NBA 2019/20 Season Preview - 3 best bets for 2019/20 NBA season

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The whole NBA landscape has changed since Toronto won the Championship back in June. With so many changes to rosters, we preview the season and give our three best bets for the season.

NBA Championship

In an offseason of many changes, this will be the first time in years we don’t have a clear and dominant favourite, with no Warriors dynasty in the West and no LeBron in the East, there are seven teams that could realistically win the title next season. No doubt the big winners from the trade period were the L.A. Clippers and they are also my pick for the championship. Adding the two best two-way players in the game to a roster that pushed the Warriors to six games in the first round of the playoffs means they will be almost impossible to score against when at full strength. Kawhi and Paul George will join sweet Lou Williams, Patrick Beverly, Montrezl Harrell and Landry Shamet, who looks like a really nice young piece who proved who can hit clutch shots. I love this roster, that have scoring, bench shooting and a lethal defensive line-up which is sure to be their focal point. Obviously the other team in Staples Center, the Lakers will be a big threat. LeBron and Co have added Anthony Davis, who if he can stay healthy, could be enough to push them over the top. The big worry is their depth, an injury prone Davis with a 34-year-old LeBron will have to play plenty of minutes. They took a chance on DeMarcus Cousins and overpaid for Danny Green to implement some shooting. The Bucks are running it back and their championship hopes rely on Giannis developing a midrange game. Their spacing works perfectly over the regular season but the Raptors showed, if you put bodies in front of Giannis the Bucks offence is vulnerable. I doubt Russell Westbrook puts the Rockets over the top, the Sixers are without their closer Jimmy Butler and the Warriors are without KD, Iggy and other pieces that saw them win three championships. 


In a season with superstar duos, LeBron James and Anthony Davis, Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, James Harden and Russell Westbrook. The NBA media have shown they don’t like giving the MVP to guys in back-to-back seasons and a narrative is often needed to win the award. I’m discounting all the guys with another superstar player, so all the guys I mentioned above are off my shortlist, although obviously plenty can change throughout the season with injuries. Giannis Antetokounmpo won the award last season with the Bucks finishing with the best record in the NBA and I doubt he has the narrative to win it again so the $3.80 seems very short. The player that jumps off the page is the two-time MVP Stephen Curry. The greatest shooter of all time has taken a backseat in recent years with Kevin Durant coming into the team, in order to win championships. That mission has been accomplished and although the dynasty appears over, the Warriors still have enough pieces to be a middle of the road playoff team and Curry to be a leading contender for MVP. We saw just how dominant Curry can be when he is the true number one option in the finals. Curry was without Kevin Durant for all but 11 minutes of the finals and Klay Thompson for a game and a half and Curry dropped 47 points with ease in game three, 34 points in game one and 31 points in game five. With no Durant, no Klay Thompson for at least some of the season, although I wouldn’t bet against Klay (Ironman) Thompson to somehow get his body ready for the start of the season and no Andre Igodala, this is Steph’s team more than ever and with everyone counting the Warriors out, he has a chip on his shoulder and I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see him dominant the league and win his third MVP. 

Season Win Total

The Miami Heat finished last season with 39-43 record and with the inclusion of Jimmy Butler, the season wins line of 42.5 wins seems low to my eye. The Heat have made a big move over the offseason, getting Jimmy Butler in a sign and trade, while dumping Hassan Whitside’s expiring contract to the Trail Blazers. They did have to give up a solid asset in Josh Richardson to do so but the deal has clearly made the Heat better.  Butler has been known as a locker room cancer in recent years, causing obvious issues with the Timberwolves and Sixers but this Heat fit looks perfect for him. The Heat play a tough, grit and grind style of basketball which will suit Butler perfectly. With tough young guys like James Johnson and Justice Winslow, Butler should be able to mentor while also knowing he is the number one option. Looking at the Eastern Conference, the Raptors lost Kawhi Leonard to the Clippers, the Sixers added Al Horford but lost…. The man in question Jimmy Butler. The Bucks are without Nikola Mirotic who will play in Europe, while Malcolm Brogdon is now with the Indiana Pacers, who will be without Victor Oladipo for at least the start of the season. The Brooklyn Nets obviously added Kyrie and KD but Durant will be out for all of next season, so how much better will the Nets actually be in the 2019/20 season? All these moves, coupled with the Jimmy Butler trade to Miami means the Heat can easily contend for a top five seed in the East and I predicted them winning between 44 and 50 games. 


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NBA 2019/20 Season Preview - 3 best bets for 2019/20 NBA season

The whole NBA landscape has changed since Toronto won the Championship back in June. With so many changes to rosters, we preview the season and give our three best bets for the season.

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