Australian Ninja Warrior Tips & Predictions

Australian Ninja Warrior Tips

Ninjas return in 2021 for a chance at conquering the daunting Mount Midoriyama and win the title of Australian Ninja Warrior 2021.

Who will win Australian Ninja Warrior in 2021 – We take a look at Ninja Warrior Australia 2021 contestants and give our tips, predictions and latest betting odds.

Australian Ninja Warrior 2021 Preview

Reigning champion Ben Polson is back with the Western Australian looking to win consecutive seasons. Polson ascended Mount Midoriyama in 25:56 to claim the 2020 title. That was season four and this is season five where Ninjas will face tougher challenges.

Fan favourites returning are Ashlin Herbert, Ben Polson, Olivia Vivian and Sam Goodall, in addition to Jack Wilson who missed last season after an accident.

Returning athlete Zak Stolz competed in Heat 3 and finished second overall after completing the course in 2:41. Stolz then competed in Semi-Final 1 and finished with the best time of 3:46; he received a second chance advantage for the Grand Final after defeating Rob Patterson on the Power Tower.

Jimmy Burrow is new to the show and received a fast pass to the Grand Final after beating Dylan James on the Power Tower. Burrow had completed the course in 2:22 in Heat 4.

Australian Ninja Warrior airs on the Nine Network, starting on June 20.

Australian Ninja Warrior Tips 2021

Individual markets are now available and the early indication was that a Victorian would prevail in the fifth season.

Zak Stolz is the dominant $1.35 favourite and he looks the most logical winner of the fifth season. Stolz has been on fire this season and completed the course in 3:46 in the first Semi-Final of the show. Stolz also has a second chance advantage for the Grand Final.

In season four, Stolz made it all the way to the Grand Final, eventually finishing third to Ben Polson and Charlie Robbins.

Polson failed to complete the course in Semi-Final 2 and doesn’t appear to be a winning contender this year. Stolz can go two better this time around and win it all.

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