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Cookie Policy

We use cookies

We use cookies to offer you a full range of functions when you visit our website, recognise your preferences and make the use of our website more comfortable and convenient.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small file or piece of information saved on your computer or device when you visit the website. We can also use similar technologies (e.g. pixel tags). Such technologies enable us to remember your actions and preferences (such as login, language, amount of time you interact with us, etc) over a period of time.

Your options

You can generally view our website without cookies but certain parts of the website may not work properly or navigation may be slower.

If you do not want cookies to be stored on your computer or device, you can deactivate the relevant option in your browser’s system settings. You can also delete stored cookies by visiting your browser’s system settings at any time.

More information on how to deactivate or delete cookies can be found here: However, please bear in mind that if you do not accept any cookies, this may restrict the functionality of our offerings.

Types of cookies

Cookie type Purpose Maximum lifespan
Required cookies These cookies are required to enable core functionalities of the website. Without these, the services you have asked for cannot be provided. If you disable these cookies, certain parts of the website will not function for you. Up to 24 months
Analytics cookies These cookies help us to improve or optimise the experience that we provide. They allow us to measure how visitors interact with the website and improve the user experience and website performance

They are used to collect technical information, such as the last time you visited the website, the number of pages visited, the parts of our website clicked on and the length of time between clicks. Please see the ‘Information on third parties and our most commons cookies’ section below for more information on where these cookies are placed by third parties.

Up to 24 months
Advertising cookies: We use these cookies to collect information on your browsing habits, in order to make advertising more relevant to you and your interests. They are also used to limit the number of times that you see an advert, as well as to help to measure the efficacy of an advertising campaign.  We may share this information with other parties who help to manage online advertising – see the ‘Information on third parties and our most commons cookies’ section below for more details. Up to 13 months
Social media cookies These cookies are used when you share information using a social media sharing button or ‘like’ button on our website, or when you engage with our content on or through a social site like Facebook or Twitter. These cookies collect information on your social media interaction with the website, such as whether or not you have an account with the social media site and whether you are logged into it when you interact with content on the website. This information may be linked to targeting/advertising activities. Please see the ‘Information on third parties and our most commons cookies’ section below for more details. Up to 24 months

Information on third parties and our most common cookies:

Name of cookie Cookie provider Purpose More info
Voluum Voluum This cookie was placed by Voluum.  The aim is to learn about the steps leading to a conversion goal from our best converting audiences. This allows us to deliver targeted campaigns in accordance with the audience’s activity.
AdForm AdForm This cookie was placed by AdForm. It enables our website to measure, optimise and build audiences for advertising campaigns on open auction using AdForm.
DCM Google This cookie was placed by Google. It enables our website to track visits and conversion data, whilst also collecting audience lists from our domains. DCM is an ad serving tool and we place our advertising ads in this tool to reach our target audience.
Facebook Pixel Facebook This cookie was placed by Facebook. It enables our website to measure, optimise and build audiences for advertising campaigns served on Facebook.
One Signal One Signal This cookie was placed by One Signal. It enables our website to remember that you subscribed to receive push notifications. It also helps us to deliver personalised notifications.
VWO VWO This cookie was placed by VWO. VWO places cookies in an end user’s and customer’s browser in order to identify the user. Cookies do not contain any of your personal data. They may also collect and store information locally on your device, using mechanisms such as browser web storage.
Hotjar Hotjar This cookie was placed by Hotjar. It collects non-personal information, with the overall aim of providing you with a better website experience, diagnosing technical problems and analysing trends.
AdWords Google AdWords is used to enable Google PPC (pay per click) campaigns.
Google Analytics Google Google Analytics uses cookies to identify the frequency of use of certain areas of our website and to identify preferences. You can deactivate Google Analytics using a browser add-on if you do not want the website analysis to take place. You can download the add-on here:
Unbounce Unbounce Marketing Solutions Inc. Unbounce is a tool that enables us to improve our home pages. Unbounce cookies are used to collect non-personal data, to enable us to improve home pages and the user experience overall.


We may display advertisements from third parties and other content that links to third-party websites. If you click on a third-party advertisement or link, please be aware that you are leaving our site and that any data you provide will be processed in accordance with said third party’s respective privacy and cookie policies, which we advise you to consult beforehand.

More details

If you would like to contact us or find out more about how we process your personal data, please consult our Privacy Policy.

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