NRL Betting Sites in Australia

One of the highlights of Australia’s professional sports scene is the NRL. Here we look at some of the best NRL betting sites for Aussies. The hard-hitting action provides plenty of NRL betting options before and during a season.

There is plenty to explore, from looking at long-term picks like who will be the Premiers to match outright winners to in-play options like first try scorer. Doing all of that at one of Australia’s best NRL betting sites will make the process a lot smoother.

Fortunately, Australian punters have plenty of options for betting sites to dig into some NRL betting.

Australian NRL betting sites
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Top 5 NRL Betting Sites in Australia

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T&Cs available on website. Chances are you’re about to lose. For free and confidential support call 1800 858 858 or visit

T&Cs available on website. Chances are you’re about to lose. For free and confidential support call 1800 858 858 or visit

T&Cs available on website. Chances are you’re about to lose. For free and confidential support call 1800 858 858 or visit

T&Cs available on website. Chances are you’re about to lose. For free and confidential support call 1800 858 858 or visit


NRL Betting Odds

As with any sports wagers, the NRL betting odds quotes on outcomes will vary between operators. That creates a scenario of bookies putting competing odds out there, which are not all the same.

So punters do have to look around to find the best NRL betting odds that they can find. After all, small margins of difference in quotes can significantly affect profit margins. Using an odds comparison tool can help to sort it all out.

Another way is to sign up with more than one sportsbook and manually check the prices of a market selection between them. At any of the best NRL betting sites in Australia, there is an option to view NRL odds in the format of your choice. That can be decimal, fractional or American.

With some of the most competitive NRL odds, ranking among the best for recommendations are bet365, Unibet and PlayUp. Any chance that a punter can spot to take the best possible odds should be snapped up.


NRL Betting Tips

What do NRL betting tips bring to the table, and where can you find them? They are out there in large numbers and can be snapped up freely. NRL betting tips are not things that are carved in stone that you have to roll with.

There is no way that every NRL tip will be accurate. But reading them can help in making some betting decisions for NRL wagers. Good NRL tips can provide information that may confirm what you are already thinking about a selection or offer a new statistic that you had missed, which makes you think twice.

Any snippets of news, stats, and tips that can be pulled together can positively influence the bets you are making. So after getting registered with one of the best NRL betting sites that we recommended, it’s worth fishing around for some tips.

Our betting experts provide quality NRL betting tips and insights for all the season’s big games.


NRL Betting Strategy

A plan and an NRL betting strategy will help you with some bankroll management and a targeted approach. Preparation is a great thing when it comes to NRL betting.

First, understanding the markets you are betting on is crucial. There are numerous markets, so keeping it simple to start with is vital. Then, of course, there’s nothing wrong with an excellent standard bet on a match-winner.

Get to know the teams, understand form and head-to-head and start slowly. The NRL is an ever-changing landscape across the course of the season. It’s not always a case of one NRL betting strategy fitting all scenarios. Variations must be accounted for as teams go in and out of form.

The best advice for an NRL betting strategy is to start small and create your attack plans. Build a foundation and keep checking out those previous results to help you narrow down where things may be going right or wrong. For further input, lean on the knowledge of well-respected experts, which are a valuable source of info.


Most Popular NRL Betting Markets

NRL markets can be as expansive as you want because they are simply about choice. Choice of NRL betting markets is not in short supply, fortunately. But what are the most popular NRL betting markets that punters trend towards?


NRL Handicap or Line Betting

More often than not, in NRL odds for a match-winner pick, there may not be the value around that is worth having a play at. So, for example, a 1.3 odds quote on the Cronulla Sharks to beat the Brisbane Broncos in the head-to-head market doesn’t make the most appeal.

So that’s where the NRL handicap betting takes over as one of the most popular markets. This is where the bookie levels the perceived playing field by setting a handicap line. The punter either backs the match favourite to cover the handicap line or the underdog to defend the line.

An example would be the Sharks -14.5 handicap at 2.0 odds, meaning that Cronulla would have to win by a 15-point margin for the bet to be successful. For a Broncos +14.5 handicap, they couldn’t lose by more than 14 points for the bet to be successful.

The handicap betting for NRL does add an exciting dimension to things. It offers punters the chance to study form and pick out the line that they want. That adds fascinating intrigue when you push for a team to cover a far larger handicap line than the bookie has set the 2.0 odds line.


Head to Head

In NRL betting, the head to head is simply the call on the match-winner. Because drawn matches are uncommon, this market is available without the draw included. So without that variable, the head-to-head sheds a very different light on the odds than the 1X2 market.


Winning Margin

Along the same lines as popular NRL handicap markets, there is the Winning Margin – a spread of points margins on a team, for example, the Cowboys to win by a 1-12 point margin.


Half Time/Full Time

The Half Time/Full-Time NRL betting market is a fascinating one. This is a double-condition bet where the leader at the halftime break and the match-winner are selected in one bet. They aren’t always the same thing.

Maybe it’s a Melbourne Storm/Penrith Panthers HT/FT option because the Panthers are the stronger of the two teams, but they concede many first-half points. Team A/Team A, Team A/Team B and Team B/Team B are among the options in this market.


First Try Scorer

Putting team ambitions aside for the moment, there is also the popular First Try scorer NRL betting market. All teams have their fleet-footed stars who finish regularly, and they are the ones who will be at the head of such a market in a match.

But this is a tough NRL betting market because there are 26 players on the pitch at the start of the game. One lucky break, one piece of magic, and they could get across the line first.



The Totals market in NRL betting is selecting an over/under line on the total number of points scored in a match. This can be a tally of the final score in a game, or it can be broken down to the Totals of an individual team. If two defensive-minded teams are going head-to-head, then a lower Totals line may be the way to swing.


Leading Points Scorer

The leading points scorer for the season is a popular angle to consider for NRL betting. This isn’t all about looking for the big try-scoring heroes of the game.

Instead, kickers who regularly knock over penalties and conversions rack up the points. In the 2021 NRL season, the top points-scorer was the Sea Eagles’ Reuben Garrick, but he was only the joint third-highest try scorer – his accuracy with the boot took him there.


NRL Doubles Betting

A way to make a play at some bigger NRL odds is through Doubles Betting. This is where the outcome of two matches are put together into one bet. Both of those selections have to win.

For example, the Wests Tigers could beat the Rabbitohs plus the Eels to beat the New Zealand Warriors. Both selections would have to win their respective matches for the bet to win, and NRL doubles bets can be created from any market.


NRL Multi Bets

Multi Bets take things on to a whole different level from the Double. This is where any number of selections are pulled together. That could be something like picking out the winners of four NRL matches. But, of course, the more legs put into the wager, the more risk is involved.


NRL Grand Final/Premiership Futures Betting

Popular futures markets can be sized up even before the season has started, such as the NRL Grand Final Winner, Regular Season Winner, Top 4 Finish, Top 8 Finish, and To Finish Bottom.


State Of Origin Betting

One of the season’s highlights is the big State Of Origin clash, a best-of-three series between two Australian states, New South Wales and Queensland. The State Of Origin is a massive honour for players to be picked for as there is a huge NRL rivalry with substantial bragging rights involved.

To take part, players have to meet selection criteria. The main ones are being born in either New South Wales or Queensland. If that’s not the case, residing in either state before the 13th birthday opens eligibility. Electing to play for Australia and not England or New Zealand is also a qualification requirement.

The State Of Origins series pulls in huge audiences and a lot of NRL betting interest. And of course, all the typical markets that exist for regular-season NRL matches are available on State of Origin matches, like Series Winner and Series Correct Score.


Dally M Medal Betting

The Dally M Medal in NRL betting is given to the ‘Player Of the Year’. This is a market that is studied before the start of a new season and during. The honour is named after former great Herbert Henry “Dally” Messenger.


Clive Churchill Medal Winner Betting

The Clive Churchill Medal winner market is another NRL market given to the Man of the Match in the Grand Final. The honour is named after Clive Churchill, a legend of Australian rugby league.


NRL Wooden Spoon Betting

The wooden spoon is the biggest thing in the NRL that teams try to avoid. The ignominy of finishing the bottom of the ladder gets the attention of “receiving” the wooden spoon. Punters can pick a selection before the start of the season and during it of who that may be. Some NRL betting sites will have the futures market listed as ‘Most Losses’.


NRL Live Streaming

While Australian betting sites offer live streams, live NRL streaming is not part and parcel of that due to broadcasting rights in the country. But sports streaming can still be enjoyed at bookmakers such as bet365 and Unibet, which provide tennis and soccer streams and others.


NRL Live Betting

NRL Live betting adds an exciting dimension to things. This is watching a game and reading the markets to try and pull some value out of available options.

Many of the best bookmakers have a lot of NRL live betting markets available and can be used as part of a betting strategy. Note that NRL live bets cannot be placed online – a telephone call to the bookie has to be made.


NRL Fantasy Betting

Online betting opportunities do exist in the NRL fantasy betting arena. However, these will only be offered by dedicated fantasy sides such as Draftstars, one of the top recommendations.

NRL fantasy betting is where players compete against other registered punters by placing a stake for entry into a league and drafting real-life players to create a team.

Points are awarded on the performances of those players. In addition, there are paid leagues for NRL fantasy betting, free leagues and daily fantasy NRL options for even faster gameplay.


How to Place a Bet on the NRL?

Placing a bet on the NRL is a straightforward process that can quickly be accomplished. To get started, select at least one of our highly recommended Australian bookmakers to get registered with.

When you sign up, you will need to enter personal details like date of birth and address and verify the information. Once that is done, and the betting account has been funded via the Cashier, it’s off to the sportsbook.

Browse through the menus to get to the NRL section of the sportsbook, or check the main listing on the home page, as most bookmakers will have popular markets listed there. Select your picks to add to the bet slip. Enter a stake and strike the bet.


How Our Experts Rank the Best NRL Betting Sites in Australia

Helping punters get the best NRL betting odds is crucial to us, and part of that is directing players to the best betting sites. But how do we rank the best NRL betting sites in Australia when so many of them offer markets?

We focus on some key areas that we judge the Australian betting site that we visit, kindling the following:

  • Safety – a trusted brand name from a well-established and fully licensed operator is a huge factor in picking out the best NRL betting sites. All of those that we rate are licensed and regulated in Australia by the Northern Territory Racing Commission. Other aspects of security, like strong encryption, are vital.
  • Markets – The best NRL betting sites will have a good variety of betting options. We will not recommend sites where options beyond the match outright are scarce. A large variety of betting markets is great for punters to have to hand.
  • Odds – Of course, there is the competitiveness of the NRL betting odds to take into account. What are bookmaker margins like? How do NRL betting odds at one site compare to another over a period of time? Understanding where the leading odds are on offer helps punters get the best of them more often.
  • Features – Another aspect of Australia’s best NRL betting sites are additional features that can be found like bet builders, live betting, and live streaming.
  • Mobile – It’s not always possible to get to a computer, so mobile betting is also hugely important. Punters want convenient accessibility to betting markets at their fingertips, so we look at apps and mobile websites.
  • Promos – While Australian betting sites don’t offer welcome incentives, NRL promotions can be found at all the top sites. We look at what the different bookmakers provide in this department.
  • Support – Customer support is something that we rate as well. Customers must have the backup available when they need it. So we look at things like FAQ sections, help channels and operating hours.


Online NRL Betting Payment Methods

Funding an account at any of Australia’s best NRL betting sites should be a secure and straightforward process. After registration, the Cashier section in your account will be the destination for making a payment.

Not all bookmakers will offer the same payment methods, so check beforehand if your preferred method is available. The most common payment methods are debit cards, with other options like PayPal, Poli, BPay, Apple Pay, Paysafecard, Skrill and Neteller.


NRL League Format

There are 16 teams in the NRL, and the season does not play out on a straight home and away basis. Instead, teams play 24 matches in the regular season, with each team’s number of home, and away matches split evenly.

However, a team plays seven teams once and nine teams twice. Therefore, the clubs decide who will play to create the best matchups in terms of crowd interest and revenue from broadcasters.

The season starts in March and runs through to September, and a team collects two points for a win and one for a draw.

At the end of the regular season, the top eight teams move forward into the playoffs, where things get more intense.


Qualifying/Elimination finals

QF1: 1v4 (winner goes to Preliminary Final, losers to Semifinal

EF1: 5v8 (winner advances to Semifinal to meet the loser of QF1, the loser is eliminated)

EF2: 6v7 (winner advance to Semifinal to meet the loser of QF, the loser is eliminated)

QF2: 2v3 (winner goes to Preliminary Finals, losers to Semifinals)



SF1: QF1 loser v EF 1 winner (winner advances to Preliminary Finals, loser eliminated)

SF2: QF2 loser v EF 2 winner (winner advances to Preliminary Finals, loser eliminated)


Preliminary Finals

PF1: SF2 winner v SF1 loser (winner advances to Grand Final)

PF2: SF1 winner v SF2 loser (winner advances to Grand Final)


Grand Final

PF1 winner v PF2 winner


NRL Betting Sites Final Verdict

The NRL is a pretty big deal in Australia, and that’s a giant understatement in and of itself. It’s one of the top sports competitions in the country, with a thrilling blend of speed, physicality and skill all mixed into the pot.

NRL betting is one of the most significant areas of sports betting in Australia as well, both for punters and bookmakers. This is because there are so many NRL betting options to enjoy – from picking out the Grand Final winners before the season starts or digging through stats trying to cover a handicap line in a match, there is a lot to enjoy.

Use any of our recommended NRL Betting sites for safe and secure NRL betting, variety and leading rugby league odds.


NRL Betting Sites FAQs

What is the best NRL betting site?

Punters will naturally have different opinions about the best NRL betting site. Among our top recommendations are bet365, Unibet and Neds.


What is the best NRL betting app?

One of the most secure and reliable NRL betting apps is from PlayUp. It’s quick to use and user-friendly, and all the PlayUp features and sportsbook options can be explored.


Where can I find the best NRL Odds?

Grabbing the best NRL odds is the name of the game. Some of the best can be found at bet365 and Betfair.


What is line betting in the NRL?

Betting the line in NRL is a handicap option on the final score in a match, which is an excellent alternative to the game outright.


What are the most popular NRL betting markets?

Among the most popular NRL betting markets is the Grand Final Winner, Match Outright, Handicaps, Winning Margin and First Try scorer.


Which is the most successful team in the history of the NRL?

In the NRL era from 1998 onwards, Melbourne Storm’s 2021 title saw them draw level with the Sydney Roosters with four. The Storm did win it on two other occasions but were stripped of their titles in 2007 and 2009 because of salary cap breaches.


Can I place live bets on NRL matches?

Live NRL betting is available via telephone at some of Australia’s best NRL betting sites.


Are Promotions surrounding the NRL available to punters?

Betting sites offer NRL betting promotions and a wide range of other sports.


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