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Best Bookmakers for Greyhound Racing Betting

If you are looking for the best bookmaker for greyhound racing betting then there are plenty of options to choose from in Australia. Are you looking for competitive greyhound racing odds? Do you place dog racing multibets? Do you want Australian greyhound racing fixed odds? It is important to choose the right corporate bookie to suit your betting requirements.

The Tote products offered by greyhound bookmakers is the most common for greyhound racing with bookmakers. The vast majority of corporate agencies also offer fixed odds betting for those that like to secure a price when placing their bets.

We have ranked the best bookmakers for betting on greyhound racing tips below and you can read more about them in our reviews.


Greyhound racing offers a number of different bet types available for betting on the greyhounds.

Greyhound races in Australia and New Zealand feature a capacity field of eight runners with races generally contested over distances between 290m-750m. You will need all eight runners to take part for bookmakers to pay out 3 places, otherwise it will be 2 places for fields of seven or below.

The types of bets you can place on greyhound racing include:


The most common and straightforward bet type is a win bet. You are placing a bet on a greyhound that you think will win a respective event.

Win bets can be placed via fixed odds or the Tote, as can place bets and each-way bets. In order to return a pidend, your greyhound must finish first in the respective event.


Another common bet type is a place bet. You are placing a bet on a greyhound that you think will run first, second or third in a respective event.

Due to capacity fields being eight runners in greyhound racing, a number of races will not offer a third pidend – this is often seen as NTD, or No Third Dividend.

The number of places paid out are as follows:

2-4 greyhounds – win only betting; there is no placing betting available

5-7 greyhounds – two places are paid out; greyhounds that finish first and second receive a place pidend

8 greyhounds – three places are paid out; greyhounds that finish first, second and third receive a place pidend


An each-way bet is a win and place bet combined into one. You are backing a greyhound to win and also place in a respective event.

As mentioned earlier, your win bet is successful if your greyhound runs first, while your place bet will be successful if it runs first, second or third in a field of 8 greyhounds, otherwise first and second in a field of between 5 to 7 greyhounds. Each-way betting is unavailable for fields of 2 to 4 greyhounds.


In order to successfully land a Quinella bet, you must predict the first and second greyhounds past the post in any order.

A standard Quinella bet will involve you selecting two greyhounds and hoping that they run first and second in the event. It doesn’t matter which order they run. Boxed Quinella bets are also popular and this enables you to select more than two greyhounds. As long as any combination of your Boxed Quinella selections run first and second, you will receive a Quinella pidend. For example, you select #1, #3 and #7 in a greyhound race. The finishing order is #1, #7 and #4. As you successfully predicted #1 and #7 to run first and second, you have landed the Quinella.


Much like a Quinella, you must predict the first and second greyhounds past the post to land an Exacta. This time though, you must correctly predict the finishing order.

Using the example of #1 beating #7 above, if your Exacta bet was for 1/7 (that is #1 to beat #7) then you will have successfully landed the Exacta. If you chose 7/1, then you will not have been successful as #7 did not beat #1. A standard Exacta is selecting a single greyhound for first place and another greyhound for second place. Again like a Quinella, you can place a Boxed Exacta. Let’s pretend you select #1, #3 and #7 again. The finishing order was #1, #7 and #4. As the bet was a Boxed Exacta, you have taken #1, #3 and #7 for first and the same numbers again for second. Because #1 beat #7, using your Boxed Exacta, you have successfully predicted the outcome and will receive an Exacta pidend.


To win a Trifecta, you must successfully predict the first, second and third greyhounds past the post in correct order.

A standard Trifecta involves you selecting your numbers in order. i.e. 1/7/4 (that is #1 to win, #7 to run second and #4 to run third). For this Trifecta to be successful, the finishing order must be #1, #7 and #4. If it is, then you receive a Trifecta pidend. Otherwise, your bet is unsuccessful. You can place a Boxed Trifecta which can include as many greyhounds as you like. i.e. #1, #4 and #7, or #1, #3, #4 and #7 etc. Using our standard finishing order of #1, #7 and #4, you would be successful with both of these Boxed Trifectas as you had each of these respective greyhounds to run first, second and third.

A Multiple Trifecta allows you to take as many runners as you like for each placing. You may choose something like:

1st – #1, #3

2nd – #1, #3, #4, #7

3rd – #1, #3, #4, #5, #7, #8

As long as your runners finish in their respective position, you receive a Trifecta pidend.


You are trying to select the first, second, third and fourth greyhounds past the post in correct order.

A Straight First Four is not common due to the challenge of successfully landing one by correctly identifying a single runner for each position. i.e. 1/7/4/8. A Boxed First Four is more common and it is the same as a Boxed Trifecta, except you will select four or more greyhounds. You may select #1, #3, #4, #7 and #8. As long as your numbers fill the first four placings in any order, your Boxed First Four will be successful. Just like the Multiple Trifecta, you can place a Multiple First Four by choosing any number of greyhounds for first, second, third and fourth respectively.


A Quaddie, or Quadrella as it is known, is available on greyhound racing. Four races from a meeting will be designated as the Quaddie and they will be in sequential order. i.e. Races 5, 6, 7 and 8.

In order to successfully land a Quaddie, you must select the winner of all four races (or legs as they are known for Quaddie purposes). You can select more than one runner in each leg.


A multibet, multi or all-up, is a bet type where you select two or more separate bets and combine them into a multi. Each of these bets is known as a leg and can range from two legs up to 25.

In order to be successful, you must successfully land all legs of a multi. If you place a bet on a three-leg multi and all three are successful then you will receive a significant pidend. If any of the legs fails, then unfortunately, the multi has been unsuccessful. i.e. two out of three legs being successful is a losing multi. For greyhound racing, you can select greyhounds from the same meeting, or different meetings, to be included into your multi and they can be win, place or each-way bets included in the multi.

Greyhound Racing Live Streaming: How To Watch Races Live

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