Northern Territory Election Odds

Trent Orwin:
Northern Territory Election Odds

Want the latest politics markets for the Northern Territory?

Labor are $1.95 favourites to be next sworn in Government for the Northern Territory. Here are the latest Northern Territory Election odds.

The election is scheduled for Saturday, August 22.

Labor currently hold 16 seats in the Northern Territory.

The Territory Alliance currently hold three seats and are $2.50 to be sworn in the 2020 Northern Territory general election.

The Country Liberal Party (CLP) are $3.50 with remaining parties $101 or bigger.

Northern Territory Election Odds

Next Sworn in Government

Ladbrokes Market

Labor $1.95
Territory Alliance $2.50
Country Liberal Party (CLP) $3.50
Ban Fracking Fix Crime Protect Water $101
NT Greens $101
Any other $126