FREE AFLW TIPS, BETTING & PREDICTIONS writers provide you with free AFLW betting tips and predictions throughout the footy season. Our AFLW best bets will range from Round 1 through to the AFLW Grand Final.


AFLW was founded in 2017 and it continues to expand each season. With the emergence of AFLW comes more betting opportunities for punters.

Bookmakers such as BetEasy, Sportsbet and Ladbrokes offer betting markets on all AFLW matches ranging from the home and away season through to the finals’ series.

Look at our rankings of the best bookmakers for betting on AFLW here.


AFL Women’s (AFLW) is Australia’s national Australian rules football league for female players. It was founded in 2017 and as of the 2020 season, boasts 14 teams.

Despite being diminutive in size compared to AFL, the AFLW competition continues to expand and along with it, the betting associated on AFLW games has also increased.

Punters can analyse the AFLW teams in order to work out which team they will bet on. There are also futures markets on AFLW including AFLW Premiership Winner, who will make the grand final etc.

In addition to betting on the winner of the match, bookmakers offer line betting (handicaps) in an attempt to even up the match based on the odds differential between the two teams.


There are many ways to bet on AFLW matches and here are the most popular bet types for women’s footy.

HEAD-TO-HEAD: The easiest form of betting for any sport is the head to head selection. Select who you think will win the game and if they are victorious your bet will be a winner.

LINE BETTING and HANDICAP BETTING: Line betting is where a bookmaker sets handicaps for each team based on the odds differential between the two sides. For example, if the bookmaker believes Team A is 20.5 points better than Team B, they will set Team A at -20.5 and Team B at +20.5 points. In order for Team A to cover the line, they must win by 21 or more points, while Team B can afford to lose by 20 points or less; Team B winning would also be a victory to Team B at the line.

WINNING MARGINS: Margin betting is when the bookmaker breaks up the number of possible results by grouping them into margins. A common one in football is the tri-bet option of 15.5 points. There will be three options. Team A to win by over 15.5 points (16 or more), Team B to win by over 15.5 or either team by less than 15.5.

TOTAL POINTS: Betting on the total match points is extremely popular. Bookmakers will set a total which is the combined points between the two teams. For example, the total points may be set at 70.5 points. The two options will be Over 70.5 and Under 70.5.