Top NRL ‘Game Saver’ Moment

Andrew Hendrie:
NRL 'Game Saver' Palmerbet

The 2015 NRL Grand Final is arguably the best season-finale of all time. An 82-minute thriller that captured every emotion sport can conjure up.

Palmerbet Game Saver

For North Queensland Cowboys fans, it’s an unforgettable moment and one that is unlikely to ever be completely repeated. It’s a night Brisbane Broncos fans have tried to force from their memory before that flick-pass is shown on every preseason hype video.

For Broncos punters, it was one heck of a bad beat.

Those backing the Brisbane club into premiership victory were one tackle away in regular time. Leading 16-12 from shortly after halftime through to the 79th minute, one defensive set is all it would take for Broncos punters to celebrate the end of the NRL season with a little bit extra in their back pocket.

Then came that pass.

Kyle Feldt crossed over in the corner as the siren sounded. Darius Boyd – like many others – fell to his knees in disbelief.

With hope restored as Johnathan Thurston’s conversion attempt bounced off the post, dread soon returned for Broncos punters; Ben Hunt dropped the kickoff.

Thurston doesn’t waste second chances. He slotted the field goal to seal victory for the Cowboys and a bad, bad beat for Broncos punters.

But, should we see anything like the 2015 Grand Final again in 2020, rest assured that Palmerbet has you covered.

With the introduction of the Game Saver token, punters can see Feldt go over in the corner or Hunt drop the ensuing kickoff knowing that they won’t be left with nothing.

One extra pre-game tap is all it takes to watch the late game-defining moments a little easier.

The Game Saver token allowed punters to pick their best bet in the match result markets of the AFL, NRL, NFL and NBA each week, and if that team leads going into the final quarter and loses, Palmberbet helps ease the pain.

It’s of no use to 2015 Broncos fans now, but the Game Saver token will sure come in handy throughout the 2020 NRL season.

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