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The Block 2022
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The Block Odds 2022

The Block will return for its 18th season when it premieres on the Nine Network in 2022. Here are the latest odds for who will win The Block: Tree Change in 2022.

The Masked Singer Odds
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The Masked Singer Australia Odds 2022

The Masked Singer Australia is returning for its fourth season in 2022 and will be broadcast on Network Ten. Here are the latest odds for who will win The Masked Singer Australia 2022.

My Kitchen Rules
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My Kitchen Rules Odds 2022

My Kitchen Rules will return for its 12th season when it premieres on the Seven Network in 2022. Here are the latest odds for who will win My Kitchen Rules in 2022.

Big Brother VIP Australia Odds
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Big Brother 2022 Australia Odds

Big Brother 2022 Australia will feature old and new contestants on Channel 7. Check here for the latest odds and tips for who will win Big Brother Australia 2022.

Australian Ninja Warrior
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Australian Ninja Warrior Odds

Australian Ninja Warrior is likely to return for its sixth season on the Nine Network in 2022. Here are the latest odds for who will win Australian Ninja Warrior in 2022.

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Most people are interested in watching reality television programs and bookmakers have noticed this by offering dozens of entertainment markets each year.


If you have an interest in entertaining TV shows such as MasterChef, Survivor or even TV shows such as Game Of Thrones and Stanger Things, then you may be surprised to know that some bookmakers offer betting markets on these television programmes.

An example is the popular fantasy drama TV series Game Of Thrones which spanned eight seasons. Some of the betting markets that were available as the show was airing were which characters would die that season and who would rule Westeros (sit on the Iron Throne).

For reality TV shows such as Survivor, MasterChef and The Bachelor, betting markets that are open are who will be the winner.

There isn’t a lot of markets available but enough to keep fans and punters alike intrigued, especially when there is a dramatic change in the odds.


Ladbrokes and Sportsbet are the leading bookmakers for betting on entertainment.

Broken down into categories such as Current Affairs, Movies, Music, Television and Novelties, Ladbrokes offers plenty of entertainment markets. Whether you are a fan of the Grammy Awards or the Triple J Hottest 100, Ladbrokes will have you covered.

Sportsbet is another leading bookmaker when it comes to entertainment betting. You can generally find all of the markets under Novelty Bets in the Sports section of their website. They have markets for awards ceremonies such as the Golden Globes, as well as TV shows such as I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here and The Block.


Several regular TV shows appear in the entertainment section.

When it comes to cooking, the most popular entertainment shows are MasterChef, My Kitchen Rules and the Great Australian Bake Off.

Dating shows attract a large audience of viewers and these are headlined by The Bachelor, The Bachelorette and Love Island.

Other popular TV shows are Survivor, I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here and The Amazing Race.