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Many bookmakers offer specials and promotions that are too good to pass up. These range across the racing codes and all the popular sports around the world.

Horse Racing Promotions

Horse racing is the biggest of the three racing codes and bookmakers offer excellent promotions on thoroughbred racing products.

Odds Boosts

A very popular offer available to any punter is an odds boost. This is a generic term where a bookmaker will increase the odds on a runner by clicking an appropriate button. One second you may be getting $4.20 for a horse that you like and the next, you may be getting $4.50 about the same horse.

Best of the Best

Tote betting is still popular in horse racing despite the rapid rise of fixed odds betting. One great Tote offering that is available on horse racing is a best of the best type product. Bookmakers will often pay punters out at the best of the Tote prices. Others may also include the official Starting Price (SP) as well.

Protest Payouts

Imagine you have backed the horse that is first past the post. And then there is a protest. That protest is subsequently upheld. If this were to happen in the past, your bet would now be a losing bet. Many online bookmaker will offer a form of insurance whereby if your horse is first past the post and then loses a protest, you are still paid out as the winner. This is in addition to those that backed the runner up who is then promoted to first.

Sports Promotions

Sports betting is extremely popular and there are weekly offers available on the biggest sports around the globe. They will vary from bookmaker to bookmaker but will often be incentives such as insurance for backing multis with three or more legs. Others will be increased odds about a certain team or team(s) winning their respective matches.

Other sports promotions that may be offered a type of create your own bet where a bookmaker will allow punters to message through their website requesting a certain market to be created. For example, it may be an NBA player that needs to score 20+ points, have 8+ assists and 5+ rebounds. Or an AFL player needs to kick 3 or more goals and their team win the match.

Live Streams

Many people enjoy having a bet on a sporting event as a means of entertainment. Whether that is backing your favourite sports team or thoroughly analysing a match up.

Some bookmakers offer Live Streams of both racing and sports. You can place a bet on an event and then live stream it to cheer home your team or player to victory.