Married At First Sight Odds 2020


Married At First Sight season seven premiered on the Nine Network on February 3.

3-5 couples is the favoured choice for this season of Married At First Sight (MAFS) with that option paying $1.55. 1-2 couples is a close second favourite at $2.25 with zero couples to stay together at series end paying $11.

A total of 10 couples has appeared on season seven of MAFS and there is a market on who will be together at the end of the series. Cathy and Josh are $1.40 to remain together. Cathy is a 26-year-old Logistics Investigator while Josh is a 28-year-old Truck Driver.

Aleks and Ivan are $2.25 to remain together. Both Aleks and Ivan are Real Estate Agents.

Stacey and Michael are $2.50 to remain together.

Here is the full range of markets for Married At First Sight 2020.

MAFS 2020

Sportsbet Markets

Number still together at series end

Zero $11
1-2 couples $2.25
3-5 couples $1.55
6-10 couples $21
More than 10 couples $51

First Commitment Ceremony Specials

Only one couple to split $1.85
All couples to stay together $2.10
Two or more couples to split $4.50

Who will be together at series end

Cathy and Josh $1.40
Aleks and Ivan $2.25
Stacey and Michael $2.50
Connie and Jonethen $4.00
Vanessa and Chris $5.00
Natasha and Mikey $8.00
Amanda and Tash $11
Poppy and Luke $11
Mishel and Steve $15
Hayley and David $21

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