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As the tennis seasons on both the ATP and WTA almost fill out an entire calendar year, we look at some of Australia’s best tennis betting sites at which to get into the action. Of course, the first Grand Slam of the Year is the Australian Open in Melbourne, which provides some top tennis betting right out of the gate in January.

Novak Djokovic at the Australian Open
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With the tournaments and matches coming thick and fast after that, it is essential to find a high-quality tennis betting site which will give market variety, a safe betting platform and competitive odds. We look at some of those here.


Top 5 Tennis Betting Sites in Australia

  1. bet365
  2. Unibet
  3. TAB
  4. Ladbrokes
  5. Palmerbet


Why Trust Our Selection of Tennis Betting Sites?

Having a quality tennis betting site to hand makes betting on tennis a lot smoother. For the bookmaker reviews presented on this site, our experts have looked at them for customer support, tennis markets, and other features such as live-streaming and live betting odds.

As we have experts who are also fans of the sport and who study the ATP and WTA tennis events for betting opportunities, we can offer a deep understanding of the best tennis betting sites. In addition, the bookmaker reviews are straightforward and unbiased, just focusing on what’s good and what could be improved.

That objective input from the road tests, in turn, gives other users a clear picture of the kind of services that can be found at the different betting sites.


How our Experts Rank the Best Tennis Betting Sites in Australia

There are many different areas of Australia’s best tennis betting sites to consider. It’s not just about how the website looks or choosing the first one you stumble across from a Google search. Without comparing the different operators, you may not get the complete picture of everything.

To help piece together the impartial reviews that we provide of betting sites, we consider as many aspects of the operations as we can. That includes things like tennis betting offers, the variety of markets on offer for tennis betting, payment methods to fund an account and that all-important customer service.


Here’s a breakdown of some of the critical areas that we look at:

Tennis Betting Odds

The odds selected at the end of the day are one of the most important things. Some bookmakers do consistently offer good tennis odds when compared to others. There is not one betting site that will have the very best odds in the industry for every single wager that you want to place, but a site that does rank well because of regularly doing well in odds comparisons makes for a good option.


Tennis Markets

Getting to the markets you want for your tennis betting is another crucial element of things. Again, variety is important because if you like betting on the Set Betting market, you want to find a bookmaker that provides it, even on matches from more minor tournaments.


Tennis Betting Offers

There are tennis betting offers around that can add a little extra to your wagers. Some bookmakers are more well-known for their promotional offers than others. We size up promotions like money back specials, enhanced odds and more.


Live Tennis Betting

Tennis is a terrific sport for live in-play betting because there are natural pauses in matches to look at live opportunities. There’s the break between games and sets, for example. Live tennis odds can open a door wide to new wagering opportunities for the sport, so we look at whether a betting site offers them.


Customer Support

Australian bettors should do their sports betting at trusted, reputable, secure bookmakers. That is why each of those that we recommend is fully licensed and regulated. We also weigh up the customer support points at betting sites, from hours of operation to support channels to use.


Popular Tennis Betting Markets

Tennis is one of the most popular sports in Australia, and it affords excellent betting opportunities because of the different markets that crop up. Here are some of the most popular and common tennis betting markets


Match Outright Betting

Ahead of a tournament’s start is when the best prices will be snapped up on a player lifting the trophy. While it’s tricky to call because of so many players entering an event, it’s a good idea to target smaller tournaments where perhaps only one or two top-ten players are entering into a smaller draw.


Match Betting

This is the staple of tennis betting, simply picking one of the two-way options of who will win a match. However, the odds aren’t favourable to punters for single match betting picks, which is where handicaps come in.


Tennis Handicap Betting

An excellent alternative to match outrights is the handicap market. Of course, if a player is a heavy odds-on favourite, there’s little match betting value in them. But selecting that same heavy favourite to cover, say a -5.5 Games Handicap in the match, gives punters more meat on the bone.



The total market in tennis betting can either be focused on the number of games or the number of sets played out within a match. So it could be something like Over 30.5 games or Under 2.5 Sets.



It is possible to build tennis accumulators which swing back to the match outright. This is where some odds-on picks could be lumped together for a shot at better value, or one picked as a banker in a tennis acca.


Tennis Betting Odds

After getting registered with one of our recommended best tennis betting sites in Australia, getting stuck into the tennis odds is the next big step. Markets shift a lot, so it’s worth trying to browse ahead at tennis markets that have been priced up early.

That can lead to some reasonably good opportunities, perhaps spotting a value bet where you think a bookmaker has underestimated a player’s chances of winning a match or a tournament. The more you look at tennis odds, the more you will be able to spot trends and those favourable odds.


Tennis Betting Tips

Another key thing to do once registration with a bookmaker has been done is to take some time and find some resources of tips. For example, our experts provide tennis betting tips and to take a look at those – you can just click on the link.

Tennis betting tips are great little nuggets of information to read up on. However, you should still have a sound enough working knowledge of a tennis betting market to formulate your personal picks.

But reading a tennis tip to see if you’ve had an oversight on some information or reading an opposing POV that could lead you to a new assessment.

The extra bits of information can add deeper layers to your tennis betting approach. Of course, the bet you place at the end of the day is your decision, but it’s worth getting as informed as possible ahead of placing it.


Tennis Betting Strategy

Once you start looking around at tennis tips and stats, you will begin putting a tennis betting strategy together. That comes naturally, and you’ll find your own best markets to bet on and at what odds.

There are some key pointers to consider when sizing up some tennis betting strategy plans, flexibility is important, and there are a lot of variables in tennis.

One of the most significant variables in tennis is the playing surface. Consider all the French Open Grand Slam titles won by Rafa Nadal. His tally of titles on the one clay Grand Slam surface towers above the number of titles from the other three Slams combined.

Some players naturally adapt to different courts and surface much better than others. Along with the surface, the conditions are a significant factor as well. If there is a situation of extreme heat, for example, at the Australian Open, fitness levels start to play a factor.

A player who won a match in straight sets taking on a player who had to battle through five tough sets could have better energy levels and an increased chance of winning. Those are things to size up combined with other factors like the overall ability and ranking of a player and their current form.


How to Place a Bet on Tennis Online

So if all of this sounds exciting, and you want to get a tennis bet struck, the first thing is to select at least one of the top recommended betting sites for Australian bettors.

Use our bookmaker reviews to help pick one out and then go through the registration process, which is quick. It will ask for personal details that will need to be verified for security, like name and address.

On the tennis betting site, visit the Cashier section of your account and deposit your preferred payment method. Once the account has been funded, you head to the sportsbook and make your tennis betting tips to add to the bet slip. Then, enter the stake and place the bet.


New Tennis Betting Sites

While there are a lot of established, long-standing tennis betting sites that we recommend due to them having a good reputation, new bookmakers do pop up as well. Just because they are new, we don’t discount any potential value they could bring to the table for punters.

So we do review new betting sites in Australia as well, applying the same criteria to them as we do to any other bookmaker. We cover it all so that readers know what they can expect to find.


Popular Tennis Betting Tournaments

The pinnacle of tennis betting tournaments is the four Grand Slam events annually. These are the big ones, and each of them brings its unique playing conditions and environment to the table. As a result, the best tennis betting sites will have in-depth market coverage of the Slams.

Alongside that, there are a lot of big tournaments on the WTA and ATP that happen as well. The big ones to watch for on the ATP Tour are the Masters 1000 events, while on the WTA, the equivalent is the WTA are the Premier Mandatory and Premier 5 tournaments.


Australian Open

The first Grand Slam of the year is the Australian Open, played at Melbourne Park on a hard court surface. The interesting angle for this for tennis betting is that there is little current form to read into, as players won’t have long returned from their winter breaks.


French Open

The French Open is the only Grand Slam that is played on clay. So this is one where specialist players on the surface can be heavily considered. The French Open is played at Roland Garros and is a tournament where some of the best players in the world can struggle to adapt to the clay, leading to upsets and great tennis betting opportunities.



Wimbledon is the only grass-court tournament hosted at the All England Club in London. The surface is the big issue here because it is unfamiliar to many players. In addition, the grass swings during an ATP and WTA season are short, so players don’t have a lot of time to find their footing.


US Open

The fourth and final Grand Slam is the US Open, and perhaps the significant variable for this Grand Slam is the timing. It’s near the end of a long season for players, which means that injuries and the wear and tear of a long campaign add up. So it’s a fascinating finale to the Grand Slam season for tennis betting.


ATP Tennis Betting

Most weeks throughout a calendar year provide punters with some ATP tennis betting opportunities at the top level of the men’s game. There are good tennis match bets to be sized up in the early rounds of matches, where favourites generally prevail. The first and second rounds at ATP tournaments have many matches played in a short time, leading to plenty of picks.

There are different tiers of ATP tournaments, offering varying ranking points. So the big players manage their schedules and target the top events more. Then, at the end of the season, there is the ATP Finals tournament in which the top eight players, based on accumulated points from the season, get to play in.


WTA Tennis Betting

The WTA is the top tier of women’s tennis, and the circuit travels the world to different venues. Not every player plays all tournaments, and it’s this wonderful variety you get throughout the year on different surfaces and conditions which makes tennis betting so interesting.

Some players start the season early with a bang before fading away, while you’ll find others that trend strongly towards the end of a season. So current form is always so important when looking for WTA tennis betting opportunities.


Davis Cup

The Davis Cup is the top international team event for men’s tennis. The tournament has different groups (like European and Americas zones), and they do feature promotion and relegation between them.

The top level of the Davis Cup is the World Group which features the best 18 teams, split into round-robin groups of three teams each. The top teams from the group and the two best runners-up go through to the knockout stage.

The Davis Cup offers an exciting tennis betting platform, with teams selecting which players to face which opponents in singles and doubles format.


Live Tennis Streaming

Some of the best betting sites in Australia offer live tennis streaming, notably the likes of Unibet and bet365. As a result, they are among the top selections for general recommendations for live sports streams.

Getting a live tennis stream is convenient as it can be displayed on the screen while you pick out other bets on the betting site. It also, of course, lends excellent compatibility to live tennis betting opportunities.

Watching a tennis match and getting a feel for the flow of the action can help you decide which call to make on a live bet. Unfortunately, not all Australian betting sites provide live streams. If that’s a feature of interest, look at our betting site reviews to find the highly recommended ones, like bet365 and Unibet for the specific feature.


Tennis Live In-Play Betting

Live in-play tennis betting gives punters other ways to get into a match with wagers. In addition, having access to live betting can help put some new tennis betting strategies together. For example, it could be waiting until the first couple of games to pick the match-winner.

Having made a pre-match winner selection, a bet could be hedged by backing the opposite outcome in-play when the market conditions are right. Live tennis betting odds shift and change as the match ebbs, and flows are fascinating to study and watch.

Note that Australian betting sites cannot accept live bets online – they have to be placed via a telephone to the bootmaker.


Final Verdict

There is a lot to enjoy about tennis betting, both pre-match and live. From picking a big tournament winner at a Grand Slam to getting into the nuanced features of match betting by choosing handicap margins, there is a lot of variation to be explored with tennis betting.

Find a good tennis betting site with the features you want for your betting experiences, be tennis promotions or live streams. Use our clear bookmaker reviews to help get the best fit for you.


Online Tennis Betting FAQ

Is online betting on tennis legal?

Online betting on tennis is perfectly legal for Australian punters. Find a reputable bookmaker, and many bet options can be looked at.


What is the best betting site for tennis?

Our top recommendations for Australia’s tennis betting sites are bet365 and Unibet


Which betting site has the best tennis odds?

Ladbrokes and bet365 we find consistently delivered competitive tennis betting odds, but others like Neds and TAB are also rated highly.


What is the best tennis betting app?

There are some excellent tennis betting apps available. The ones at Unibet and bet365 rate particularly well for user-friendliness, design and functionality.


Where can I get tennis betting tips?

Tennis betting tips can be found here, provided by our betting experts.


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