UFC Betting Sites Australia

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has taken the world by storm over the past decade, with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) leading the charge as its most prominent promotion.

Australia, known for its passionate sports enthusiasts, has been no exception to this trend. As the popularity of UFC surges Down Under, the demand for trustworthy and user-friendly betting platforms has skyrocketed. Whether you’re a seasoned bettor or a novice eager to place your first wager on your favourite fighter, selecting the right platform can make all the difference. For a broader understanding of the betting landscape in Australia, consider exploring our Australian betting sites guide.

UFC Betting Sites in Australia


In this article, we dive into the best UFC betting sites in Australia, assessing their credibility, user experience, odds, and other factors that ensure a seamless betting experience. Strap in and get ready to find your perfect match in the ever-thrilling world of UFC betting!


Top 5 UFC Betting Sites in Australia

T&Cs available on website. Chances are you’re about to lose. For free and confidential support call 1800 858 858 or visit gamblinghelponline.org.au

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T&Cs available on website. Chances are you’re about to lose. For free and confidential support call 1800 858 858 or visit gamblinghelponline.org.au.

T&Cs available on website. Chances are you’re about to lose. For free and confidential support call 1800 858 858 or visit gamblinghelponline.org.au

T&Cs available on website. Chances are you’re about to lose. For free and confidential support call 1800 858 858 or visit gamblinghelponline.org.au


Best UFC Mobile Betting Apps

List of top mobile apps for UFC & MMA

T&Cs available on website. Chances are you’re about to lose. For free and confidential support call 1800 858 858 or visit gamblinghelponline.org.au

Exclusive 365AUCODE referral code: bet365 does not offer bonus codes in Australia and this referral code does not grant access to offers. 18+ Only. T&Cs available on website. Chances are you’re about to lose. For free and confidential support call 1800 858 858 or visit gamblinghelponline.org.au

T&Cs available on website. Chances are you’re about to lose. For free and confidential support call 1800 858 858 or visit gamblinghelponline.org.au.

T&Cs available on website. Chances are you’re about to lose. For free and confidential support call 1800 858 858 or visit gamblinghelponline.org.au

T&Cs available on website. Chances are you’re about to lose. For free and confidential support call 1800 858 858 or visit gamblinghelponline.org.au


Why Trust Our Selection of UFC Betting Sites?

When diving into the world of online betting, particularly in a sport as dynamic as UFC, it’s essential to rely on trustworthy sources for guidance. Our selection is the result of a rigorous evaluation process that prioritises transparency, reliability, and user experience.

  1. Comprehensive Research: Our team has spent countless hours examining the ins and outs of each betting platform. We’ve reviewed user feedback, expert testimonials, and platform-specific features to ensure a holistic overview.
  2. Regulatory Compliance: Each site we recommend is licensed and regulated by authoritative bodies in Australia, ensuring they adhere to the highest industry standards and offer a safe betting environment.
  3. User Experience & Feedback: We not only rely on expert opinions but also gather feedback from everyday users. Their hands-on experience helps identify potential pitfalls and highlight user-friendly features.
  4. Competitive Odds & Offerings: Our selection focuses on sites that offer competitive odds and a diverse range of betting options, enhancing the overall betting experience for UFC enthusiasts.
  5. Security Measures: In this digital age, security is paramount. We prioritise platforms that use advanced encryption technologies and robust security measures to protect user data and financial transactions.
  6. Transparency: We believe in full transparency, which is why we detail our selection criteria and are open about our methodology. Our aim is to guide bettors towards platforms where they can place wagers with confidence and peace of mind.

In essence, our recommendations are grounded in thorough research and a genuine commitment to guiding our readers to the best and most reliable UFC betting experiences in Australia.


How Our Experts Rank the Best UFC Betting Sites in Australia?

To provide a trustworthy and insightful guide on the best UFC betting sites in Australia, our experts have devised a comprehensive methodology. Here’s a closer look at how we rank and recommend platforms:

  1. Licensing & Regulation: Foremost, we ascertain that each platform operates legally within Australia. Only sites licensed by the relevant Australian authorities make the cut, ensuring bettors’ protection and platform credibility.
  2. Security Protocols: Protecting user information is paramount. Our experts prioritize sites employing advanced encryption technologies, two-factor authentication, and secure payment gateways to guarantee user safety.
  3. Odds & Market Depth: A platform’s odds and betting markets play a significant role. We examine the competitiveness of the odds offered and the diversity of bets available for both major and minor UFC events.
  4. User Experience: An intuitive interface is essential. We assess each site’s ease of navigation, mobile compatibility, and overall design to ensure bettors have a seamless wagering journey.
  5. Customer Feedback: Beyond our own analysis, we dive deep into user reviews, testimonials, and feedback. Real user experiences provide invaluable insights into the platform’s strengths and potential concerns.
  6. Payment Options: The best platforms offer varied and accessible payment methods. We evaluate the range, speed, and security of deposit and withdrawal options available.
  7. Customer Support: Reliable customer service can make or break a betting experience. Our experts gauge the responsiveness, efficiency, and knowledgeability of each site’s support team through various channels.
  8. Promotions & Bonuses: Attractive promotions can enhance a bettor’s experience. We scrutinise the generosity, fairness, and terms of promotional offers, ensuring they provide genuine value.
  9. Live Betting & Streaming: With the dynamic nature of UFC, in-play betting and live streaming options add to the excitement. We give preference to platforms that offer real-time wagering and viewing features.
  10. Transparency & Fair Play: Last but not least, we emphasise platforms that maintain transparency in their operations and demonstrate a commitment to responsible gambling practices.

By adhering to this multifaceted approach, we ensure that our recommendations represent the pinnacle of UFC betting experiences in Australia. Rest assured, when you follow our guide, you’re stepping into a world of top-tier, reliable, and enriching betting platforms.


Popular UFC Betting Markets

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is one of the most popular mixed martial arts promotions globally. As its viewership has skyrocketed, so too have the betting markets associated with it.

If you’re keen to get involved in UFC betting, it’s essential to familiarise yourself with the most popular markets. Here’s a brief rundown of the most commonly used betting options:


  1. Moneyline (Fight Winner): This is the most straightforward bet. You simply wager on who you think will win the fight.
  2. Method of Victory: Here, you’re betting on how a fighter will win — be it by knockout (KO), technical knockout (TKO), submission, or decision.
  3. Round Betting: This involves predicting in which round a fighter will win. Odds will vary considerably depending on the fighters’ records and styles.
  4. Over/Under Rounds: Instead of specifying which round a fight will end, you predict whether the bout will last over or under a certain number of rounds.
  5. Fight to Go the Distance: Bet on whether the fight will last all scheduled rounds and be decided by the judges’ decision.
  6. Double Chance: This allows you to cover two potential outcomes regarding how a fight might end. For instance, you could bet on a fighter to win by KO/TKO or decision.
  7. Submission/KO Props: You can bet on whether a particular fighter will win specifically by KO/TKO or submission.
  8. Multi Bets: This involves combining multiple bets into a single wager. All selections must win for the bet to be successful, but the potential payouts are much higher.
  9. Fighter to Win by Points: This is where you bet on a fighter to win by a unanimous, split, or majority decision.
  10. Performance Bonuses: Wager on fighters you believe might earn “Fight of the Night,” “Knockout of the Night,” or “Submission of the Night” bonuses.


Understanding these markets is the first step to making informed bets. Always remember to bet responsibly and ensure you’re well-informed about the fighters, their styles, and any other pertinent information before placing your wagers.


UFC Betting Odds

Much like in the realm of soccer and other sports betting, wagering on UFC fights isn’t simply a matter of picking the perceived winner. It’s about identifying the most valuable odds that can maximise your potential returns. Superior odds mean you stand to gain more from a winning bet, amplifying the thrill of an already electrifying UFC showdown.

The odds assigned to UFC fights can exhibit variations across different online bookmakers. Though these discrepancies might appear minute at first glance, even small differences can substantially influence your potential winnings. By diligently comparing odds among various platforms, bettors stand a chance to procure the most lucrative odds for their desired wager.

There are instances when a bookmaker might undervalue the chances of a particular fighter, offering odds that are more favorable than what the actual fight scenario suggests. These situations present golden opportunities for punters to exploit and capitalise on these odds. Hence, it’s always prudent for bettors to scour multiple platforms, especially early on when bookmakers are still gauging the market and odds might be more generous.


UFC Betting Tips

Betting on UFC fights requires a unique strategy, given the singular dynamics of MMA combat. Here are some essential UFC tips to consider before placing your bets:

  1. Research Fighters: It’s crucial to understand the fighters’ styles, strengths, and weaknesses. Watch previous fights, read up on their training camps, and be aware of any recent injuries or changes in their coaching staff.
  2. Consider Fight Styles: The adage “styles make fights” is especially true in MMA. For instance, a world-class striker might be favored, but if they’re against a top-tier wrestler who can dictate where the fight goes, the dynamic changes.
  3. Recent Performance: Look at the fighters’ last few bouts. A fighter on a winning streak might have more confidence, but also check the quality of opponents they’ve faced.
  4. Weight Cuts: Significant weight cuts can affect a fighter’s performance. If a fighter has a history of difficult weight cuts or misses weight, it might impact their stamina and overall performance.
  5. Location and Environment: Consider where the fight is taking place. Some fighters may not perform as well when traveling long distances or fighting at different altitudes.
  6. Training Camp Reports: Sometimes news leaks out from training camps about a fighter’s preparation, potential injuries, or even their mental state. Keeping an ear to the ground can give valuable insights.
  7. Odds Value: Don’t simply bet on the favorite. Look for “value” in the odds. If you believe a fighter has a 50% chance of winning, but their odds suggest they only have a 40% chance, there’s value in that bet.
  8. Avoid Emotional Betting: Perhaps you have a favorite fighter or someone you dislike. It’s essential to set emotions aside and bet based on research and logic.
  9. Manage Your Bankroll: As with all forms of betting, it’s crucial to have a budget and stick to it. Decide beforehand how much you’re willing to wager and don’t exceed that limit.
  10. Stay Updated: Last-minute changes can happen – fighters can pull out, replacements can step in, or the odds can shift dramatically. Staying updated right up to the fight night is crucial.
  11. Explore Multiple Betting Platforms: Different platforms might offer varying odds. Shopping around can help you get the best value for your money.
  12. Understand the Betting Types: Familiarise yourself with different UFC betting markets, such as Moneyline, Over/Under Rounds, and Method of Victory. Knowing when and how to use each can optimise your betting strategy.


Lastly, always remember that betting should be an enjoyable activity. Bet responsibly, and never chase losses. Stay informed, stay rational, and may the odds be ever in your favor!


UFC Betting Strategy

Crafting a successful UFC betting strategy requires a mix of knowledge, analysis, discipline, and sometimes, a bit of intuition. Here are some key strategies to adopt when diving into the world of UFC betting:

  1. Diversify Your Wagers: Don’t put all your money on one fight or one type of bet. By spreading your bets, you mitigate risks and increase the chances of a successful outcome.
  2. Analyze Fight Styles: Understanding the styles of the fighters is crucial. Recognise how certain styles match up against others — for instance, how a top-tier striker fares against a dominant wrestler.
  3. Stay Updated on Fighters: Follow fighters on social media, watch their interviews, and pay attention to their training videos. Such insights can give clues about their mental and physical readiness.
  4. Consider Fight Metrics: Dive into stats like striking accuracy, takedown accuracy, strikes landed per minute, and defense stats. These can provide an objective measure of a fighter’s performance.
  5. Watch Previous Matches: This allows you to gauge a fighter’s performance, their adaptability, and how they handle different challenges.
  6. Evaluate the Camp and Coaching: A change in coaching or a switch to a different training camp can significantly impact a fighter’s performance.
  7. Consider External Factors: Things like altitude (if the fight is at a higher elevation), jet lag (if a fighter has traveled across multiple time zones), and even the size of the octagon can influence a fight’s outcome.
  8. Check for Injuries: Even minor injuries can have a significant impact on a fighter’s performance. Be sure to monitor any reports or hints of injuries leading up to a bout.
  9. Look for Value: Instead of always betting on the outright winner, look for bets that offer good value. This might mean betting on a less likely method of victory or round-specific outcomes that have longer odds.
  10. Keep a Record: Document all your bets, including the amount wagered, the odds, and the outcome. Over time, this will help you identify patterns, refine your strategy, and manage your bankroll more effectively.
  11. Don’t Chase Losses: It’s natural to want to recoup lost money, but increasing your stakes after a loss can lead to bigger losses. Stick to your strategy and budget.
  12. Stay Informed on Late Changes: Last-minute changes, whether due to injuries, weight-cut issues, or other unforeseen circumstances, can dramatically alter the dynamics of a fight. Make sure you’re updated on such changes.
  13. Avoid Betting on Every Fight: Some fights might be too close to call or don’t offer good value. It’s okay to skip betting on certain bouts if you’re not confident in the outcome.


Remember, while these strategies can enhance your chances of making successful bets, there’s no foolproof method. The unpredictability is part of what makes UFC so exciting. Always gamble responsibly and consider betting as a form of entertainment rather than a guaranteed way to make money.


Getting started at UFC betting sites

Getting started at UFC betting sites can be both thrilling and a bit daunting for newcomers. By following a systematic approach, you can ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience. Here’s a step-by-step guide:


  1. Sign Up:

– Navigate to the registration or sign-up page.

– Fill out the required personal information. This often includes name, date of birth, address, email, and sometimes a phone number.

– Choose a username and secure password.


  1. Verify Your Account:

– Most reputable betting sites will require you to verify your identity to comply with regulations and ensure secure transactions.

– This may involve uploading identification documents like a passport, driver’s license, or utility bill.


  1. Make a Deposit:

– Go to the ‘Deposit’ or ‘Banking’ section.

– Choose your preferred payment method. Options often include credit/debit cards, bank transfers, e-wallets (like PayPal or Skrill), or even cryptocurrencies.

– Follow the instructions to deposit funds into your account.


  1. Place Your Bets:

– Navigate to the UFC/MMA section of the site.

– Browse through the available events and betting markets.

– Select your desired bet, enter the amount you wish to wager, and confirm the bet.


  1. Stay Updated:

– Monitor the fight developments, weigh-in results, and any late changes that might affect your bet.

– Some sites offer live streaming, which can enhance your betting experience.


  1. Withdraw Your Winnings:

– If your bets are successful and you wish to cash out, navigate to the ‘Withdrawal’ or ‘Banking’ section.

– Choose your preferred withdrawal method and follow the instructions. Note that processing times can vary based on the method chosen.


  1. Continuous Learning:

– Stay updated with UFC news, fighter developments, and betting strategies.

– The more you understand the sport and its intricacies, the better your betting decisions will be.


  1. Gamble Responsibly:

– Set a budget and stick to it. Never chase losses or bet money you can’t afford to lose.

– If you feel you might be developing a gambling problem, seek help or use tools provided by the betting site to limit your activity.


Starting with UFC betting sites can be exhilarating, but it’s crucial to approach it with a balance of enthusiasm and caution. Knowledge is your best ally, so stay informed, and most importantly, have fun!


Top  MMA Tournaments to Bet Online

MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) has grown exponentially in popularity over the years, both in terms of viewership and betting activity. While the UFC is the premier MMA organisation, there are several other major tournaments and promotions globally where punters can place bets. Here are some of the top MMA tournaments to consider for online betting:


International MMA Tournaments

  1. UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship):

– The premier MMA organisation in the world.

– Hosts events almost every week, featuring top-tier talent from around the globe.


  1. Bellator MMA:

– Considered the second-largest MMA promotion after UFC.

– Known for its Grand Prix format tournaments and notable fighters, many of whom are former UFC competitors.


  1. ONE Championship:

– Based in Singapore, it’s Asia’s largest MMA promotion.

– Features not just MMA, but also Muay Thai and kickboxing bouts.

  1. PFL (Professional Fighters League):

– Known for its unique format where fighters compete in a regular season, playoffs, and then a championship.

– Offers million-dollar prizes for division winners.


  1. RIZIN Fighting Federation:

– Based in Japan, it’s the spiritual successor to the legendary PRIDE FC.

– Known for its New Year’s Eve events and sometimes unique rulesets.


  1. KSW (Konfrontacja Sztuk Walki):

– The biggest MMA promotion in Poland.

– Noted for its high production values and featuring some of the best European talent.


  1. Cage Warriors:

– A UK-based promotion.

– Considered a feeder league to the UFC, with many fighters making the transition to the larger promotion after gaining recognition in Cage Warriors.


  1. Invicta FC:

– An all-female MMA promotion based in the United States.

– Known for discovering and promoting female talent who often move to larger promotions like the UFC.


  1. ACA (Absolute Championship Akhmat):

– Previously known as ACB (Absolute Championship Berkut), it’s a prominent Russian MMA promotion.

– Features top talent from Russia and surrounding regions.


  1. LFA (Legacy Fighting Alliance):

– Based in the U.S., it’s a merger of Legacy FC and RFA.

– Acts as a talent incubator, with many fighters transitioning to the UFC after gaining experience.

When considering betting on these MMA promotions, always ensure you’re using a reputable online betting platform. Research fighters, understand the rulesets (as they can differ between promotions), and familiarise yourself with the unique dynamics of each tournament to make informed bets. As with all sports betting, it’s crucial to bet responsibly.


Domestic MMA Tournaments in Australia

Australia has witnessed a surge in interest in MMA, not least because of the country’s rising stars making waves on the international stage. Consequently, the domestic MMA scene in Australia is vibrant and growing. Here are some of the notable domestic MMA tournaments and promotions in Australia:


  1. AFC (Australian Fighting Championship):

– One of the leading MMA promotions in Australia.

– Known for hosting high-profile events with top-tier local talent and occasionally featuring international fighters.


  1. Eternal MMA:

– A rapidly growing promotion that has staged numerous events across the country.

– Often seen as a platform for emerging fighters who aspire to reach international promotions.


  1. BRACE:

– A promotion that’s been around for some time and has a reputation for showcasing high-quality MMA action.

– Has acted as a stepping stone for many Australian fighters who went on to compete internationally.


  1. Hex Fight Series:

– Based in Melbourne, this promotion has been gaining traction and is known for its competitive matchups.

– Occasionally features fighters from other parts of the Asia-Pacific region.


  1. Urban Fight Night (UFN):

– Based in Sydney, UFN has been a local staple for MMA enthusiasts.

– Offers a platform for up-and-coming fighters to showcase their skills and climb the ranks.


  1. Diamondback Fighting Championship:

– An Adelaide-based promotion that has grown in reputation.

– Features both seasoned Australian fighters and emerging talent.


  1. XFC (Xtreme Fighting Championships):

– Not to be confused with the international XFC, this promotion operates within Australia and has been a part of the local MMA scene for years.

– Known for providing a mix of amateur and professional bouts.


  1. Superfight MMA:

– Based in Sydney, this promotion is recognised for its blend of both seasoned fighters and newcomers looking to make a name for themselves.


  1. Rumble in the Cage:

– A promotion that offers both MMA and Muay Thai fights.

– Provides opportunities for fighters in the early stages of their careers.


These promotions are vital for the growth of MMA in Australia, offering fighters a platform to gain experience and recognition. For those interested in betting, these local promotions offer an excellent opportunity to understand and analyze fighters before they step onto the global stage. As with any sport, ensure you’re familiar with the fighters, the promotion’s rules, and always gamble responsibly.


UFC Live Streaming

There are two options for UFC live streams in Australia. Foxtel account holders can watch UFC on Foxtel at home or with Foxtel Go on a laptop and mobile devices. Kayo subscribers can also watch the live action for the same price ($59.95 for main events at the time of publishing).


UFC Live Betting

Live betting, also known as in-play or in-running betting, allows punters to place bets on an event after it has started. In the context of the UFC, this means that you can bet on fights while they’re happening, adjusting your strategy based on the live action you’re witnessing. For Australians keen on UFC live betting, here are some key points to consider:


  1. Regulations: In Australia, due to the Interactive Gambling Act, online in-play betting on sports is restricted. This means you cannot place live online bets on UFC fights after they’ve started through Australian-based betting platforms. However, some bookmakers have found a way around this by allowing customers to place live bets over the phone.


  1. Advantages:

– Real-time Analysis: Live betting allows you to gauge the momentum of a fight and make predictions based on the fighters’ performances in earlier rounds.

– Adjusting Bets: If pre-fight bets aren’t going as expected, in-play betting can provide an opportunity to hedge or adjust your strategy.

  1. Challenges:

– Quick Decision Making: MMA is fast-paced, and circumstances can change in seconds. Quick decisions are required, which can be challenging for some.

– Odds Fluctuation: The odds during live betting can change rapidly, depending on the fight’s progression.


  1. Popular Live Betting Markets:

– Round Betting: Betting on which round the fight will end.

– Method of Victory: Adjusting bets on how the fight will end, be it a KO, submission, or decision.

– Fight Duration: Over/under bets on how long the fight will last.

– Points Handicap: Based on the fighters’ performances, how the judges might be scoring the contest.


  1. Where to Bet:

– While you cannot place online live bets directly on most Australian platforms, many top bookmakers offer phone-in services for in-play betting.


  1. Strategies:

– Stay updated on fighters’ recent performances, styles, and any injuries.

– Watch the early rounds closely to gauge which fighter has the momentum.

– If using phone-in services, ensure you have a quick and reliable connection, as speed is of the essence in live betting.

  1. Responsibility: Always remember to gamble responsibly. Live betting can be exhilarating, but it also demands quick decisions, which can lead to hasty and impulsive bets.


If you’re an Australian punter interested in UFC live betting, always stay informed about the legal landscape and changes in regulations. While current restrictions might limit online in-play betting, with MMA’s growing popularity, there could be potential changes in the future.


Online UFC Betting Payment Methods

Online betting platforms in Australia offer a range of payment methods to cater to the diverse needs of punters. Here’s a breakdown of popular online payment methods available for Australians looking to bet on UFC events:


  1. Credit and Debit Cards:

– Visa and MasterCard: Widely accepted by most online betting sites. They offer quick deposits, but withdrawals might take a few days to process.


  1. E-Wallets:

– PayPal: One of the most popular e-wallets, many Australian UFC betting sites accept PayPal for both deposits and withdrawals.

– Neteller and Skrill: Both e-wallets are frequently used in the online betting world. They offer swift transactions, but be aware that some platforms might exclude e-wallet deposits from certain promotions or bonuses.


  1. Prepaid Cards:

– Paysafecard: A prepaid option that allows punters to deposit money without linking to a bank account. It’s suitable for those concerned about privacy, but it doesn’t support withdrawals.


  1. Bank Transfers:

– Direct Bank Transfer: A method to transfer funds directly from your bank account to the betting platform. While secure, this can be slower than other methods.

– BPAY: A popular electronic bill payment system in Australia. Many betting sites accept BPAY for deposits, but the processing time might be longer than other methods.

  1. Cryptocurrencies:

– Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies: Some modern betting platforms have started accepting cryptocurrencies. It offers high levels of privacy and fast transactions, but volatility can be a concern.


  1. POLi:

– An online payment system that allows punters to make real-time transfers from their bank accounts without needing a credit card. It’s widely recognised and used in Australia.

  1. Neosurf:

– Another prepaid card option similar to Paysafecard. Users can purchase Neosurf vouchers from retailers and then use them for online deposits.


  1. Phone Payments:

– Some betting sites allow punters to make deposits over the phone, ensuring security and personalised service.


  1. Apple Pay and Google Wallet:

– These digital wallets are becoming increasingly popular and allow for quick and convenient deposits. However, not all betting sites support them yet.


  1. Flexepin:

– A prepaid voucher system that’s gaining traction in Australia. It allows for private and immediate deposits.


When choosing a payment method for UFC betting sites or any other online transaction, it’s crucial to consider factors such as transaction speed, fees, security, and convenience. Additionally, always ensure that you’re betting on reputable platforms that employ robust security measures to protect your financial details.


UFC Betting Sites Final Verdict

In the dynamic realm of UFC betting in Australia, punters have a myriad of options. From understanding the intricacies of betting odds and strategies to familiarize oneself with popular betting markets, there’s a lot to grasp. Fortunately, Australia boasts a plethora of top-tier betting sites, each facilitating a seamless experience, complete with diverse payment methods catering to modern-day preferences. Whether you’re delving into domestic MMA tournaments, seeking the thrill of live UFC action, or aiming to make informed wagers, Australia’s UFC betting landscape offers something for everyone. Always remember to gamble responsibly and ensure that your chosen platform upholds the highest standards of security and fairness.


UFC Betting Sites FAQs

  1. What are the best UFC betting sites in Australia?

Australian residents can access a variety of reputable UFC betting platforms such as Neds and bet365. It’s essential to choose a site that best suits your preferences and needs.


  1. Is live betting on UFC events allowed in Australia?

While online in-play betting is restricted due to the Interactive Gambling Act, many bookmakers offer phone-in services for live betting.


  1. How can I watch UFC events live in Australia?

UFC Fight Pass, ESPN (on Foxtel), Main Event, and Kayo Sports are among the primary platforms for streaming UFC events. Some major events might also be broadcasted in local bars and pubs.


  1. What payment methods can I use on UFC betting sites in Australia?

Popular methods include credit/debit cards, e-wallets like PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller, bank transfers, BPAY, POLi, prepaid cards like Paysafecard and Neosurf, and even some cryptocurrencies.


  1. Are there any offers for betting on UFC events?

Yes, many betting sites offer promotions for UFC events, especially for significant fights. However, always read the terms and conditions associated with any offer.


  1. Is it legal to bet on UFC events in Australia?

Yes, it’s legal to bet on UFC events in Australia, provided you use a licensed and regulated betting platform.


  1. How do odds work in UFC betting?

Odds reflect the probability of a particular outcome in a fight. They determine your potential returns on a successful bet. Comparing odds across different bookmakers can ensure you get the best possible return on your wager.


  1. Can I bet on domestic MMA events in Australia?

Absolutely. Many Australian betting sites offer odds on domestic MMA tournaments, including those from promotions like the Australian Fighting Championship and Eternal MMA.


  1. Is my money safe on online UFC betting sites?

If you’re betting with a licensed and regulated site, your money should be safe. It’s crucial to choose reputable platforms with robust security measures.


  1. Can I set betting limits on my account?

Yes, most responsible betting platforms allow you to set deposit and wagering limits to ensure you gamble within your means.

Remember, while betting can be an exciting way to enhance your UFC viewing experience, it’s essential to gamble responsibly and seek help if you believe you might have a problem.


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