Same Game Multi

Whether you’re looking to place a Same Game Multi on AFL, NRL, Soccer, Cricket, NBA or NFL, we’ve got you covered with the ins and outs of Same Game Multi betting. Read on to find out more…


What is a Same Game Multi?

Essentially, a Same Game Multi bet is a single bet that includes multiple outcomes within the same game for a particular sport.

For example, in an AFL Same Game Multi, you could bet on a team to win, the first goal scorer, Any Time Goal Scorers, players to kick 2+ Goals or 3+ Goals, players to get 15+, 20+, 25+ or 30+ Disposals, and Total Score markets, all within the same match. There are literally hundreds of markets to choose from.

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Best Bookmakers for Same Game Multis

More and more bookmakers are integrating Same Game Multi betting into their platforms but some simply have far better odds and features than others.

Sportsbet Same Game Multis have become hugely popular, and they have introduced some great technology into their betting platform, but in our in-depth assessment of the big bookmakers, Sportsbet’s SGM odds rated consistently lower, and their individual player markets are restricted to very close player averages. For example, looking at the 20+ Disposal markets in the Western Bulldogs vs Hawthorn game, Ladbrokes include the option to have Tom Mitchell, Bailey Dale and Adam Treloar, while Sportsbet only offers those players in the 25+ Disposals and above.

Ladbrokes are essentially taking the punter on, while Sportsbet is playing it safe and keeping the market in their favour leaving little room for error by the punter. Likewise, bet365 also has the high disposal getters in lower disposal markets, and they even go down to 15+ Disposals with some players.

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In assessing the best Same Game Multi betting sites, Ladbrokes and bet365 came out on top when taking into consideration: Odds, Stats & Info, Promotions, Individual Markets and how timely those markets go live.

Ladbrokes Australia has really taken Same Game Multi betting to a new level with their Info Hub giving punters access to all the relevant game and player stats to help them make an informed decision. You can see an Overview of the match, betting Fluctuations, Head-to-Head stats, Team Stats and much more.

Ladbrokes same game multi infohub


Global betting brand bet365 may lack the game and player information that Ladbrokes does, but their market options are far superior to rival bookies – especially in AFL. Most bookmakers start AFL disposal markets at 15+ while bet365 gives punters the option to include players for 10+ disposals, and in any given match, 80 to 85% of players will get 10+ disposals. bet365 is also generally the first bookmaker to go live with Same Game Multis on any given event, and that swings things in favour of those punters that do their research early and take advantage of inflated prices before the market reacts.


Top 10 bookmakers to place a Same Game Multi with



Which bookmaker is best for my sport of choice?


It’s really hard to split bet365 and Ladbrokes as both have unique features that set them apart. As mentioned earlier, the 10+ Disposal markets at bet365 get a big tick, and they also include high possession getters in lower disposal markets. For example, Melbourne Demons player Clayton Oliver will only feature in 25+ Disposal markets and above with most bookmakers, but bet365 will have 15+ and 20+ Disposal markets for such players – the odds will be much lower but at least punters are given the option to place a safer bet.

Ladbrokes’ InfoHub is such a great tool, and having stats information at your fingertips when placing a bet is a big advantage. The odds for line bets at Ladbrokes are also higher on average so you can generally get the best value in your Same Game Multis. Ladbrokes also has some unique markets with 80+ and 90+ Fantasy Points being an option in your AFL same game multi.



bet365 is one of the best bookmakers to use when placing a bet on the NRL, with their exclusive markets setting them apart from the rest. Some of those markets include 3-way betting for the match, first half and 10 minute marks of play.

However, if you are a punter of any experience level looking for try scorer markets or use them in your same game multi, then Ladbrokes is the bookmaker for you. They have at least 23 markets available for try scorers, which includes player vs player try scorer, even player jersey number try scorers. In fact, the odds for anytime try scorers are also better than any other bookmaker, which makes them an extremely popular option in an NRL Same Game Multi.



Unibet and bet365 are the ultimate bookies to bet with if you’re interested in soccer Same Game Multis. Both bookmakers have more than 1000 markets to choose from on any given day, which includes e-sports, friendlies and men’s and women’s matches.

Unibet gets our top verdict as they have one of two more Same Game Multi markets than bet365, and Unibet covers soccer in more than 50 countries in an easy to find country by country layout. In Australia, even when there are no A-League games, you can still bet on a stack of state league games, and it’s the same for most other countries too.

Unibet Soccer Markets:

Unibet soccer markets



bet365 is by far the best bookmaker to use if you are wishing to place a bet on the cricket. bet365 covers every cricket match you can think of, from Test Cricket to matches between Isle of Man and Turkey. They have over 100 markets for the major tournaments and national matches, and you can even bet in-play over the phone, whilst watching the match!

Even when it isn’t summer in Australia, you will always be able to punt on the cricket that is being played anywhere in the world. The most common markets are individual player markets, they can include the number of runs scored or the number of wickets taken by the bowler. It’s difficult to look past the self acclaimed “the world’s favourite online sports betting company”.



TAB is the official wagering partner of NBA in Australia, and as well as streaming all NBA matches, they boast the best odds and specials for the sport. They have countless markets for every match across the whole of the NBA season. The most common markets to include in a NBA same game multi includes player points, rebounds and assists markets.

Not only is TAB the best of options to create an NBA Same Game Multi with, they also cover a large number of future markets. These include; the MVP, Defensive Player of the Year & Rookie of the year. The NBA is not the only basketball league you can place a bet on with TAB.



If you are looking for a bookmaker to bet on the NFL with, then look no further than TAB. They boast hundreds of markets for each match with great fixed odds that give you the chance to win big! Not only do they have markets for individual games, but they also have odds for future markets that include the winners and championship winners from each region.

TAB also has some of the best NFL experts in the business, who preview every match. Here at Bettingpro, our NFL expert also offers some of the best tips, so don’t forget to check here regularly before you place a bet on the NFL. They have many betting markets to choose from, ranging from the most popular markets to individual player markets that can be used in your NFL same game multi.


How to Place a Same Game Multi Bet?

Once you’ve found the right bookmaker for your Same Game Multi (above we highlight the best bookmakers for each sport), simply navigate to the match you want to bet on and select ‘Same Game Multi’ from the heading.

Next, select all the individual markets you would like to include, watch your odds grow, and then add the Same Game Multi to your bet slip. Enter your stake and press bet and then confirm, and your Same Game Multi has been placed.

Check out the video below:







Same Game Multi Tips has you covered for Same Game Multi tips on your favourite sports. With a strong focus on AFL and NRL, the tipsters at provide their best SGM for every game on the head-to-head previews as well as shooting for the stars with multiple big odds multis each round. You can also find Same Game Multis for NBA, NFL, Soccer and Cricket throughout the year.


AFL Same Game Multi Tips

You’ve come to the perfect site if you’re seeking AFL same game multi tips. We have AFL specialists that know the ins and outs of each club and are happy to share their knowledge with you. With our AFL same game multi tips, you may choose numerous winners in the same game, increasing your chances of winning big. So, whether you’re a seasoned AFL punter or a novice, make sure to check out our AFL same game multi tips. You will not be let down. Our AFL expert also builds the perfect small and large AFL Grand Final same game multi for you to choose from based on your preference.


NRL Same Game Multi Tips

NRL followers adore NRL same game multi tips! NRL same game multi’s is a new technique to gamble on NRL games that is sweeping the NRL dome. It enables you to select from a variety of markets on the same NRL match, and then combine them into a single wager. There are several NRL same game multi markets to pick from, such as Head-to-Head, first try scorer, most points scored in a half, player markets, and many others. NRL same game multi’s is a terrific way to spice up your NRL betting, and there’s no better place to get them than here at Bettingpro. We have the most recent NRL same game multi tip markets for every match of the NRL season. Our expert advice can help you profit from your NRL betting. So, what are you holding out for? Begin making the most out of our NRL Same Game Multi Tips today! Not only that, but did we mention we also have State of Origin same game multi tips for every State of Origin match.


NBA Same Game Multi Tips

NBA same game multi betting predictions has grown in popularity in recent years. It’s easy to understand why. If you know what you’re doing, you can combine different markets on the same NBA game with these bets, which may result in some extremely appealing odds. But it might be difficult to know when to start, when there are so many distinct markets to pick from. Focusing on the points markets is one of the top NBA same game multi betting tips. NBA games are frequently high-scoring affairs, and there are generally a variety of points markets to pick from.

Of course, no article on NBA same game multi betting tips would be complete without highlighting the significance of bankroll management. It’s all too simple to get carried away and wager more than you can afford to lose when there are so many options of markets to pick from. As a result, be careful to establish and adhere to a budget. You’ll have a lot greater odds of winning money and enjoying yourself in the process. To ensure you get the best NBA same game multi tips & predictions, visit our NBA same game multi page!


NFL Same Game Multi Tips

NFL same game multi tips are available online here at Bettingpro, thanks to our NFL experts! When seeking advice, it is critical to assess and ensure that the advice is coming from a trustworthy and recognised source, which means you have come to the perfect place. We have NFL same game multis from matches across the season, with statistics to back each leg.


Cricket Same Game Multi Tips

Same game multi betting is a relatively new kind of betting on cricket, and it’s becoming more and more popular every day. Basically, same game multi betting enables you to combine different markets at once for your chosen game. For example, you might bet on the result of the game, the best bowler, the best batsmen, and even if a century will be scored during the match. Any match can be made more exciting by placing multiple selections on the same match. Here at Bettingpro we have same game multi tips across different forms of cricket, that include the Big Bash and international matches.


Same Game Multi Rules

  • For a same game multi, markets must be selected from the same match
  • All legs must win to be paid out
  • If one leg becomes void, your stake is refunded in most cases


Same Game Multi FAQ

What is the difference between a Multi Bet & Same Game Multi?

Multi Betting allows you to place multiple bets using a combination of legs between various Sports, Competitions & matches – including Racing in a Same Race Multi.

Same Game Multi allows you to place a Multi Bet within the same match or event, on selected Sports and competitions.


Why are my odds different in a Same Game Multi bet than a standard Multi bet?

Same Game Multi bets are calculated slightly different to standard Multi Bets to take into account the correlation of each leg.


What happens if one of my legs is voided in my Multi bet or Same Game Multi bet?

Multi bet: If one or more of your legs are voided in your Multi bet, that leg will be voided and odds re-calculated on the remaining legs.

Same Game Multi bet: If one or more of your legs are voided in your Same Game Multi, your bet will be cancelled, and the stake refunded.


What happens if one of my selections gets injured/ejected early in the game in my Multi bet or Same Game Multi bet?

Multi bet: If the player was selected to play and was injured/ejected during the game, bet/leg stands.

Same Game Multi bet: If the player was selected to play and was injured/ejected during the game, bet/leg stands.


How is a same game multi calculated?

The odds are calculated by the legs being multiplied together to form one overall odd. However, if your legs negatively impact another leg, the price could rise.


Can I use Bonus Bets or Cash Out a Same Game Multi?

Yes, you can use Bonus Bets on a Same Game Multi, however you won’t be able to use Cash Out unless it’s an AFL Same Game Multi!


Can I combine Multi bets into a Same Game Multi bet?

No. A Same Game Multi is a multi that consists of legs from the same match.


Which Sports can I place a same game multi on?

You can place a Same Game Multi on a large number of sports with the majority of bookies, including AFL, NRL, NBA, Soccer, NBL, Tennis and more.


What happens if a player I select doesn’t play?

If you’ve selected a player that is no longer starting the match/game, your bet will be voided.