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The NBA is becoming more and more popular in Australian Culture with homegrown players such as Ben Simmons, Matthew Dellavedova and Joe Ingles excelling in the NBA. The long 82-game season plus playoffs and the fact that there is action on every afternoon, seven days a week, leads many Punters to having a wager on the NBA.

So the burning question is, how do we make money betting on the NBA? Well luckily, our resident NBA expert has never had a losing year betting on the NBA. He takes us through all the Tips and Tricks for finding winners. 

We cover all topics from broad ideas that will help in any form of Betting, to specific tools you can use for the 2017/18 NBA Season. 

Become An Expert 

This may sound stupid, but make yourself an expert. This doesn’t mean you must watch or keep up to date with every NBA game every day, that task is impossible even for a Professional Punter. There is a total of 1230 Regular season NBA games and you cannot keep up with every team. So there are two options. The first is to pick two or three teams (assuming you have a limited amount of time per day) and keep up to date with them, look at box scores, read news articles and even watch some games if you can. Quickly, you will find predicting the upcoming matches of those teams much easier. The second is to become an expert in a specific bet type. This can be anything from betting only on second quarters, to betting on the number of Rebounds a player will get for the match. In the 2016 NBA season, I was betting on only second-half totals for a stretch of four months. Make yourself an expert and don’t cast your Punting net too wide. 

Money Management 

Money Management or ‘Bankroll Management’ is a broad term that is used in everything that involves risk, from Stock market trading to Punting on Sports. I won’t dive too much into it, but I wanted to mention Money Management because It’s a key aspect of Betting and making a profit on the NBA. The NBA is a nine-month season, with games almost every single day. It’s critical to have a set Staking plan if you are serious about making money betting in the NBA. I would suggest having a ‘Bank’ that is 200 Units. So if you wanting to bet $10 for a Unit, that’s a $2000 Bank. I would then suggest betting between 1-5 Units per bet depending your confidence level. If you are significantly changing you bet amount per day, depending on wins, losses, mood etc, you will lose over the long run. The NBA is a Marathon, not a Sprint. It’s important to understand there will be losing weeks and even losing months. It happens to the best of us. 


The NBA Tankathon is well and truly on. The 2017/18 NBA season presents a unique situation when it comes to tanking. This is the last season of the NBA draft lottery, before Adam Silver and the league changes things to reduce this extreme tanking. There are nine teams vying for the worst record in the league. Since the All-Star break, those teams have combined to go 11-42. To give an example of how extreme the Tanking is when the New York Knicks lost All-Star Kristaps Porzingis to an ACL injury they were 23-31 and 11th in the Eastern Conference. They’ve gone 1-9 since then and are still 11th in the East. So how do we make money from these teams? Well betting on the mid-tier teams with ‘Incentive’ (which we will talk about soon) against the Tanking teams is a good idea. Some of these teams including the Phoenix Suns and Brooklyn Nets are playing almost zero defence at present, so looking at the Total Points markets is also usually a good idea. Keep an eye on the Standings as we get closer to the conclusion of the season. In the last 1-2 weeks, some teams will need to lose almost every game they play. The Tanking teams are the Memphis Grizzlies, Phoenix Suns, Dallas Mavericks, Sacramento Kings, Atlanta Hawks, Orlando Magic, Brooklyn Nets, Chicago Bulls and New York Knicks. 


Teams resting players in the last month of the season is a big factor when it comes to NBA Betting. The league reducing back-to-backs and teams playing four games in five days will reduce the amount of games players sit out, but it will still happen. Teams like the Golden State Warriors, Houston Rockets and possibly the Toronto Raptors and Boston Celtics will all rest star players. The Cleveland Cavaliers have rested players (LeBron James) in years past, however with the Cavs only three games ahead of the eight-seed in the Eastern Conference, we will wait and see if they do the same again this season. The NBA ‘injury’ list and Social media sources such as Twitter are great places to check to see who’s playing and who’s not playing before you place your Bets. You don’t want to take the Golden State Warriors -5 then realise Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson are all not playing. 


Incentive to win is a huge factor in the last month of the season. The Western Conference race is crazy. Only four wins separate the third-seed Portland Trail Blazers (38-26) and the tenth-seed Utah Jazz (34-30). In the Eastern Conference the top eight teams look locked, however, battle for home court advantage will be fierce, with only three wins separate the third-seed Cleveland Cavaliers (37-26) and the eighth-seed Milwaukee Bucks (34-30). A team like the Philadelphia 76’ers are currently the sixth seed, they will be pushing extra hard for home court advantage as they are terrific at home (20-10) however have a poor road record (14-18). Another team that will be pushing hard is the Oklahoma City Thunder. They are trying to keep All-Star Paul George. The Thunder were talking about pushing for a Championship when they assembled Russell Westbrook, Paul George and Carmelo Anthony. Now they are in the seventh seed and have only one more win than this time last season. They will be pushing hard over the final month of the season. Teams to watch with Incentive to win are the Indiana Pacers, Washington Wizards, Philadelphia 76’ers, Portland Trail Blazers, New Orleans Pelicans and Oklahoma City Thunder. 

Schedule Wins/Losses

Schedule wins or losses is a concept that is lost on many Australian Punters when betting on the NBA. This is because with our major sports AFL or NRL, teams play once a week and rarely do we see a team have an advantage because of scheduling. This is not the case in the NBA. Teams play on consecutive nights or ‘Back-to-backs’ as they’re more commonly known. A team who has played three games in four nights, all on the road against a team who has had three days rest at home, is clearly disadvantaged and that is what we call a ‘Schedule loss’. Other examples of this include a team who is at the end of a six-game road trip against a team who is playing at home on a one-day break. This must be a factor when analysing any NBA game and is extremely important. 

Best NBA Information Resources 

So now you know some things to look for when analysing an NBA match. How do we get that information? Luckily we live in 2018 and there is an unbelievable amount of free resources and we don’t have to scrape data into an excel spreadsheet. The website I use are, and 

Best NBA Betting Sites 

Almost all the big Australian Bookmakers offer a huge amount of Markets on every NBA match. My Bookmakers of choice are, Ladbrokes, CrownBet and Pointsbet

Looking for some bonus bets to use for NBA betting? Take a look at what is available from Australia's leading bookmakers HERE in our round-up of the latest bonus bets promotions. Alternatively, read our reviews and compare bookmakers yourself and see which is the best fit for you. From 100% deposit matches to 333% bonuses on initial deposits, there is something for all kinds of punters, whether you like to place a big bets or prefer a small each-way wager.

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NBA Live Streaming

You can watch and bet on NBA action live online with some of Australia's leading bookmakers. Among the bookmakers who stream games live on desktop and mobile are Ladbrokes, Sportsbet, TAB and Unibet. It is definitely worth having an account with them in order to watch the games live, particularly on the go via the mobile site or apps.

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NBA Betting Guide - Expert Tips, Tricks, Predictions and Betting Advice

The NBA is becoming more and more popular in Australian Culture with homegrown players such as Ben Simmons, Matthew Dellavedova and Joe Ingles excelling in the NBA. The long 82-game season plus playoffs and the fact that there is action on every afternoon, seven days a week, leads many Punters to having a wager on the NBA.

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