Australian Survivor Betting Odds 2022

Australian Survivor

Australian Survivor Season 7 will air on Channel 10 in 2022 and online bookmaker Sportsbet have all the latest betting odds.

Australian Survivor Betting Odds

Australian Survivor Odds: The new season will premiere in 2022 and it is titled Australian Survivor: Blood vs Water.

Who Will Win Australian Survivor in 2022?

There is currently one market available with Sportsbet and that is called Sandra Diaz-Twine Specials.

Sandra Diaz-Twine has been confirmed as being a contestant on the upcoming Australian Survivor season.

She is already a two-time winner of Survivor and has played the game a total of four times.

Sandra first appeared in 2003 on Survivor: Pearl Islands where she would become the “Sole Survivor.”

She would then return in 2010 to compete on Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains with Sandra once again winning for the second time.

In 2017, Sandra competed on Survivor: Game Changers where she finished in 15th place.

Three years later and Sandra made her fourth appearance on Survivor: Winners at War. The show featured 20 returning winners which made the stakes the highest they have ever been. Sandra finished in 15th place with Tony Vlachos becoming a two-time winner.

Just like Russell Hantz in Australian Survivor: Champions vs. Contenders, Sandra is likely to be a huge target and could be one of the first players to be targeted.

Check out the latest odds below.