here because of their new head coach: Freddie Kitchens has no track record to go by. A year ago, Kitchens was a position coach and now he's at the helm. It's kind of weird that right when Cleveland looks ready to get good, they sign a coach that could ruin things in a big way. A football team has to be a cohesive unit and Kitchens' job history doesn't show that he can put that together. Clearly, he interviews well. The Steelers should probably be regarded as the favorites to win the AFC North. However, the Ravens are the club with the decent odds. They have Mark Ingram, they look like they should be strong on defense, and QB Lamar Jackson has enough potential that you can hope for a decent improvement heading into his next season. Take the Ravens at $4.00 with Unibet to win the AFC North division.

Cincinnati Bengals: There is a whole lot that could go wrong with the Cincinnati Bengals. They still have Andy Dalton at the helm but he will be playing under a new coach. Right there, there is some potential for problems and chemistry. But in the case of the 2019/20 Bengals, there's also the complete inexperience that Cincinnati's head coach has heading into the season. Cincy went out and signed Zac Taylor in the off-season. He is the former quarterback coach of the LA Rams. In a way, he might be basking in the glory of LA's conference title last season. However, let's not forget that conference title was an officiating gift. As such, those that receive credit for the 'achievement' have to be looked at skeptically. Taylor has never been a head coach in the NFL. His history is predominantly QB coaching and a lot of that has been outside of the NFL. As a player, he found himself in Winnipeg with the Blue Bombers in 2007 - you know, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. That he was playing as recently as 12 years ago is a bit of a clue with this guy. He's just 36 years old and probably a long-term project for offensive coordinator. That he jumped into a head coaching position seems unnatural. Take the UNDER 5.5 wins for Cincinnati this season at odds of $2.20 with Unibet.

Cleveland Browns: The Cleveland Browns have been more than just the laughing stock of the NFL in recent years - they have been the laughing stock of North American sports. However, there is a sense of optimism with the team heading into the 2019/20 season. The Browns are viewed as a coin toss to make the playoffs. Given that only 40% of NFL teams actually do make the playoffs, coin-toss odds to do so imply a decent team. Unibet has them as $2.02 on the "No" side and $1.81 on the "Yes" side. But here's the thing with Cleveland that could keep them crummy even you like their roster. The Browns went 5-3 in the latter half of the season last year after Gregg Williams took over head coaching. But Williams is gone and the man in charge now will be Freddie Kitchens. If you look at Freddie Kitchens' head-coaching record then you don't actually find one. This is true even if you look at college credentials. His career has been made up of running-back coaching gigs and tight-end coaching gigs, much of which was at the college level. This is a guy who could get schooled by the masters time and again in 2019/20. Take the UNDER for total wins with Unibet at 9.5 and odds of $1.72 and happily take the "NO" side on Cleveland making the post-season.

Pittsburgh Steelers: The Pittsburgh Steelers' QB Ben Roethlisberger had the best season of his career for passing yardage in 2018. He threw for a league-leading 5129 yards, a total that was also the best total of his career. His OVER/UNDER total for passing yards this season is now set pretty high at 4300.5 with Unibet, a target that you have to think has to do with last season more than anything else. After all, Roethlisberger has been in the NFL since the 2004 season and last year was only one of three seasons where he threw for more than 4300 yards. There are 12 seasons where he threw for UNDER that total, a statistic that should definitely be having NFL bettors reaching for the UNDER option here. Even in seasons where the Steelers' QB has played in the full 16 games, he is basically a 50/50 thing for a 4300.5 throwing-yard total. Therein lays a bit of a clue as to why bettors should be taking a chance on the UNDER: Roethlisberger doesn't usually play in a full complement of games. With a huge target for passing yardage, Roethlisberger missing just a few quarters of action in the upcoming season might go a long way to the UNDER hitting for this betting line. If we take a look at the most recent four seasons, Roethlisberger has missed starts in four seasons. With this bet, you can rely on the Steelers' QB missing some time but even if he plays non-stop - throwing for UNDER 4300.5 yards is definitely something that could still be looked at as probable. 

AFC South

Houston Texans: Deshaun Watson had a break-out season in 2018. The young quarterback played in all 16 games for the Houston Texans and achieved significant totals for touchdowns and yardage. He threw for 4165 yards and 26 touchdowns while keeping his interceptions low at 9 for the season. He also had 99 rushing attempts for over 500 yards. Heading into the 2019 NFL season, he is definitely one to watch. Unibet sportsbook seems to be taking his passing stats from last year at face value when projecting his stats for the upcoming season. Watson's OVER/UNDER total for passing is 4000.5 and his TD OVER/UNDER is 26.5. The touchdown total is probably not the smart bet between the two. There doesn't appear to be a lot of upside to it. However, the passing total is one that Watson should be expected to surpass easily if he start in all 16 games. Take the OVER for Watson at $1.91 which, as the start of the season nears, appears to be largely a bet against him getting injured. This is a young quarterback that should still be improving as he heads into what is just his third NFL season.

Indianapolis Colts: Headlines involving the Indianapolis Colts of late have centred around Andrew Luck. The starting QB for the Colts has a strained calf. The strain is expected to heal quickly but it is a lower-body injury that has dragged on for months now. That is something that can't be ignored. Quite often if there is any kind of drama involving a quarterback, bettors looking for an angle on the relevant team are best betting against the team. Injuries definitely heal but they often come back as well or affect practice time. Additional to Luck, there's another small question mark with kicker Adam Vinatieri. He's a 46-year old placekicker so perhaps injuries are much more serious due to his age. None of the bad news with this team seems to be overly frightening. All the talk is about their injuries being minor and healing soon. However, a 9.5 win total is interesting. Mainly, it doesn't really imply that awesome of a team. NFL bettors should be taking the UNDER for that win total with Ladbrokes during this preseason. The balance of the news with this team suggests that things could get worse and not better because injuries can drag out. Certainly, the odds on the win total of $2.10 for the UNDER are a bit of a nudge in that direction as well.

Jacksonville Jaguars: The Jacksonville Jaguars had a disappointing season in 2018. However, one key development with the Jaguars heading into 2019 is that they parted ways with Blake Bortles. His interception total was always high while he played with Jacksonville and he fumbled the ball too much. He had a little bit of rushing in his game, however, it rarely seemed to help his passing enough as he had just one stand-out season for throwing yards. The year Jacksonville contended with Bortles at the helm was mainly due to their defence. In adding Nick Foles, the Jags add a QB in his prime that won the Super Bowl. His career record is good at 26-18 and last year saw him complete 72.3% of his passes. Although mainly a QB2, Foles is a clear candidate for a QB1 position on a middle-favorite kind of team. Doug Marrone remains at the helm for Jacksonville and his tenure has mixed reviews. However, his abilities as head coach should not really be questioned. He did almost make the Super Bowl two seasons ago and only lost a conference-title game that kind of looked fishy for officiating calls that favored his opponent, New England. NFL bettors should be focused on odds that are longer than EVEN on Jacksonville and focused on success. A nice bet on the Jags is for them to make playoffs with Ladbrokes at odds of $3.25. The Jags are playing in a weak division and should be involved in a lot of open games. There's a chance that this team could win their division outright or compete for a Wild Card with a 9 or 10 win season.

Tennessee Titans: The Tennessee Titans, at first glance, appear to be a team in some turbulence. They have Marcus Mariota at the end of his rookie deal. But also competing for quarterback minutes is new arrival Ryan Tannehill, someone that is capable of being a QB1 at this point in his career. Minimally, Tennessee looks like they will have two capable quarterbacks. Accordingly, "internal competition" is a phrase that suits this club and bettors focusing on the Titans have to ponder over where things will settle. The receivers on the Titans have also changed a bit. Adam Humphries is in from Tampa Bay thanks to free agency and Tennessee drafted A.J. Brown. These additions promise to make playing-time decisions hard for the offensive coordinator. In truth, wondering who to play can often be the problem that you want. The AFC South division is one that looks like it will probably go to the Houston Texans. However, 2nd place might end up for grabs in this division. Jacksonville and Indianapolis are in the mix to finish second and perhaps compete for a Wild Card spot. But bettors can gamble on Tennessee's situation settling into something favorable. Odds of $6.00 on the Titans to finish exactly 2nd in the division look long. You can take that betting line with Unibet sportsbook.

AFC West

Denver Broncos: The Denver Broncos might not be all that bad during the 2019 NFL regular season. This a team with a low projected win total that should have NFL bettors taking the OVER. The Broncos are priced at $1.74 with Ladbrokes sportsbook with a target of 6.5 wins in the regular season. What everyone seems to like about Denver's complexion is their defense. Nose tackle Shelby Harris talked about the Broncos having a Top-3 defense in 2019 and it didn't really draw any scoffs. In fact, the Broncos have been an excellent defense team for several seasons now. The offense is regarded as the problem heading into 2019 but at least the Broncos have Joe Flacco. His passing-yards total has never been excellent with the exception of the one year where he lead the league. However, he is a solid QB and even though he is 34 years old, let's not forget that QBs can last a long time in the NFL where they are protected by rules. If the defense does it's thing, just as it has been doing in recent seasons, then Flacco working with a generally short field could provide an average amount of scoring. You don't have to be a major logician to see excellent defense and average offense amounting to an above-average record. 9.5 wins on the Broncos would be the coin-toss value so take the OVER on 6.5 with Ladbrokes sportsbook quite happily.

Kansas City Chiefs: In North American sports there is something called a "sophmore jinx." It's the observation that rookies that have standout seasons often regress in the very next year. While jinxes aren't real, one could still ponder if there is some kind of explanation for why a standout player fails to follow up his rookie season with the same amount of success. One explanation for why sophmores might not be as good in their second season as they were in their first is simply the scouting of opposition. A rookie isn't really on the radar until he performs - but then after he achieves something everyone is out to scout him and they have real-life games to go on. This is something to consider with Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs. He threw for 5097 yards last season but don't expect him to do the same in 2019. Everyone is going to have picked over his games from 2018 and there are going to be counterplans in effect. Don't be surprised if Mahomes looks only a little above average in 2019 and far from his MVP form. The Chiefs are set at 10.5 wins with the UNDER at $1.80 with Ladbrokes. 11 wins looks lofty for this team, one that has had bad streaks in the past under their current coach.

Los Angeles Chargers: One point of view you can take on a sports team when assessing them is analyzing their staff (ie. players and coaches). Another point of view is the business perspective. Both are important to consider. In the case of the 2019 Los Angeles Chargers, they look good from the former point of view but not so great from the latter. When it comes to the business side of sports, Los Angeles based teams are adored by the various leagues in North America -- so much so that they receive favoritism. However, it's not a great time for the Los Angeles Chargers to try to contend. Firstly, the LA Rams are fresh off of a Super Bowl appearance and they have pieces in place for another strong season. Also, the LA sports scene is very crowded in other winter-time sports: both the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Clippers have loaded rosters. In short, the attention of sports fans and media coverage will likely be absorbed by Jared Goff, LeBron James, Todd Gurley, Anthony Davis, Paul George, and Kawhi Leonard.It is going to be really tough for the LA Chargers' management to get their own piece of the pie this upcoming season with so much already going on in Los Angeles' sports scene. You could analyze the Chargers' roster and you would see a half decent team that might win 9-11 games. However, team management might figure out that they shouldn't be overspending this season. Any changes affecting the Chargers might be for the worse. Take UNDER 9.5 wins.

Oakland Raiders: The Oakland Raiders head into the 2019 NFL season with very little in terms of expectations. Their win total is set at 6.0 with Unibet sportsbook and there is not much of an enticement to reach for the OVER side of things at $1.95 betting odds. However, NFL bettors might be enticed to aim for a 2nd-placed finish in their division, the AFC West. Unibet offer a lengthy $9.00 on a 2nd-placed finish - and note that it would have to be exactly 2nd placed (ie. not Top-2). In order for Oakland to finish precisely 2nd, they would have to defy the odds. They can't finish first and that's okay - in truth, it's too hard to picture this year's Raiders' team overcoming all of KC, LAC, and Denver. However, Oakland does have Derek Carr still. When one looks at him one sees a QB that threw for over 4000 yards last season and he could still be improving at the age of 28. A closer look at Carr shows that there were only three QBs that threw for more yards than him last year that were also younger. Carr is a QB that could emerge as a Top-8 yardage producer in the air and that could open things up for a running offense. In a game where offense protects defense, Carr's throwing abilities could lead to a lot for Oakland. At $9.00, it only takes a small bet on Oakland to make things interesting. Surely, no one would be surprised if Oakland did better than Denver. It's KC and the Chargers that look like big hills to climb but the Raiders could definitely surmount just one of them. 

NFC East

Dallas Cowboys: 
Is a bet against the Dallas Cowboys as simple as a bet against the Ezekiel Elliott situation? For those that don't know, Elliott, at time of writing, is a hold out for a new contract. It's worth noting quickly that everyone commenting on the matter, including Bill Williamson of Forbes, states that the "two sides," those being Elliott and the Cowboys, "are not close." Any way you slice it, this is a bad situation for Dallas. If they bend to Elliott they definitely risk overpaying. He is a fantastic runningback but there are playing-time issues to consider. He has been suspended before and he has yet to play a full 16-game season. But there is also Dak Prescott and an issue as to where he fits into the quarterbacking hierarchy in the NFL. Prescott looked amazing in 2016 when he took over for Tony Romo. He has yet to match his TD total or his win total. However, his interceptions were high the last two seasons and he fumbled the ball a lot last season. Yet, Dallas still stands a decent chance to make the post-season. With plenty of games against both New York and Washington within the NFC East, the scheduling strenght looks below average for this team. The Philadelphia Eagles are the best team in the division but Dallas can't be overlooked as possibly having a strong record in the Wild Card race. With Ladbrokes offering tempting odds at $2.20 to make the playoffs, this is a team that bettors have to think about cautiously backing.

New York Giants: The New York Giants have a win total that is set at 6.0 heading into the 2019 NFL season with Ladbrokes. For a franchise that looks like they are in terrible hands, a record of 6-10 might be really hard to achieve. The Giants are a new-look team as Odell Beckham Jr. and Olivier Vernon are both gone. However, there is no change at the quarterback position where an aging Eli Manning is still expected to run the show. Additionally, the Giants are still coached by Pat Shurmur and he has never really surprised anyone as a head coach. Shurmur's head coaching record is 15-34 and he has never eclipsed the 5-win mark. The Giants should have plenty of plays for Saquon Barkley - so many that he might have stats that end up supporting a mild MVP case. But Golden Tate, a receiver, could face a four-game suspension. Sterling Shepard isn't healthy heading into the season as he nurses a broken thumb. Plays for Barkley just might become a little too predictable and the days where Manning could save the day appear to be history. You have to take the UNDER with this team as 6 wins will be hard to get. That's available with Ladbrokes at odds of $1.91.

Philadelphia Eagles: Ezekiel Elliott's total yardage for betting purposes was set at 1375.5 with Unibet sportsbook for the upcoming NFL season. The sportsbook has since removed that betting line amidst Elliott's prolonged contract dispute. There is also word that Dallas and Elliott are quite far apart when it comes to settling the matter. Forbes' Brian Goff offered the following headline on the matter on August 7th: "Ezekiel Elliott's Asking Price And Value To Cowboys Are Miles Apart." At this point, you would have to be thinking UNDER with Elliott's rushing-yardage total. There's the contract problems, the potential that it could affect his preparations and/or playing time, injury possibilities, and who knows what else given that Elliott has had personal conduct drama in the past. However, the sportsbooks now seem wise to the situation at hand. Instead of betting directly against Elliott, consider the situation in the division. Elliott's dispute could cause a lot of drama in Dallas. There's the chance that Elliott won't play, there's the chance that he plays but is unhappy with his contract, and then there's the chance that he joins the team late. In the latter scenario, it would mean that coaches would have run drills with the wrong players during training camp and early-season practice sessions. You have to be thinking that the Philadelphia Eagles' strangehold on the divisional crown could be stronger. They are already shorter-than-EVEN favorites. With the No. 2 team in the division in potential disarray, look for Philly to run away with the NFC East.

Washington Redskins: The Washington Redskins are one of the teams in the NFL with some quarterback drama. Their No. 1 is Colt McCoy, their No. 2 is Case Keenum, and their No. 3 is rookie Dwayne Haskins. Not one of those QBs looks like he is anywhere capable of leading the Redskins to the playoffs. In fact, this is a team that could be in big trouble out of the gates in the preseason. In Washington's first five games, there isn't one where they would be clear favorites. They have the Patriots, the Bears, the Eagles, the Cowboys, and the Giants. Maybe, Washington might be favored against New York, however, that is a game that the Giants will host. These teams that don't have a QB that is clearly a No. 1 are teams where drama could heat up quickly. They are best opposed in betting markets. That is especially the case with Washington this season as Head Coach Jay Gruden takes a 35-44-1 record into the season. If you agree that this looks like a below-average team by Washington's recent standards then we could be looking at a 4 or 5 win season for the Redskins. Look for this team to be the bottom of the NFC East barrel. Take them for a fourth-placed finish with Unibet at odds of $2.40.

NFC North

Chicago Bears: The Chicago Bears are offering some value in the NFC this upcoming season. This a team that won 12 games last season before suffering an early-playoff loss. Their QB, Michael Trubisky, had a breakout year last year. If his growth continues and last year's loss in the playoffs was growing pains then look for Chicago to do some damage in the post-season. They are priced out at $9.00 with Ladbrokes sportsbook, odds that have to be considered long enough to take when it comes to winning the NFC title. Matt Nagy, the head coach of Chicago, is more of an offensive specialist. It's not surprising that Trebisky had a breakout year under his guidance. But Nagy was just a first-year coach last season. With a year of experience as a head coach now under his belt, the Bears could be improved this season relative to last year. In short, last season's 12-4 record and quick playoff exit should be viewed as part of a building process for Chicago, not the end of things. They look like a franchise on the rise at this point in their history.

Detroit Lions: The Detroit Lions are a team that NFL bettors should be gambling on. Firstly, there's a chance that the Green Bay Packers, one of Detroit's divisional rivals, could underperform with a new coach at the helm that is completely unproven. Secondly, Detroit might come into their own under Matt Patricia, a second-year head coach. Patricia went 6-10 last season against what was a tough schedule. But there were definitely highlights, including a big victory over the New England Patriots and two wins over the Green Bay Packers. A lot of attention is going to be paid to Matthew Stafford and the fact that his career is passing by without any team accomplishments. Stafford has never won a playoff game despite early-career hype that is now ancient history. But the proper point of view on Detroit is probably to look Patricia and how he's much more likely to turn Detroit into a playoff contender now than he was last year thanks to the year's worth of experience. The Lions are set at 6.5 for total wins with Ladbrokes and bettors should be taking the OVER. But this is a team that might actually get to 9 wins and that might give them a chance for a playoff spot. Take Detroit at $6.00 with Ladbrokes to qualify for the post-season.

Green Bay Packers: The upcoming season for the Green Bay Packers could be a dismal failure. They are a team that bettors can target for small bets at longshot odds for futility. For instance, Unibet has the Packers at $61.00 to win the fewest games in the NFL. That's not a betting line that most people will be reaching for with any kind of enthusiasm -- hence the long odds. However, what would it really take for the Packers to have a terrible season? For starters, if their head coach is not ready for his job in the NFL then that would certainly send the Packers toward the bottom of the league. Matt LaFleur is the new boss in Green Bay. He is among the contingent of NFL coaches that have an 0-0 record as head coach in the league. But another thing to consider is just that Aaron Rodgers could get injured. He has had a couple of seasons that were curtailed by injury in the last five and the Packers' record suffered in kind. An injury is a tough thing to bet on, but Rogers will turn 36 years old this season. At $61.00, the odds definitely account for a ton of risk. With the big question mark at the head coaching position and an aging QB, take the Packers to win the fewest games with Unibet.

Minnesota Vikings: What should bettors be making of the 2019 Minnesota Vikings? Certainly, this is a team that bettors should not be looking at for any kind of post-season success. Anyone thinking they are worth a dabble at longshot odds for Ante Post need to hear one phrase: Bettor's Beware. Teams from Minnesota never do anything in the playoffs (you have to go back to the 1991 Minnesota Twins for a title) and QB1 Kirk Cousins has yet to do anything in the playoffs regardless of where he has played. Don't look at this team and see anything positive worth taking a gamble on. The right gamble with this team is to focus on one player: Kirk Cousins. He threw for 30 touchdowns last year and that's playing a role in keeping the OVER/UNDER high for this upcoming season. Unibet set the passing TDs for Cousins at 27.5 with an UNDER line set at $1.91. You should definitely take the UNDER for three reasons. Firstly, that's a high total that will be hard to eclipse by most measures. But what makes it especially attractive for an UNDER bet is that Cousins has been sacked a lot the last two years. He was sacked 40 times in 2018 and 41 times in 2019. It's a wonder he has played the full complement of games each season but if he keeps taking hits that often, then look for him to miss some time. In OVER/UNDER worlds, missed time means missed chances.

NFC South

Atlanta Falcons: The Atlanta Falcons had a strange season last year. They went just 7-9 on the season and missed the playoffs -- despite the fact that QB Matt Ryan played incredibly well. According to pro-football-reference, Ryan had the 27th-best season all-time by QB rating. His completion percentage was 69.4%, he only had 7 interceptions, and he threatened to throw for 5000 yards. There are only 16 quarterback seasons where someone threw for more yardage than what Ryan threw for last year. Obviously, NFL teams are more than just their QB. On that matter, the Falcons lost seven starters to injury as they staggered to a 1-4 start that they did not recover from. When it comes to looking for a betting angle on the Falcons, bettors should be looking at them making the playoffs this season. In all likelihood, they will have to improve on their 7-9 record but it appears to be probable. When your QB is playing as well as Ryan, it's really hard to miss the playoffs. Don't think for a second that the bad luck that plagued the Falcons last season will continue. Ladbrokes sportsbook has Atlanta at $2.88 to make the playoffs (ie. they are underdogs). The same sportsbook also has Ryan as a co-favorite to lead the entire league in passing yardage and touchdowns. Those aren't betting odds that jive -- unless you think that Atlanta will suffer another unlikely season featuring a parade of injuries again.

Carolina Panthers: The Carolina Panthers went 15-1 in the 2015 regular season and made the Super Bowl. We have been waiting for an encore performance ever since. On that matter, NFL bettors should not expect anything spectacular from this team in the 2019 season. During the offseason, QB Cam Newton had surgery on his right shoulder (ie. his throwing shoulder). We have seen players recover from surgery just fine in the past but we've also seen careers fail to recover after such health problems. This is a good time to be skeptical of the Panthers and what they can accomplish in the near future. This is also a good time to be skeptical of Ron Rivera. The head coach of the Panthers was looking like a significant coaching talent about four years ago. He had three division titles and a Super Bowl appearance. But his inability to follow that up is clear. He is just 24-24 in the last three seasons and has failed to make it through Wild Card Weekend. His job may be on the line this upcoming season and perhaps Carolina's improved horizons will be on the other side of his leadership. All it would take for Carolina to bust big time is a problem with Newton's health. Keep in mind his recent surgery and Carolina might quickly look at the future as they aim for a high draft pick and a new coach. The OVER/UNDER for team wins for this franchise is set at 7.5 with Ladbrokes sportsbook. Bettors should take the UNDER for that at odds of $1.91

New Orleans Saints: What has gone wrong with the New Orleans Saints lately? Two seasons ago, they went out on Wild Card Weekend thanks to a botched tackle that looked really funny. Last season, they went out on a botched call that looked really funny too. It all means that there could be some in the Saints organization that are spent mentally. After all, they've played their chips well in recent seasons and have failed to make the Super Bowl thanks to strange mishaps. Throw in a 40-year QB in Drew Brees and it might not take much for New Orleans to fade this upcoming season. People have been waiting for Brees to crumble for a few years now. Last year, he had some amazing statistics for a man his age. However, a trend within the overall picture had to do with Brees' latter games. He didn't throw for a lot of yardage in his final games of the 2018 season. Additionally, Brees threw a lot of his interceptions down the stretch of the regular season for his standards. Brees might have questionable stamina right now. Add a year of frustration due to what's gone wrong in the playoffs lately and the Saints might not be in as great of a spot as they seem right now. Take a gamble on New Orleans missing the playoffs. They are priced for that at $3.00 with Unibet.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are an interesting team for bettors to be looking at. They have a low win total at 6.5 with Ladbrokes. However, there seems to be a good chance that they will eclipse that total. Firstly, the Bucs are playing in the NFC South and that's a lousy division. The Atlanta Falcons look like the bright light but they are not without their injuries. Carolina looks mediocre at best with their coach on the hot seat for failures in recent seasons. Meanwhile, the New Orleans Saints have an aging QB. Age is interesting in this division because the Bucs have a young quarterback in Jameis Winston that has yet to reach his full potential. At the age of 25, he is definitely maturing still and any new season might see the problems of the past disappear. Additionally, there are many receivers returning to Tampa Bay that are already familiar with Winston and that means the Bucs should hit the ground running on offense. By all accounts, 6.5 wins looks low on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the upcoming season. The upside of that bet looks great as TB might get to to 8, 9, or even 10 victories.

NFC West

Arizona Cardinals: The Arizona Cardinals had a terrible season last year. However, they did land the top pick for the 2019 NFL Draft. Furthermore, the Cardinals selected a quarterback in Kyler Murray. If he is NFL ready then the Cardinals could have a surprising season. If he's not NFL ready, then he may still lead the Cardinals on a charge in the second half of the season. Either way, NFL bettors have to be going with the OVER for total wins on the Cardinals. Murray is expected to be an immediate starter with the Cardinals. There is definitely two ways that this can go: we've seen young QBs excel quickly in the past and other teams we've seen them falter. However, the win total for the Cards is only set at 5.0 with Unibet, making a 5-win season a push and a 6-win season a winning bet. If Murray isn't great out of the gates, then we can agree that 5 wins might still be on the table for the Cardinals as 5-11 is attainable for a team that's below average. But the upside of Murray makes it's possible that this is a winning bet by Week 12 or so.

Los Angeles Rams: 
The Los Angeles Rams are a team that might be a little bit overblown. The only reason they made the Super Bowl last year was because of a call that was so bad on the field that people are still talking about. Playing in football's biggest game and then returning the key players that got you there is going to earn you some bets. However, don't forget how bad LA played in the Super Bowl and the fact that it wasn't surprising since they really weren't worthy. What you have in LA is a coin toss to make the conference finals by talent. However, as a Los-Angeles-based team that has a decent lineup, the Rams might get a nudge from a higher power (ie. NFL league management) to do well in the  playoffs -- which is probably what happened last season. What you have to do with the Rams is count on them being a little over-rated in the regular season. Take them for a second-placed finish in the NFC West. You can find that betting line with Unibet sportsbook at attractive odds of $3.25.

San Francisco 49ers: The San Francisco 49ers head into the 2019 NFL season with an OVER/UNDER win total of 7.5. That looks lofty for this team, one that has a coach that remains unproven. Kyle Shanahan has two seasons' experience as an NFL head coach. He has records of 6-10 and 4-12 to show for it. Right there, NFL bettors have good reason to be taking the UNDER at nice odds of $2.25 with Unibet. What quarterback would lead San Fran to 8 wins or more? Neither Jimmy Garoppolo no C.J. Beathard looks capable of performing the task. San Francisco's best bet is just that Nick Mullens, considered QB2 or QB3, has a break out year. He did throw for 2277 yards in eight starts last season so if he can stay healthy, there's grounds for optimism with the 49ers. However, he also threw a lot of interceptions last season for the playing time he received. But analyzing him might just be for not -- he's considered a back-up QB at best in the San Fran depth slot. Also, there's still the supporting cast question and questions with Shanahan's ability to put things together. 7.5 looks really high for this 49ers' team and odds of $2.25 look tempting on the UNDER.

Seattle Seahawks: The Seattle Seahawks probably are going to be in for a good season. The LA Rams remain the team to beat heading into 2019 and most would consider Seattle second for the division. There is San Francisco to consider in the NFC West as well. Heading into 2019, the Seahawks appear unlikely to win their division. However, this a team with more upside to them than downside and bettors should be interested in backing their lines. If DK Metcalfe and QB Russell Wilson develop some amazing chemistry then Seattle could be dangerous. The Seahawks also have head coach Pete Carroll as more than capable of figuring out a way to the playoffs. However, the real upside to this team is simply that Russell Wilson is still a dangerous quarterback in the league and he is only 30 years old. The $2.30 on the Seahawks making the playoffs looks large. Even if you discount their chances of direct entry with a divisional title out of respect for LA, then a second-placed team in a division basically has a 50/50 chance of getting in. With odds longer than EVEN on Seattle's playoff hopes, bettors should be backing them.

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