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Cricket Betting Guide

The sky is the limit in cricket betting.

You can back a fairly straight-forward market such as the match winner, top batsman and top bowler for either side and the highest opening partnership. You can also back markets that require a bit more specialist knowledge (or luck), such as the first wicket method, or that there will be a six scored off the first ball of the innings.

Historically, cricket has been viewed as a game that is not for everyone, but the differing formats mean that there is a style of cricket for everyone. From the shortest format of the game in Twenty20 to a classic five day Test match, whether you want a quick fix of white ball smashing or you are after a side slowly building a huge score, we have got you covered.

Read on below for our cricket betting guide.

Cricket Betting Guide

What is Twenty20 Cricket?

Possibly the most exciting format of the game, Twenty20 cricket is fast becoming the biggest drawing factor in the game today. Twenty20 or T20 cricket sees two sides go head-to-head with both teams given 20 overs (120 balls) to bat and 20 overs to bowl. As there is so little time to play with, the game often descends into the batsmen trying to smash the bowlers to all corners of the ground in search of quick runs. This of course leaves them open to a big swing and a miss, with cartwheeling stumps, outrageous one-handed catches and incredible run-outs the norm. 

The biggest tournament in T20 cricket is the Indian Premier League (IPL) and it attracts the very best from all corners of the world. Indian teams are given the chance to buy players in an auction and create something of an all-star team to play in front of the throngs of adoring fans in India. Excitingly, this can bring together players that would not play together otherwise, with Virat Kohli of India, AB de Villiers of South Africa and Brendon McCullum of New Zealand all fine talents and previously playing alongside one another for Royal Challengers Bangalore. If you are looking for the most exciting and fast-paced competition in cricket, you need look no further than the IPL and T20 cricket. 

What is One Day International Cricket?

One Day International (ODI) cricket is longer than a T20 game but shorter than a Test match. An ODI match sees each side given 50 overs (300 balls) to bat and 50 overs to bowl and, because this format is 30 overs longer than a T20 match, it allows the batting side to take their time in the opening exchanges to see off the new ball before going after their opponents once they have settled. While an ODI is a longer format than a T20 game, they are still incredibly exciting, with modern players perfectly suited to making scores of 350+, something that would have been unheard of even a few years ago.

The biggest ODI tournament is the Cricket World Cup, which pits the best international teams in the world against one-another. Reigning champions England won the competition on their own turf following an incredibly exciting game that saw the home side and New Zealand forced into a super over for the chance to lift the trophy. In the end, England prevailed via their superior boundary hitting in the final after both teams once again finished with the same score, with this match not just the most exciting final, but the most exciting game of cricket ever played. Along with the aforementioned teams, the likes of Australia, Pakistan , Sri Lanka and others also contest the tournament, with fireworks aplenty as the world’s best players come together to battle it out for supremacy. 

What is Test Match Cricket?

The classic style of cricket and the longest format. If you have five days to kill and enjoy a narrative that is constantly evolving, then Test cricket is perfect for you. Matches are usually played over five days with two teams given two innings to bat, and two innings to bowl. An innings comprises of 10 wickets, with the batting side looking to pile on the runs, while the bowling team will try to skittle the opposition for as little as possible before the outfits switch. 

The biggest Test series in cricket sees England take on Australia in the Ashes. This is a hotly contested, often bad tempered, and always passionate affair in which two of the world’s best Test teams lock horns over the course of five Tests. The two teams alternate in touring the other, with matches in England often providing very tight affairs, while England’s tours of Australia usually end in the hosts hammering the tourists. Regardless of the score, the fans and players always create a supremely entertaining series, with the Ashes one of the highlights of the sporting calendar. 

Can I Bet In-Play on Cricket?

Sports like football and golf see the odds change constantly, and cricket is another sport where the odds seem to be never standing still. Australia could start the day as odds-on to win the first T20 against England, but within the space of six balls, three wickets could fall, seeing Australia’s odds drift massively, with England’s odds slashed.

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Indeed, this means that there is always money to be made betting on a match winner, with a massive underdog able to become the favourite in a matter of an over. The exploits of the likes of Andrew Flintoff and Kevin Pietersen in the Ashes or backing the underdog Pakistan to somehow battle through and win the ICC Champions Trophy in recent years has seen the punters given the chance to win big.

If you aren’t a fan of waiting five days to see if your bet comes in, you can utilise markets that have become possible due to online bookmakers. Backing how the next wicket will fall, exactly what will happen with the first ball of the day, or how the first boundary will be scored gives punters the ability to back that gut feeling that has served them well to this point. 

However, if waiting for a five day Test match to end isn’t long enough for you, then you can put money on who you think will win a tournament such as the IPL or Champions Trophy. Honestly, there are so many ways to bet, ranging from immediate outcomes to longer bets, meaning that everyone from the impatient to the incredibly relaxed has something they can back. 

You can also help yourself to money-back promotions that are offered by several bookmakers, such as stakes refunded on your Top Batsman selection if he is run out or, alternatively, if he is clean bowled.

And when you have placed your bet, you usually get the chance to watch the match via the bookmaker’s live streaming service.

Bettingpro offers an array of match previews and latest odds pieces ranging from games in the IPL and Ashes, to the odds on Australia’s next permanent captain along with free bets, money-back and promotions. If you love to bet on cricket, we have got you covered. 

Betting on cricket in general has never been easier with the massive array of market that are available to potentially make a profit on. 

Bettingpro offers cricket betting tips for all manner of games from Twenty20 matches to Test Matches and, of course, the World Cup, and the following markets are prominent in our previews:

Match Winner

This is the most straightforward market in the game and is simply a case of picking one of the two teams and backing them to win, or for the game to end in a draw. The best way to make a decent profit in this market is to back a side in a game that the bookmakers perceive to be a very close call. For example, if Sunrisers Hyderabad and Mumbai Indias both sit in the top portion of the IPL table and play one another, then the odds of either of them winning will be more appealing than if Sunrisers Hyderabad played bottom of the table Delhi Daredevils. In a Test match though you may see the odds-on favourite before the match starts bowled out for just 150 meaning the odds are flipped, while England may sit at 300/2 at the end of the day meaning they will be strong favourites due to their powerful start.

Top Team Batsman & Top Team Bowler

In this market, you can back the batsman you feel will top score for their team. For example, if India play Bangladesh, you can back Virat Kohli of India to top score for his team. Similarly, you can also back a bowler of a certain team to take the most wickets in a match. There is also a market which allows you to back the ‘Top Batsman’ and ‘Top Bowler’. This market is far more risky but can provide a far greater return. If you think that Steve Smith will outscore every other player on the pitch then you can back him to do so at what will likely be far better odds than simply backing him to outscore his 10 other teammates.

Highest Opening Partnership 

This market allows you to back which opening partnership you feel will score the most runs in the game. If Kings XI Punjab are playing Kolkata Knight Riders, and both Chris Gayle and KL Rahul have been in awesome form lately for Punjab, you can back them to outscore the opposition’s openers on the day.

Highest First 6 Overs

In this market you will try to predict which side will score the most runs in the first 6 overs (30 balls) of the game, with this market primarily used in the shorted formats such as T20 and ODI cricket. If you think that a team like New Zealand will score quickly early on with Martin Guptill at the crease, then you can back them to outscore their opponents, who may have all of their power hitters coming in later in the innings.

Highest First 15 Overs

This market is one that can often be very difficult to call due to the nature of the game. The first 15 overs consists of 90 balls, and this market lets you bet on which team will score the most runs in that time. However, backing South Africa to out-score Pakistan in the first 15 overs may be a good idea on paper, but if the Proteas lose three wickets inside the first five overs, they will then have to look to consolidate their position and re-build, which could see just 50 runs scored in that time rather than the 120 runs they managed in their last outing.

First Ball

This market is one with a lot of different options, as you are betting on the outcome of the first ball. Therefore, any of a dot ball, a single, four runs, a boundary, two runs, a wide, a bye or leg by, no ball, wicket, six or three runs can be bet on, with the odds of a six or three runs usually providing the longest odds.

Man Of The Match

The Man of the Match market gives punters the chance to put money on the player they think will be deemed the best player of the day. This can be solely due to batting or bowling, or an amalgamation of the two along with a solid performance in the field. Much like the Top Batsman market, this market is one in which any of the players taking part in the game can be bet on, meaning there is usually good value on backing pretty much any player.

First Wicket Method

You can also back how the first wicket will fall in a game. The options include, caught, bowled, LBW, run out, caught and bowled, stumped and others. This market is best used when you have a good knowledge of the pitch and bowlers. For example, if it is overcast and the pitch is doing something, then a bowler that can swing the ball back into the batsman’s pads may get more joy on the wicket, meaning caught or LBW is the most likely way the first wicket will fall. Similarly, if the two batsman in the middle have poor communication and have not played together often, a crazy run may be taken thus meaning a run out may be likely 

Total 6s 

This is a market I would say is best utilised in the limited overs format of cricket. You simply bet on how may 6’s will be scored in the game. You will usually be given an option such as ‘under 7.5’ or ‘over 7.5’ so, simply put, you bet on whether you think there will be more or less that 7.5 6’s in the match. While it may seem like a no-brainer that a certain T20 game for England will see a glut of 6’s with Jason Roy, Jonny Bairstow, Eoin Morgan, Jos Buttler and Ben Stokes in the side, but quick and early wickets can often curtail this, meaning boundaries are at a premium. It is often a good idea to look at the wicket itself before the toss along with the record at the ground, with a pitch that often sees on average around 130 scored in a T20 far less likely to help the batsmen hit 6’s in comparison to one that sees scores of 200 runs and above scored regularly.

To Win the Toss

This isn’t really one that you can study the form book for, although some people are superstitious when it comes to certain captains trying to call the coin toss. As the market itself alludes to, this is as simple as calling which team will win the toss on the day.

Gambling Awareness

We are committed to responsible gambling and have a number of ways to help you stay in control and keep gambling fun. You must be 18 years old or over to gamble on this site. Please bet responsibly.


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