Horse Racing Betting Sites in Australia

As horse racing is such a popular sport in Australia, it’s little surprise that there is a booming horse racing betting industry. While significant races like the Melbourne Cup may attract once-a-year punters, there are a lot of bettors who utilise the best online betting sites in Australia for horse racing a little more frequently.

Australian horse racing betting sites

Australia’s best horse racing betting sites pull together cards from the thriving domestic scene and international meetings, including meetings from the UK & Ireland, France and Japan.

To help punters get a good picture, our betting experts rank and rate some of the best horse racing betting sites available, examining elements like odds, customer support, features and betting apps.


Top 5 Horse Racing Betting Sites in Australia

  1. Ladbrokes
  2. TAB
  3. Sportsbet
  4. Palmerbet
  5. Boombet


Horse Racing Bet Types on Online Betting Sites

Horse racing betting comes in different shapes and sizes. It’s worth taking some time to understand some of the leading horse racing bet types. Here are some of the most popular types of racing bets to consider.


  • Win – A straightforward selection on which horse on the card will cross the line first.
  • Place – A horse racing betting selection on a horse to finish within the top two or three of a race, depending on the number of runners.
  • Each-Way Bet – Two bets rolled into one, combining Win & Place bets, and it requires two units of stake, one for each.
  • Exacta – Picking the two top finishers in the correct finishing order.
  • Quinella – Picking the first two in a race in any order.
  • Trifecta – A racing bet that makes a call of the first three finishers in the exact orders
  • First 4Naming the first four finishers in order in a race
  • Daily Double Picking the winning selections of two consecutive races nominated at a meeting by a bookie
  • Quadrella – also known as a Quaddie, is selecting the winner of four races at the same meeting.
  • Multi-horse racing picks can be put into a multi-bet, with various selections forming a leg of one big bet. A multi can also be cross-sports.


Tips at Horse Racing Betting Sites 

Horse racing betting tips can help punters out a great deal, even if they are not specifically used. Information is the key here, and horse racing betting tips can help provide punters with a bigger picture of a market that is being looked at.

Like the ones provided by our horse racing betting experts, reading horse racing tips can do one of two things. It can support what a punter is already thinking about a wager or shed some new light on a potential alternative.

Maybe in a racing tip, some critical piece of news or form that was missed will be put into the spotlight. Once the sign-up has been done at one of Australia’s best horse racing betting sites, it’s well worth taking the time to size up some horse racing tips.


Horse Racing Betting Strategy

There is not one universal horse racing betting strategy that fits every punter’s horse racing betting scenario every time. For example, one punter will have completely different ideas about a race from another. Reading insights from a racecard can lead to different results depending on what pieces of racing form are looked at.

But there are some key pointers to follow for putting together a horse racing betting strategy.


Look beyond the favourite

Just blindly picking the favourite in every race is not a great strategy. However, like any sport, racing is unpredictable, and the skill of looking at horse racing betting is finding value in the market.


Reading the track

The racetrack conditions for a day’s racing are a massively important factor for betting. Some horses prefer a deeper cut in the ground, while others thrive more on firmer ground. The same horse can also have different performance levels between turf and all-weather surfaces.


Trainers & Jockey

Another critical component for reading form for a horse racing betting strategy is understanding trainer and jockey influences. Some punters follow specific trainers or jockeys, and when there is a jockey paired up with a horse from a leading yard, that can be notable.

Should a progressive novice selection suddenly have a leading jockey booked for a race, that’s another thing to watch for. Likewise, a trainer who has a good track record in a particular race or track may be worth a close look.

A lot of data can be easily found online for piecing together a horse racing betting strategy, and trainer and jockey form is enormous.



Then there are the horses themselves, of course! Are they currently in form and have put in confident runs lately? Is it their first run of a new season, and have they previously performed well after a break? Is a horse dropping in grade to take on a more manageable level of opposition? Is a horse in red-hot form going up in quality carrying extra weight? There are many, many factors to consider for horse racing betting strategy.

One of the key things to do is pick a few of the essential elements of horse racing to focus on first and then build from there. Understand the terminology of horse racing as well, and the more knowledge you can take on, the more your research is likely to lead to stronger selections.


Odds at Horse Racing Betting Sites 

The goal of the punter is to pull the most value out of horse racing betting odds. It’s usually not just about picking a horse you want to win. Checking out a few of the different highly recommended best-betting sites in Australia gives a chance to compare the odds on a selection.

Horse racing odds are generally not going to vary between bookmakers for a horse in a race. Of course, some races with a large field of declared runners can see bigger odds variations on early board prices. But markets do tend to settle down in a familiar pattern quickly.

Horse racing betting odds aren’t usually posted until early in the same day, so there can be a bit of time pressure to find the best racing odds. But it is still worth taking a little bit of time to shop around for the best possible odds. Even small margins make a big difference. Backing a selection at 7.0 at one bookmaker instead of 6.5 at another is a fair gain.


How Do You Bet Online on Horse Racing?

It’s simple enough to get started with betting on horse racing. The first thing needed is an account at one of the best horse racing betting sites, and you can check out our list of recommended options to pick some out.

After registering an account, the next step is to fund the account with a deposit. Then, it is seeking out the selection you want to make in horse racing betting and deciding what type of bet to make, be it a Win, a Place or a Quinella.

Add the selection to the bet slip and enter the stake.


How We Rank Online Horse Racing Betting Sites Australia

It’s not just one element that we use to rate online horse racing betting sites in Australia. A visit to any of them will highlight how different facets combine to form a more extensive package. With that in mind, here are some of the components of a leading online betting site that we look at.


Online Horse Betting Odds

It’s important to stress the importance of odds in horse racing betting. We recommend sites that are consistently trading with competitive odds. Whether it is Fixed Odds or Tote pot results, we look at how online horse betting odds stack up between different sites. That’s to help punters pull towards the best returns.


Markets at Online Horse Betting Websites

Variety is always helpful when it comes to horse racing betting markets. That is in the form of what racecards are offered and what type of bets are offered. Looking at a horse racing betting site with many races from both domestic and international meetings will give punters plenty of excellent options.

Different bet types can be considered as well, and while all cards are going to have the primary Win and Place betting options, looking further beyond to Exotics on racecards may suit your style of betting. Some bookmakers also provide alternative horse racing betting markets like Favourite v Field.


Features Available at Online Horse Betting Sites 

Features at online horse racing betting sites also form part of the rating that we give a bookmaker. One of the biggest things about horse racing is what kind of form is integrated into the racecards. Having more to hand than just race details is a massive boon. Seeing a form guide for a racecard can help a lot, as does having racing previews.


Online Horse Betting Apps

It is not always convenient to get to a computer and jump in for horse racing betting. That’s where the convenience of horse racing betting apps is advantageous. It’s certainly a lot more convenient than heading to a brick and mortar location. With modern technology helping punters have betting to hand on the go, we rate horse racing betting apps by speed, functionality and aesthetics too.


Live Streaming at Online Horse Racing Betting Sites 

Not all bookmakers offer it, but having access to live streaming is a great feature to enhance the horse racing betting experience. For example, watching a race stream from Australia or New Zealand at an online betting site will usually require a bet on the race to be made first.


Online Horse Betting Websites Customer Support

Another of the most important areas is the degree of customer support available. Having access to support through live chat or telephone support when it is required is excellent peace of mind to have. Support features may never be used, but even touches like a Knowledge Base or a searchable FAQ section can help a great deal and is something that we give a bookie a good rating for.


New Horse Racing Betting Sites

Many of the major horse racing betting sites have been around for a long time. That plays a part in an operator having a trusted brand name. Some are more recognisable than others, but they are not the only ones that offer quality services.

New online betting sites do crop up, and they have to be competitive with odds and the features they have on their sites to compete with the established players. So to give a fair assessment of options, we also look at new bookmakers.


Horse Racing Live Stream in Australia

In Australia, horse racing betting is one of the most extensive online betting areas. It’s a massively competitive industry for bookmakers all vying for attention. That can be a good thing regarding the service offered to punters.

Beyond looking for the best competitive odds in horse racing betting, one of the most popular features is horse racing live streams.

Things may vary between the different regions – some bookmakers may only be licensed to show Victorian racing streams, for example – while others may cover Australian and New Zealand racing or even international meetings.


How to Bet Live on Horse Racing Sites?

Live betting on horse racing allows you the opportunity to place a bet while the race is underway.

It’s a feature that offers punters more opportunity to find value as the markets fluctuate more as the race progresses.

To bet live on horse racing, find a bookmaker that offers the feature and navigate to the race you are interested in.

Once they’ve jumped, the betting market on the race will go live and the horses odds will fluctuate depending on how the race unfolds.

To place a bet, simply add your selection to the betslip, add your stake, and confirm – it’s that simple. There may be a slight delay as your bet is processed but it will be confirmed once successfully placed.


Online Betting on Fantasy Horse Racing

Fantasy horse racing betting offers a game-based variation of horse racing betting. Some of the top recommended sites offer fantasy betting, but not too many. Fantasy horse racing is where punters play against each other instead of playing against a bookmaker.

A general scenario is buying into a tournament and making selections of horses for eight nominated races. Usually, tournaments are for Win options only, and if you land a winner, your Fantasy bankroll increases based on the actual track odds. After all the races, whichever player in the tournament has the highest bankroll takes the prize pot.

Another variation to look for in horse racing betting is Virtual Racing. This is a game of chance where punters can bet on the results of virtual horse races that are decided by a random number generator. Whether it’s fantasy horse racing betting or virtual racing betting, there are other angles.


Online Horse Racing Betting Sites Payment/Deposit Methods

A good range of deposit methods will be available at any horse racing betting site to get an account funded. It’s common to find at least five different payment methods at the leading sportsbooks.

Among the most common methods of payment are debit and credit cards. Some will accept e-wallets such as Skrill or pre-paid cards like Neteller. Bank transfer options are also popular ways of funding accounts. We only recommend horse racing betting sites that are secure and trusted platforms offering security like encryption.


Final Verdict on Horse Racing Betting Sites

To summarise our findings on Australia’s best horse racing betting sites, we can look at several key areas. The first of those is the important structure that we give to reviewing the sites because of the different elements that are examined.

It’s essential to consider odds, market variety, features and customer service between the top sites. However, when it comes to picking out a site for horse racing betting, it will be down to the individual’s preference.

The information is based on the findings we have come across while researching the different sites. So, to get started with any of them, click on a link from this page to get to the registration page and open an account.

Horse racing betting is deeply embedded in the Australian culture, and the sport remains extremely popular. Learning how to read the form and getting up to speed with terminology, betting trends and the different types of horse racing bets will enhance the overall experience.


Online Horse Racing Betting Sites FAQ

Read on for those questions you are just itching to answer about horse racing betting websites and betting on the Sport of Kings.


Which horse racing betting sites have the best odds?

Horse racing betting markets can fluctuate, and there will be variations in racecard odds between bookies. So it’s finding those that consistently have lower overages, giving better prices and value to punters. See our list of recommended bookmakers.

With consistently competitive odds, horse racing betting sites include bet365, Neds and Palmerbet.


What is the best horse betting app?

It is good to have access to a horse racing betting app because they are generally a little easier on data load than mobile websites. Horse racing betting apps like the ones available at Neds, BoomBet and PlayUp come highly rated. They are quick and easy to use and provide punters with convenient betting.


How do you use online horse betting sites?

There is nothing tricky about using online horse betting sites. After choosing which ones to register with, you browse through the racecards and make your selection. Then, enter a stake and confirm the bet on the slip.


Are there any new horse racing betting websites?

New horse racing betting websites come up now and again, and we keep up to date with them here. Among some newer ones are the rebranded BoomBet and WinnersBet.


Is betting on horse racing online legal in Australia?

Betting on horse racing is legal in Australia, and it is one of the most heavily backed sports in terms of betting volume. We only look at fully regulated and licenced bookmakers – a vital component of safe betting.


What’s the best horse betting site for the Melbourne Cup?

There is no more significant race on Australian soil than the Melbourne Cup. Some sites like bet365 post good early ante-post markets on the Melbourne Cup. As the markets shift closer to the day of the race, it’s worth watching a few different bookmakers for the best odds and race previews for Melbourne Cup betting.


What do SP, Tote, Top Fluc and Fixed odds mean?

Part of understanding horse racing bets is knowing some of its terminologies.

The SP is the Starting Price, the final price at which a horse goes off at, basically the point where the market closes.

Best Tote means the highest price of the three major Australian TABs, while Mid Tote is the second-highest price.

The Top Fluc is the best price from the TABs from the market opening to the close.

Fixed odds are a price set by the bookmaker on a horse racing selection, and the price that the bet is struck at is the one that the bet is settled at, even if the SP changes.


Where can I get horse racing betting tips?

It’s essential to look at horse racing betting tips, if only for guidance and market insights. Our team puts together racing tips to help punters and these are always worth examining.


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