The Bachelor Australia 2020 Odds

Locky Gilbert

The eighth season of The Bachelor Australia has been announced with two-time Australian Survivor player Locky Gilbert announced as the Bachelor for 2020.

Locky first appeared in season four of Australian Survivor where he was the 20th contestant voted out to become the eighth member of the jury.

Returning for the seventh season of Australian Survivor, titled All Stars, which is currently airing as of March 13, Locky was the 14th person voted out and first member of the jury.

There are two markets currently available for The Bachelor 2020.

The first is the Age of Winner with 28-29 being the $3 favourite ahead of 25-27 at $3.30.

There is also a market for the State/Territory of the Winner with New South Wales favoured at $2.50 followed by Victoria at $3.50.

The Bachelor 2020

Sportsbet Markets


24 or less $5.50
25 โ€“ 27 $3.30
28 โ€“ 29 $3
30 โ€“ 31 $4.50
32 โ€“ 35 $6
36 or over $12


New South Wales $2.50
Victoria $3.50
Queensland $4
Western Australia $4.50
South Australia $5.50
Tasmania $6
Australian Capital Territory $12
Northern Territory $14