Stanley Cup Betting Odds 2019/20

Gary Emmerson:
NHL Ice Hockey

Latest odds for the Stanley Cup winner in season 2019/20.

Three teams are equal $7.00 favourites to win the Stanley Cup at the end of season 2019/20.

The Boston Bruins sit atop the Atlantic Division with a 43-14-12 record which gives them a six-point advantage over the 43-20-6 Tampa Bay Lightning who are also $7.00.

The Vegas Golden Knights continue to shorten over the past month into $7.00 as they lead the Pacific Division with a 38-24-8 record.

At $8.00 is the Colorado Avalanche who are second in the Central Division behind the defending champions, the St Louis Blues who are $9.00.

It is double figures for remaining teams.


BetEasy Market
Boston Bruins $7.00
Tampa Bay Lightning $7.00
Vegas Golden Knights $7.00
Colorado Avalanche $8.00
St Louis Blues $9.00
Washington Capitals $10
Pittsburgh Penguins $13
Dallas Stars $15
Philadelphia Flyers $15
Edmonton Oilers $21
Toronto Maple Leafs $21
Others $26+