eSports Betting Sites Australia

Blending the two popular worlds of gaming and gambling, we look at Australia’s best eSports betting sites. Betting on eSports has been one of the most significant development areas of modern online wagering, with massive growth in this area.

Markets have become increasingly popular for placing bets on professional video game events worldwide. With major competitions focusing on the action, from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to FIFA Soccer and League of Legends, eSports offer plenty of excitement.

We guide players through Australia’s best eSports betting sites to help paint an overall picture of this thriving betting arena.

top esports betting sites in Australia


Top 5 eSports Betting Sites in Australia

T&Cs available on website. Chances are you’re about to lose. For free and confidential support call 1800 858 858 or visit

T&Cs available on website. Chances are you’re about to lose. For free and confidential support call 1800 858 858 or visit

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T&Cs available on website. Chances are you’re about to lose. For free and confidential support call 1800 858 858 or visit

T&Cs available on website. Chances are you’re about to lose. For free and confidential support call 1800 858 858 or visit


What is the Best eSports Betting Site?

When it comes to eSports betting, nothing comes close to Picklebet. The entire site was built around eSports betting, and until early 2023, they didn’t even offer racing markets because they had no interest – just an interest in eSports. As well as having more eSports betting markets than any other online bookmaker, Picklebet’s app and website allow users to bet on matches and live stream at the same time. Their live stream selection is second to none, and they set the market in terms of odds with most bookmakers simply copying what Picklebet’s traders put up.

eSports Betting Odds

Finding the best eSports betting odds at Australia’s best bookies can be done once you have registered at one of them. All the betting sites listed on this page are highly recommended for eSports betting services and coverage.

It is worth making a little eSports odds comparison once you have found a market. There may only be a slight difference between a couple of betting sites in eSports betting odds on a Map 1 winner in a CS: GO fixture, but picking the largest odds quote is naturally more beneficial.

A good idea is to try and catch markets that have been priced up early before any wagering trends and dropping odds happen. Looking for the best eSports betting odds is finding those fine margins where a bookie has slightly underestimated the chances of a particular outcome.


eSports Betting Tips

One thing you will find in eSports betting is a lot of straight two-way markets. A CS: GO match winner market, for example, is Team A v Team B and that’s it. So there will not always be the greatest eSports betting odds on an outright pick.

A team rolling in at 1.6 odds for a match win, for example, may leave a lot to be desired for some punters. But shorter odds in eSports betting isn’t necessarily a thing to overlook. They are perfect for throwing into a multi-bet, striving for cumulative odds offering more significant returns.

So the first thing we suggest in eSports betting tips is keeping an open mind and exploring the different markets. Then, when an opportunity arises, you will be more apt to spot it. For example, it could be as simple as a team’s trend of winning Map 1 in those CS: GO contests.

There are different approaches, from making a bigger futures selection on an eSports tournament winner, usually where the best eSports odds are, or digging into things like the Correct Score market for a particular match.

Because eSports has grown so much, there is plenty of news to help keep up to date. Read some eSports betting tips as well, like those penned by our betting experts, to try and get ahead with further information about what to fill your bet slip with.


eSports Betting Markets

A couple of the popular eSports betting markets have been touched on above, but there are other exciting ways that you can bet on eSports in Australia. As eSports betting has grown, so have the markets that betting sites offer for punters. Here are some of the critical angles of eSports betting.


Match or Round Winner

This is the most popular way of getting into eSports betting in Australia. This is where the punter is presented with a match, and it’s a straight pick of who wins it. It is a basic market, but it’s an absolute staple.



The handicap bet is where the bookmaker sets the line on an outcome to try and make a level playing field. That’s something like a -3.5 Round handicap betting in CS: GO. There are usually 30 rounds of play for a given map, so a handicap of -3.5 would need that team to win by at least four rounds in the map. It’s a very good eSports betting alternative to the match outright.



Maps in video games change, and therefore it demands players to develop different strategies, which is a wonderful aspect. Maps betting in eSports come in different shapes and sizes, such as a Map handicap, To Win Map 1, and To Win Map 2.


Total Over/Under

The Over/Under market in eSports betting operates just the same as it would for something like an NRL match. You pick the preferable line for how many Rounds will play out on a Map. It could also apply to the number of goals in an eSports FIFA Soccer match.



A more prominent approach that can be taken for eSports betting is an outright tournament wager. It is a great way to take on some larger odds in eSports. Look at the best betting sites for early prices on eSports tournaments. An outright can be made on alternatives like To Win Quarter in a bigger tournament draw.


First Blood

This is a popular prop bet which has crept into eSports betting, and it is simply choosing which team in the match records the first kill.


How to Place an eSports Bet

When at the stage of being ready to do some betting on eSports, you will need to open an account at one of the best betting sites in Australia. That way, you can be assured that your wagering is being done with a secure and trusted operator and that you are more likely to get some of the best odds around.

Select from the list of best eSports betting sites listed and start from there. First, sign-up for an account and then make a payment. From there, it is browsing the eSports markets for your selections.

Placing an eSports bet is just as straightforward as it is on any other sport. You add your selections to your bet slip, configure the options if you fancy building a multi, and enter your stake. Remember to keep updated with the latest eSports betting tips to help steer you along.

  • Select any of the recommended betting sites
  • Click any of the direct links to visit a site
  • Fill in the registration details
  • Fund an account
  • Make your eSports bets!


Best eSports Games to Bet on in Australia

While you can find sports like FIFA Soccer and NBA 2K around for eSports betting, the bigger interest and market options lie away from sports simulators and in the world of First Player Shooter and Multi Online Battle Arena affairs.

Next, we examine some of the best eSports games to bet on in Australia to get a fuller picture of the types of things you will commonly see.


League of Legends

League of Legends is one of the biggest eSports betting areas. This is a MOBA feature which is just commonly called LOL. The game was released in 2009, and it has stayed massively popular for a long time. There is no bigger eSport than LOL, and there is an international scene featuring 12 leagues and a League of Legends World Championship.

In the game, players control a character with unique abilities, and it pits teams of five against each other. This happens in Summoner’s Rift, with teams trying to defend their base while taking out that of their enemy.


Starcraft II

Starcraft was first released in 1998, and there was a Remastered version issued in 2017 with some significant modern updates. StarCraft II was launched in 2010, and there have been different versions of it, such as Wings of Liberty, Heart of the Swarm and Legacy of the Void. StarCraft is one v one between players, and there are some massive leagues around the world, especially in Asia. Alongside LOL, it is one of the major eSports betting markets.



CS: GO is Counter-Strike Global Offensive, and matches consist of teams of five players each. Global Offensive is the fourth and biggest edition in the series, released in 2012. The game has two sides, each with objectives that need to be met, like either performing a rescue or the capture of hostages.

There are different versions of the game, and CS: GO has a massive eSports scene, and the game itself has continuously won gaming awards.


Dota 2

For Dota 2, there is similar basic gameplay to LOL in that the objective for a team to win is to destroy an enemy stronghold while not letting yours fall into ruin. It’s teams of five that go up against each other. One of the biggest eSports tournaments in the world is the Dota 2 International, with a massive prize pot, and the game has won some top accolades. The MOBA is arguably, the most extensive and hotly competitive eSports scene.


Call of Duty

Call of Duty is a first-person shooter that most people have probably heard of as it has been around since the mid 200s. The game has different versions played out in various arenas, from World War II to the Modern Warfare Series and the Black Ops Series. It’s a big blockbuster of a game which is massively popular in the US. It made it onto the eSports scene in 2006, and it is contested from the Major League Gaming through to the global Call Of Duty League.


eSports Game Modes

Different eSports game modes are played out across this visually engaging arena. Here is some further information about eSports gameplay.

MOBA means Multi Online Battle Arena, where teams of players all work together side by side to achieve a goal. That’s usually something like destroying an enemy stronghold on League of Legends.

Combat/Fighting is when two players go head-to-head, like in StarCraft or NBA 2K. It’s a one-on-one battle for honours, and it’s just playing to the completion of a match.

RTS means Real-Time Strategy, as opposed to a turn-based game. It’s a fluid, think-on-your-feet scenario where opposing teams or players face each other, not waiting for the other to complete a turn, just going all out, all the time.


eSports Fantasy Betting

Specialist betting sites may offer some eSports Fantasy betting. It happens in other sports like Rugby League and Soccer too. This is where a player creates a team consisting of eSports teams after putting up a buy-in for a fantasy league.

The player then earns points based on how their real-life eSports selection does in matches. Those points count towards a leaderboard, and the goal is to finish top of the Fantasy leaderboard to claim the prize pot.

While it is not perhaps as significant as other sports, Fantasy eSports are available. Look for a top, trusted provider like DraftStars, the best bet for getting into Fantasy sports betting.


Live Betting On eSports

Another exciting angle for eSports betting is live wagering. Some of Australia’s best eSports betting sites, like Picklebet, bet365 and Unibet, offer eSports live betting. They both provide a fantastic range of live eSports betting across different games.

That could be the next Map winner on CS: GO, picking a Round Score, or even the outright winner in a Dota 2 match, depending on how the contest is going.

It is worth checking out Picklebet in particular because of the excellent coverage of live eSports streaming that they throw into the mix and live bets. Unfortunately, as with any live sports betting in Australia, eSports live bets can’t be made online – betting regulations limit live wagers to being placed by telephone only.


eSports Live Streaming

It is hard to match the quality and quantity of eSports live-streaming that Picklebet brings to the table, as they offer coverage of a massive amount of events worldwide. Pair that up with their live eSports odds, and Picklebet are a great betting site in Australia to consider.

Streams from Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends and StarCraft 2 can be found at the betting site.

Picklebet has a live-streaming icon next to each event that is live streamed, so it’s possible to check out what is coming up and see the exciting coverage they provide of live eSports streaming in Australia.

eSports Betting Apps Australia

What is more convenient than having sports betting markets right at your fingers? Grabbing the phone and flicking through markets to find a bet is quicker than waiting for a computer to load up and get online.

Some of the best betting sites in Australia have dedicated sports betting apps available. They can be a great way to get into your betting, but not all apps are created equal. Our betting experts look at different aspects of sports betting apps to see how they perform.



This is one of the first things that is looked at because opening a sports betting app it’s the initial thing that is noticed. Is the app easy to navigate in terms of finding the areas of the sportsbook that are important to you and getting to the account management, and bringing up other features that you are looking for?



The point of having an app as opposed to loading a mobile version of a website is for speed. A good betting app should operate quickly – it should save data and load quicker than a mobile site.



While this will vary between the best betting sites, we check to see the volume and variety of eSports betting markets in a sportsbook. Anything online at the main website should be available within the relative app.


eSports Streams & Live betting

Does the betting app have prominent features like live eSports streaming and live betting odds available? For example, for live eSports odds, does the betting app send you directly to the telephone contact number to place a live bet? Also, do live streams load and play well and not get caught up in buffering?


Features & Offers

Other things that make for a good eSports betting app are other features that enhance the experience even further, like strong security through Face ID for the login, notifications on markets, betting tips and availability of any betting offers.


Customer Support

The degree of customer support is also sized up for the eSports betting apps that we look at. We examine how easy it is to access customer support by looking at support channels such as live chat or telephone numbers and hours of operation.


eSports Fair Play 

Even eSports has come into question about match-fixing, where matches have been decided before

being played. It is something that can attack the integrity of the entire eSports scene just as it can in any other sport.

But the good news is that eSports is such a progressively growing area that more professional leagues and competitions have cropped up, which has meant more regulations and more oversights that have been put in place to combat match-fixing.

So getting online for eSports betting, particularly at one of our recommended betting sites, will give you a fair playing field for genuine betting opportunities.


eSports Betting Payments Methods Australia

Before registering with any of our recommended bookmakers, it is worthwhile checking out the list of payment options that a particular operator has available. Of course, not all will have the same, but finding deposit options via debit and credit cards is the most common.

In our review of the best esports betting sites, we look at the payment options that bookmakers have available. However, as your money is in question, it is worth sticking with the highly recommended, trusted betting sites for security.

It is a reasonably straightforward process to get funds into your account so that you can start making eSports bets. Use any of the links here to go directly to the sign-up for the betting site of your choice and verify your information to keep that account safe and secure.


Debit & Credit Cards

This is usually one of the quickest ways to get money into your account and withdraw. Debit and credit cards will usually be instant deposits, and funding an account with one, means that funds can go straight back to your bank account.


Direct Bank Transfer

Setting up a direct bank transfer is also possible with the best betting sites. This is a secure transaction, but it can take longer to process than deposits via debit or credit card.


Online Payment Services

E-Wallets are hugely popular ways of getting new accounts at betting sites funded. In addition, online payment services like PayPal are available at some betting sites, allowing for direct funding through either your balance or a card/bank linked to the PayPal account. It’s a suitable, fast, secure method. It is possible to use the Australian based POLi payment system as well.


How our Experts Rank eSports Betting Sites

The next important thing to explain is how we conclude about the best eSports betting sites in Australia. To reach that conclusion, we look at different aspects of the overall operation of each of the bookmakers. Our betting experts know the ins and outs and apply the same ranking criteria to each site visited.



Esports betting is all about the odds because if you are not getting on the favourable side of a quote for a betting selection, you may be at the wrong betting site. So we check to see the best performing betting sites, not by individual odds on every match, but an overview of which consistently ranks highly when making eSports odds comparisons.


Betting Variety

Not being limited by a lack of markets for eSports betting is a key component. Those bookmakers that have a great variety of markets, from Maps to Handicaps and First Blood eSports markets, are the ones that we will rank higher. Players need that variety to help spot opportunities and create betting strategies.


Live Betting & Live Streaming

We rank these betting site features as very important for punters to get the most out of their eSports betting experience. First, having access to live streaming is great for judging the flow of action, and then on top of being able to utilize that with live betting odds, it gives an excellent feature for punters.


Payment Methods

As we have touched on already, having secure and fast payments to a betting site is a crucial factor to size up – we look at the different payment options available and how long processing generally takes.


Betting App

Having convenient access to betting markets on the go is another important angle for weighing up the best betting sites in Australia for eSports. We not only look to see if a site has a dedicated app, but if they do, how well it works.


Customer Support

There is no overlooking the great peace of mind that players can get when they have the backing of a good customer support team at a betting site. We examine the hours of operation, how a support team can be contacted and other features like FAQs and a knowledge base.



Features on a betting site can include live eSports streams, bet builders, cash out options and competitions – we look at what bells and whistles a betting site have added on.


Promotions & Offers

Some of the best betting sites in Australia do have promotions and betting offers available for registered customers – we always look at the promotional offers that may be available.


eSports Betting Sites Final Verdict

To get into eSports betting, we highly recommend visiting any of the listed betting sites mentioned on this page. Our betting experts have taken the time to test drive them and have ranked them for their quality of service.

eSports is a fascinating area of sports betting, and it can be engrossing and engaging. For some advice moving forward into eSports betting, it is worth getting to know the different games like League of Legends or Dota 2 and then the leagues and teams within them.

The bigger the tournament, the more likely you will find a better variety of eSports betting markets. It is an exciting online world to enjoy, and make sure that you get the most out of the experience at one of the best eSports betting sites in Australia.

If you are looking for the best esports betting site in Australia, you can’t go past Picklebet

eSports Betting FAQs

What is the best eSports betting site?

There are plenty of good eSports betting sites, but the ones that we have found for the best variety in terms of options on popular games like CS: GO and LOL are Picklebet

bet365 and Unibet.


What Australian bookmaker has the best eSports odds?

Odds will vary between the Australian bookmakers for eSports odds, but one that ranks highly for consistently competitive odds in this area is bet365.

For more detailed information on various bookmakers, check out our guide on the best Australian betting websites.


Can I watch eSports live streaming?

Yes, bettors in Australia can access eSports live streams at betting sites. Picklebet, Unibet and bet365 are among the best options for that.


What is the best eSports betting app?

Betting apps are an essential aspect of eSports betting because they are secure and offer a very convenient way of placing wagers. Among the best, there is Picklebet


Where can you bet on eSports in Australia?

There are plenty of options that punters have for placing a bet on eSports in Australia, and among the best, our experts recommended the likes of bet365 to Picklebet, Ladbrokes and more.


How do you win eSports betting?

There are different ways to approach eSports betting, from picking a match-winner to First Blood in a CS: GO match or handicapping rounds. Study the leagues, get to know the teams, and read eSports betting tips to help you decide.


What’s Australia’s best eSports betting site?

In terms of providing an excellent all-around package of things from range of markets, competitive odds, live streaming, live odds and more, we can’t recommend Picklebet highly enough for eSports betting in Australia.


Is eSports betting legal in Australia?

It is perfectly legal to do eSports betting in Australia, and always use a trusted, fully licensed and regulated betting site like the ones we recommend.


What makes an eSports gambling site good?

Odds and market variety are two of the most significant factors that make an eSports gambling site suitable – they are the crux of things.


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