Triple J Hottest 100 Betting Tips

Adam Cusworth:

What song will finish on top in the Australia Day countdown...the Triple J Hottest 100?

What better way to celebrate the Australia Day weekend than to listen to the Triple J Hottest 100 and have a punt at the same time. The annual poll is regarded as the ‘world’s greatest music democracy’ and for those of us who love a wager, betting is available on the song that we think fill finish the count as No.1.

The count will be played in full on Triple J on Saturday January 25. Last year, over half a million votes were received, a number that keeps on growing, and Confidence by Ocean Alley atop the chart. In 2018 it was Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Humble’ that saluted after a late plunge in betting markets.

This year, Dance Monkey by Tones And I and Bulls On Parade by Denzel Curry are vying for favouritism in markets with Sportsbet. Dance Monkey is at $1.83, while the triple j Like A Version offering of Bulls On Parade is at $2.25.

Bulls On Parade was as much as $11 a few weeks ago before being backed into favouritism. It has since drifted slightly back out to $2.25.

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There are two other hits under $10 and they are Bad Guy by Billie Ellish, while Drink Too Much by G Flip is at $8. The countdown has produced some cracking winners over the journey including Augie March’s One Crowded Hour in 2006 as well as No One Knows by Queens Of The Stone Age in 2002, but there have also been some shockers that got up. Who on earth voted for Pretty Fly by Offspring in 1998? When it comes to picking the winner in the Hottest 100, there are a few things to keep in mind, and they include the country the artist is from and whether or not the song has been supported in betting markets.

Of the 27 Hottest 100 countdown’s since the initial one in 1993, 14 of the No.1 songs have been from Australian artists, while 13 have been from internationals. Four of the past five winners have been homegrown. Tones An I (her real name is Toni Watson) is the best of the local hopes and comes from Mornington on th outskirts of Melbourne. Denzel Curry is an American rapper from Florida, while Billie Ellish also hails from America. G Flip is from Melbourne.

A school of thought once existed that the count favoured songs that were released in latter parts of the year and were the ‘flavour of the month’ while votes were being taken but this was not the case last year. Confidence was released in February OF 2019. Past winners such including Never Be Like You, Talk Is Cheap and Riptide are others were released early on in their respective years.

Dance Monkey was release in May this year while Bulls On Parade is an interesting one as it was originally released by Rage Against The Machine in 1995, coming in at 46 for the countdown that year. Denzel Curry covered the hit this year in February.

Suggested Bets

The safe option would definitely be to follow the money trail and go Bulls On Parade, but for those that like a bit of value, consider what is a great hit from Flume in the form of Rushing Back, which is at $20. Flume were successful in 2017 with Never Be Like You

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