Snooker is a cue sport that is played on a rectangular table covered in cloth that is usually the colour green. There are pockets in each of the four corners as well as middle pockets on either side of the long edge.

For more information on how to bet on Snooker, please visit Snooker Betting Guide.


Bookmakers like Sportsbet, BetEasy and Neds offer betting markets on snooker. All three bookmakers mentioned provide comprehensive coverage of snooker, including Championship League and The Masters.


There are a number of different markets available when it comes to betting on snooker. We will discuss the most popular ways to bet on the sport.

Match Betting

The biggest market is the easiest way to bet on snooker and that falls under the category known as Match Betting. It is a head-to-head bet type where punters back the player they think will win the match.

Handicap Betting

You can back a player with a handicap in a snooker match. It will depend on the number of frames won for that match-up. In a traditional 11-frame match at the start of a tournament like The Masters, the favoured player may have a -2.5 handicap. That means if they win by three or more frames, the bet is successful.

Correct Score

The Correct Score market is a lot harder to be successful compared to Match Betting or Handicap Betting, but the reward can be great. In a Correct Score market, you are picking which player will win and what the overall score will be.

For example, you could back Judd Trump to win a match-up 6-3. Odds on a bet like this may be $5.00 or more. If Judd Trump were to win by any other score than 6-3 or loses the match, then a Correct Score of Judd Trump 6-3 would be a loss.