Cricket Betting Sites in Australia

There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy cricket betting with wide-ranging top domestic cricket competitions from the Big Bash to the Sheffield Shield and significant international events like the World Cup and the Ashes.

Helping you understand the nuances of cricket and its betting markets is the aim of this guide, as we look at some of the best cricket betting sites in Australia at which to wager!

Australian cricketer David Warner batting
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Top 5 Cricket Betting Sites in Australia

1) bet365

2) Unibet

3) Ladbrokes

4) Neds

5) TAB


Popular Markets on Cricket Betting Sites 

Cricket betting can certainly be varied. There’s a lot more to explore beyond picking the match-winner. Cricket has many aspects, from individual batsman efforts to Total Runs and even down to cricket prop bets like the toss winner.

The following is a list of popular markets which can be explored to piece together a cricket betting strategy.


Win The Match

The most basic and popular cricket betting market is simply nominating a team to win a particular fixture. Odds will vary from bookmaker to bookmaker for a match. Not much, but small margins mean a lot in cricket betting.


Toss Winner

One of the popular props bets in cricket betting is the Toss Winner. This is just a 50/50 call on which team will win the toss, and the odds on either outcome are the same.


Double Chance

Throwing a couple of conditions together into one bet is the cricket betting Double Chance bet. The bet is an exciting selection which combines two of three possible outcomes.

An example could be ‘New South Wales Blues – Draw’, meaning that the bet would win if either result happened. Such a bet would be shorter odds than just backing ‘New South Wales Blues To Win”. The extra coverage comes with a sacrifice in lower odds.


Top Batsman

The Top Batsman market for cricket betting is one of the most exciting. There are different ways to bet on a Top Batsman selection for a cricket match, selecting a team’s top scorer, the top scorer for an innings, or the overall match top runs scorer.


To Score a Century

This simple cricket bet selection is whether a specific player will knock off a century in a match.


Highest Opening Partnership

An opening batsman has one of the most challenging batting positions, taking on the hard new ball from pace bowlers. But the opening partnership is usually crucial to how a cricket match plays out.

With this cricket betting option, selecting which team will have the highest scoring partnership in the match can be taken.


Top Wicket-Taker

On the opposite side of the Top Batsman cricket betting market, there is the Top Wicket Taker. Watching a side strive for a wicket in the match and seeing one fall delivers a big burst of excitement. Punters can select which player will finish the match with the highest wickets tally.


Team of Top Bowler

Sticking with the excitement of the bowling action in a match, there is the Team of Top Bowler market to consider. But, again, this boils down to a 50/50 chance.

It doesn’t nominate who specifically the top bowler is, but what team they play for. So backing the Sydney Sixers, for example, in this market, any bowlers that finish with the most wickets would see the wager win.

It is common to find the same format of wager for Batsman, making the call of which team the highest runs scorer will be representing.


First Wicket

Another shining example of the variety in cricket betting is the First Wicket market. This market asks for the correct prediction of how the first wicket in the match will be taken. For example, will it be an LBW, a catch, a stumping or a run-out?


Player of The Match Betting

There are 22 players involved in a cricket match, and punters can back which one will be named Player Of The Match. Bettors have to weigh up both batting and bowling options in this market.


Total Match Boundaries

Another of the more straightforward betting options to look at for cricket is the Total Match Boundaries. It’s a market with more appeal in limited-overs matches as big boundary hits are more common in the shorter formats. This market is a selection of which team tallies the most boundaries.


Multi Betting

Another approach to cricket betting is to pull together different options to form a multi bet. For example, add some selections to the bet slip at Australia’s best cricket betting sites to create a bigger bet with more than one leg.

Combining options such as picking the winner of three different cricket matches, or even putting a cricket match result alongside an AFL and an NRL pick, will create a bigger bet.

Multi bets are popular because punters create them to make a play at some big winnings. However, as multi bets carry longer cumulative odds from each selection, they are riskier as all selections in the bet have to win.


Tournament/Series Win

Taking a broader view of cricket bets, the popular option is to back the winner of a series or tournament winner. An example of this is the famous Australia v England Ashes Series.

For that, punters pick the winning team or expand on that and plump for a winning scoreline in the best-of-five series.

Picking the tournament winner, say making a selection on the Big Bash winners before the new season, is another approach.

These longer-term cricket betting options see punters test their powers of predictions.

Other major cricket tournaments to explore for this kind of wagering are the Big Bash, the IPL, the T20 Blast in England, the Sheffield Shield, ICC Cricket World Cup and the T20 World Cup.


Odds at Cricket Betting Websites

As with any sports betting, it is not just about picking the outcome you want. It’s about getting the best possible odds. The better the odds, the more returns in the profit column if the bet wins.

Cricket betting odds do vary from one online bookmaker to the next. Granted, these are not going to be dramatic variations. But even subtle ones make a difference. Looking around at different betting odds gives punters the chance to find the best odds available for a selection.

You may even get lucky and find a bookie that has underestimated the chances of your preferred selection, and you can snap up longer, more favourable odds. However, it is worth looking around as a punter, especially at early prices when there are generally wider margins on market selections.


Tips from Cricket Betting Sites

Cricket betting tips are out there to take a look over. Some of the best cricket betting sites mentioned provide insights and tips in their blogs. So register with a bookmaker first and then start to look at tips.

While tips don’t have to be followed, they are super helpful for gaining further insights into a betting market. Maybe it sheds some light on any confusion or introduces new info you may have missed. An excellent source of cricket betting tips can be found right here, provided by our betting experts.


Cricket Betting Strategy

There is no single cricket betting strategy that will suit all bettors. One of the best approaches to coming up with one is to study the sport and its markets yourself. That will allow you to personalise a cricket betting strategy.

Understanding statistics, reading news, checking head-to-heads, and reading the form of teams and individual players, allows a punter to put together their way of betting on cricket.

Our experts pick out a few cricket betting strategy factors to look out for:


Keep in Mind the Format

The different formats of the game produce vastly different scenarios. Some T20 experts with the bat who look to slog at the boundary with every ball may not thrive as well in the more patient Test match arena. For any cricket betting strategy, don’t ignore the format.


Research the Pitch & the Ground

Arguably even more important is the venue. Home advantage in cricket, particularly in international Test matches, is enormous. Players are used to their conditions and have pitches and wickets set up favourably.

Australia playing on home turf in the Ashes on quick flat pitches under clear skies will be more advantageous than playing under cloudy skies on slower, swinging pitches in England. Study the ground and results.

There are so many factors in the pitch, and cricket is relatively unique in this. For example, how much will spin come into play, and has a team selected the right players for the right conditions?


Check The Form/Head To Head

Historic head-to-head results can often be a good indicator, particularly under Test match settings, and it’s an important thing to look at for a cricket betting strategy.

The current team form is another element to put into the frame. For example, even if Australia have won their last three ODI against India at the MCC, are they as strong a bet as the head-to-head trend suggests if they are currently on a five-match losing streak in current form?


Check the News

One of the quickest and most basic forms of information gathering to put together a cricket betting strategy is to read the news. If Steve Smith and David Warner are both missing through injury at the top of the order, that’s a massive blow to Australia’s potential run tally. Has India given a debut to a new player? Is England risking Joe Root despite a back injury?


Check the Weather Forecast

The weather has a more significant impact on cricket than any other sport, affecting how a match could play out. So look ahead at forecasts to see if the match is likely to be completed or whether a visiting team will get favourable conditions overhead.


How to Make a Cricket Bet on Online Betting Sites

After researching form and stats, making a cricket bet online is the next big step. We recommend looking at any bookmakers that we mention on this site for betting in Australia. We only make mention of trusted, secure and reputable bookies that rate highly.

The first step is to register an account with one or more of them. You will enter your details and account information during the registration, like a site password. Then the very next step should be funding the account, and bookies offer various payment methods from digital wallets to cards and bank transfers.

The sportsbook itself is the next port of call on the site or the betting app. First, browse through to find the desired cricket match and then look at the market depth for various cricket betting options to weigh up.

Based on your stats research, it’s generally best to go in with a predetermined plan of the cricket bets you want to make. That’s a favourable way to make selections rather than just browsing and clicking random things that may have ‘gut-instinct’ appeal.


Best Cricket Betting Apps

The best cricket betting apps will make the process of wagering even more accessible and convenient for punters. An advantage of betting apps includes them being specifically designed for mobile platforms that can operate quickly and are data-friendly.

As part of our research to find the best cricket betting sites in Australia, we consider the strength and qualities of an operator’s betting app.

Having access to cricket betting markets while on the go can provide punters with even more wagering opportunities through live betting. Read our full bookmaker reviews to find the best cricket betting apps.


Cricket Live Streaming

One of the most popular bookmakers in Australia for live-streaming cricket is bet365 who cover all the leading matches and tournaments throughout the year.

Under Australian law, we are required to inform you that Live Streaming on bet365 is exempt from Parts 3 and 4 of the Broadcasting Services (Online Content Service Provider Rules) 2018.


Live Cricket Betting

Live cricket betting delivers new markets that can’t be found pre-match on events. As a cricket match progresses, markets will fluctuate depending on what’s happening on the pitch.

It may pay to wait for a few overs to see how an opening batsman is getting on at the crease before selecting them with in-play cricket betting to be the top run-scorer. Likewise, it could be waiting to see what score a team will be chasing in the second innings of a Big Bash fixture before making a call on the outcome.

A telephone call has to be made for live betting in Australia. So have that telephone number ready to roll before watching the markets and the match.


Cricket Match Types

Modern cricket comes in many shapes and sizes, with the most recent addition being the brand new format of The Hundred in England.

There are differences between the formats, of course, and our betting experts provide the lowdown on them:


Test Matches

Arguably still the pinnacle of the sport. Test match cricket is played across five days on the international scene and four days in domestic cricket. Patience is required in Test cricket as a team can make their innings last as long as possible or as long as they want. That’s because there are unlimited overs that they can bat through.

A team may choose to go into defensive mode to try and bat for a couple of days or try to hit out to chase a second-inning deficit. Playing for a draw is a strategy that captains sometimes have to aim for in Test match cricket, which is better than a loss on the record. That’s an essential factor for cricket betting on the match outright.


One-Day Games

ODI cricket is limited to 50 Overs per team, and while drawn matches can occur in ODI matches, they are rare.

A batting team’s innings will last until all of their players get out or at the end of the completed 50 overs. The ODI format gives a great strategic test to teams of balancing attack and defence during the innings.

When a fielding team has fielding restrictions placed upon them, Power Plays are a significant feature of white-ball cricket. ODI cricket is the format in which the Cricket World Cup is played.


Twenty20 (T20)

Twenty20 is the most thrilling form of cricket, with the innings of a batting team lasting a maximum of 20 Overs.

T20 cricket is a slogfest, with teams looking for all-important boundaries and bowlers looking to exploit the batsmen’s unusual attacking and less watchful approach.

Like ODI, there are Power Play restrictions. The biggest Twenty20 cricket tournament is the T20 World Cup. The most significant domestic leagues are the IPL in India and Australia’s Big Bash.


The Hundred

A new format of cricket was introduced into England in 2021, The Hundred. An innings lasts for 100 balls, and there is a change of bowling after 10 balls, whereas, in every other format, a change occurs after six legal deliveries. Bowlers can be used for five consecutive balls or ten. Other features like no-ball being worth two runs plus a free hit add to the excitement.


Australian Domestic Cricket Tournaments

Australia is a cricket-loving country, and there are a host of high-quality tournaments to be found on home soil and beyond. Here we take a look at the biggest and the best of them.


The Big Bash League

Australia’s Big Bash Twenty20 league was introduced in 2005, and it took on its current guise in 2011. It features eight teams and is one of Australia’s most popular domestic cricket betting formats.


The Sheffield Shield

The first-class Test match domestic scene in Australia is the Sheffield Shield which has six teams from around the country. It’s arguably the top domestic Test league globally and has been around since before the turn of the 20th century. Teams play each other twice home and twice away during the season. At the end of the season, the top two teams contest the Sheffield Shield final, a 5-day test.


International Cricket

The pinnacle of the sport is international cricket, which has grown to embrace emerging countries. There are 12 nations with Test status from the ICC, including Australia, England, South Africa and New Zealand. Tours between the Test nations happen throughout the calendar year for various honours.


The Ashes

There is no bigger Test series than the Ashes contested between Australia and England. After Australia won in England for the first time in 1882, the media dramatically signalled the victory as the death of English cricket, and the idea of the Ashes was born.

The tiny urn symbolic of those Test ashes is still played for in this high-profile 5-Test Series. A Women’s Ashes is also contested in a different format.


ICC Cricket World Cup

The ICC Cricket World Cup is the top One Day International Cricket tournament, held every four years, and the first World Cup was in 1975, won by the West Indies. Australia landed their first World Cup in 1935 and tallied up their fifth in 2015, while a Women’s Cricket World Cup also exists.


ICC Champions Trophy

The ICC Champions Trophy has come and gone, and it is set to be reintroduced in 2025, last having been played in 2017, with Pakistan lifting the title.

The tournament is similar to the World Cup, with a pool stage before a knockout phase. However, it is smaller than the World Cup, with just eight teams.


ICC T20 World Cup

The T20 World Cup is a real feast of top international cricket that the top ten ranked teams qualify for. After that, qualification processes fill out the other spots to participate in the 20-team ICC T20 World Cup cricket.

The inaugural edition was in 2007, and the T20 World Cup is played every two years. Australia landed its first-ever title in 2021, winning over New Zealand rivals in Dubai.


ICC World Test Championship

Not so much a tournament but a league. It is run on a two-year cycle, and teams earn points from their Test series performances against the other nations during the period. A Test match win, for example, rewards 12 points, a draw 6.

Not every team plays everyone else, but each has six series that count towards their tally, three home and three away. At the end of the cycle, the top two teams meet for one match in the Final.


How our Experts Rank Cricket Betting Sites

There are plenty of options available online for cricket betting. So how do we rate the best cricket betting sites? We study certain areas to evaluate how well an operator performs, including website design, app availability, and odds comparisons.


Here are some of the main criteria that we look at:


Depth of Cricket Betting Markets

This is one of the critical areas. We look for variety both pre-match and in-play across the variety of formats, as punters want to importantly know that they can find the selections that they want.



We study and count up the number of features that a bookmaker site offers, from cricket live streams, to cash out options, bet builders and more.


Live Streams

The leading bookmakers for cricket betting in Australia have some live sports streams. It’s an excellent feature to explore, especially when considering live betting.


Cricket Betting Bonuses

It’s always worth keeping an eye out for any bonus offers for any cricket betting market – we rate bookies by their offers.


Live Cricket Betting

Cricket is an excellent sport for live betting because of the natural breaks in a match, like between overs. As a result, live cricket betting is a huge feature, so we examine what bet variety and coverage bookmakers offer for live bets.


Customer Service & Payments

It’s also important that we recommend only the most secure and highly rated bookmakers. We want readers to bet safely with access to good customer support.


Why Cricket Betting is Popular in Australia

Is cricket popular in Australia? Is water wet? Australia is one of the most cricket-fanatic countries in the world. Look at the crowds packed in for the Big Bash and the incredible support that follows the national team worldwide.

Cricket is part of the sporting culture in the country, played and supported well at the grassroots. With favourable weather and not too much rain to worry about disrupting a season like in England, Australian cricket has an enormous appeal.

The natural playing conditions promote fast bowling that thrills audiences. New formats have attracted new fans, and betting on cricket has become more and more popular.


Best Online Cricket Betting Payment Methods

Punters are dealing with their real money when funding an online cricket betting account. So we look for trusted operators with secure payment platforms.

Our recommended cricket betting sites have options like cards, e-wallets, prepaid cards and bank transfers to fund accounts.


Final Verdict on Cricket Betting Sites

Safe, legal cricket betting can be done at any of the recommended sportsbooks on this page. We have hand-selected the best so that punters can find the best cricket betting odds, top features, extensive markets, and much more.

Just follow any of the links from this page to access and register at any of the leading bookmakers on this site to get started with cricket betting.


Cricket Betting Sites – FAQs

What is the best cricket betting site in Australia?

One of the best cricket betting site recommendations that we make is bet365. They are world-renowned and have deep markets and superb features.


Where can I find the best cricket betting odds?

Look for any of the recommended bookmakers on this page. Then, compare a few of them for your market options to get the best cricket betting odds.


Which app is the best for cricket betting?

One of the smoothest apps for cricket betting is Betstar, as it has a clean interface and is very user-friendly.


What is the most popular cricket competition?

Among the world’s most popular cricket competitions are the ICC Cricket World Cup, the T20 World Cup, the Big Bash, IPL and The Ashes.


What is 3 way betting in cricket?

3-way betting in cricket is simply predicting the result of a match. A home win, a draw, or an away win. Draws rarely apply outside of Test cricket.


What is the best betting strategy in cricket?

There is no best betting strategy as wagering is down to personal preference. So instead, study the sport and the markets and manage a bankroll.


Is cricket easy to bet on?

Cricket can be as straightforward or nuanced as a punter wants to make it. A match-winner pick is simple compared to building a complicated cricket bet multi.


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