Bachelor in Paradise Australia Odds

Trent Orwin:
Bachelor in Paradise Australia

The third season of Bachelor in Paradise Australia will air sometime in 2020 after filming was completed in late 2019.

There are currently two markets available for Bachelor in Paradise Australia 2020.

The first is which contestants will find love in paradise.

Ciarran Stott is $1.50 to find love in paradise. He appeared on season five of The Bachelorette where he quit during the cocktail party in episode seven.

Mary Viturino is $1.95 to be in a relationship in the season finale. She was on The Bachelor starring Matt Agnew.

Helena Sauzier was also in the same season as Mary and the health and fitness guru is $2.50 to find love on the show.

Abbie Chatfield remains a $2.75 chance. She appeared on season seven of The Bachelor and was runner up.

Other contestants are Timm Hanly ($3.50), Brittany Hockley ($5), Cassandra Mamone ($6), Jamie Doran ($7.50) and Brittney Weldon ($10).

The other market is premiere ratings with 500,001-600,000 viewers $1.95 ahead of 500,000 and under at $2.

Bachelor in Paradise Australia 2020

To Find Love in Paradise

Sportsbet Market

Ciarran Stott $1.50
Mary Viturino $1.95
Helena Sauzier $2.50
Abbie Chatfield $2.75
Timm Hanly $3.50
Brittany Hockley $5
Cassandra Mamone $6
Jamie Doran $7.50
Brittney Weldon $10

Premiere Ratings

Sportsbet Market

500,000 and under $2
500,001 to 600,000 $1.95
600,001 to 750,000 $3.25
750,001 to 1,000,000 $4.50
1,000,001 and over $5