Scott Morrison First Word Betting Odds

Andrew Hendrie:
Scott Morrison First Word

The Scott Morrison novelty markets keep on coming courtesy of Sportsbet - their latest offering comes in the shape of ‘ScoMo’s First Word’ at his next presser.


That’s right, we can now bet on what word ScoMo will say first at his next press conference. It appears, just like the Scott Morrison Tie Market, this will be an ongoing odds offering from Sportsbet.

It comes as no surprise that ‘Good’ is the overwhelming $1.30 favourite – think of all the times Scotty opens his pressers with a simple ‘Good Morning’, ‘Good Afternoon’ or ‘Good Evening’.

But, if you think Morrison will live life on the edge and opt for a different opening greeting, you can get solid odds of $6.00 for ‘Hello’, $7.00 for ‘Afternoon’ and $10 each for ‘Gday’, ‘I/I’ve/I’m/I’ll/I’d’, ‘Morning’, ‘The’, and ‘Today’.

If only Kevin 07 was in charge, I’d be tempted to throw some money on ‘Sup’ at $51, but I don’t see ScoMo kicking things off like that.

Who knows, Morrison might have taken up a new hobby during quarantine like the rest of us – and if by some chance he’s become fluent in Spanish, ‘Ola’ is priced at $51.

Even ‘ScoMo’ itself is $101 as the first word.

Whatever the case, we’ve never been more excited for the start of the Prime Minister’s press conference.

Scott Morrison First Word at Next Presser Odds

Good – $1.30
Hello – $6.00
Afternoon – $7.00
G’day – $10
I/I’ve/I’m/I’ll/I’d – $10
Morning – $10
The – $10
Today – $10
Australia/Straya – $12
How – $14
Evening – $15
Greetings – $21
Howdy – $41
Sup – $51
Andrew – $51
Coal – $51
Engadine – $51
Ola – $51
Labor – $81
Aloha – $101
Hooroo – $101
Katherine – $101
ScoMo – $101
Sharks – $101
Yoohoo – $101

Scott Morrison First Word Tip

Settled on the first word Scott Morrison says into the microphone at his next nationally televised press conference. Settled via transcripts on broadcast. Others on request.