Australian Federal Election 2022 Odds

Federal Election

Looking for the latest Australian Federal Election odds? See which party is favourite to win the upcoming election.

Australian Federal Election Odds


The Labor party are $1.51 favourites to retain power at the upcoming election. Here are the latest Australian Federal Election odds.

It was a shock result to the 2019 Australian Federal Election with Scott Morrison and the Coalition forming Government with 77 seats.

The Coalition are $2.80 to retain their spot as the power in Australian politics.

Any other party is $126 to cause the biggest upset in politics history in Australia.

Novelty Markets 

If you are looking for the less serious side of the upcoming election, you can punt on the colour tie of Anthony Albanese and Scott Morrison.

Anthony Albanese

Red/Maroon is the clear favourite colour tie for Albanese at $1.50. Whilst Grey/Silver is at $6, with Yellow/Gold following closely behind at $9.

All other tie colours are $10+

Scott Morrison

Blue/Navy is the favourite colour tie that Morrison will wear, paying at $1.40. Meanwhile, Black is the next closest at $7.50, with Grey/Silver at a comfortable $9.

All other tie colours are $10+

Neds has a host of 100+ markets available related to the upcoming federal election. Below are just some available;

  • Sworn in Government
  • ACT Seat Winner
  • NSW Seat Winner
  • NT Seat Winner
  • QLD Seat Winner
  • SA Seat Winner
  • TAS Seat Winner
  • VIC Seat Winner
  • WA Seat Winner
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