Farmer Wants A Wife Australia Odds

Trent Orwin:
Farmer Wants A Wife

Farmer Wants A Wife Australia premiered on the Seven Network in July for its eleventh season. Which farmers will find love on the show?

Farmer Wants A Wife Betting Odds 2021

Farmer Andrew is a 30-year-old sheep farmer from Delegate, New South Wales. It is $1.25 for Andrew to choose Jess ahead of Ash who has been $7.50 into $4.

Matt is a 26-year-old beef and fodder farmer from Orbost, Victoria. Tara has firmed significantly from $2 into $1.17 to start a relationship with Matt. It is $5 for Matt to leave the show without a relationship; that option was $2.25 less than a week ago.

Farmer Sam is not expected to find love on the show at this stage as it is $1.08 that he will not choose anyone. Mackenzie is $7 ahead of Allanah at $15. Farmer Sam is actually a fake farmer according to reports with the 24-year-old living in New South Wales.

Jaimee is a dominant $1.10 to enter a relationship with Farmer Will who is 39 years old and a sheep and cattle farmer from Longwood, Victoria. It is $7 for Will not to enter a relationship in the Finale Episode(s) which is the same price as Jessica winning over Will’s heart.

Last but not least is Farmer Rob who is a 40-year-old sheep and cattle farmer from the Snowy Mountains in New South Wales. Rob failed to find a connection with any of the women, but surprisingly returned to the show and hasn’t given up on love with four new women trying to win over Rob’s heart.

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