Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Year 2020 Betting Odds

Andrew Hendrie:
Word of the Year 2020

Online bookmaker Sportsbet have created a market for the Merriam-Webster's Word of the Year 2020.

It’s not surprising that all Word of the Year 2020 nominations are in relation to COVID-19, which has forced us to completely change how we live for the foreseeable future.

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‘Social Distancing’ (although technically two words) is the $1.80 favourite and with ScoMo using the phrase every 10 seconds, it’s easy to see why.

‘Work From Home’ (WFH) (again, three words if we’re being literal), is second favourite at $3.00, followed by ‘Pandemic’ ($5.00) and ‘Self-Quarantine’ ($5.00).

There’s some definite value in ‘Self-Isolation’ at $10, while if you want to live life on the edge, ‘Malarkey’ is a $41 outsider (yes, we had to look up the definition too). Turns out I do a lot of it…

Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Year 2020 will be chosen based on what words were looked up most frequently during the year on their website.

Check out the odds from Sportsbet below:

Social Distancing – $1.80
Work From Home (WFH) – $3.00
Pandemic – $5.00
Self-Quarantine – $5.00
Recession – $7.00
Self-Isolation – $10.00
Epidemiologist – $15
Climate Strike – $21
Leadership – $21
Community – $26
Immunocompromised – $26
Malarkey – $41