Golf Betting Sites Australia

Hitting the fairways for a round of golf is an excellent way to pass the time away on the weekend, but when the professionals tee off, it’s time to hit Australia’s best golf betting sites. From a domestic angle, The Australian Open, Women’s Australian Open and the Australian PGA Championship attract some of the biggest names in the world.

But there is a broader scope of PGA golf around the world to the extent that there is some golf betting to be snapped up almost every week of the year. So we look at the best golf betting sites in Australia at which to do just that!

betting on golf in Australia


Top 5 Golf Betting Sites in Australia

Below is our list of the top 5 golf betting sites in Australia.

  1. Palmerbet
  2. Ladbrokes
  3. Neds
  4. bet365
  5. Betstar


And we also have a full list of online betting sites in Australia.


Popular Golf Betting Markets

Professional golf tournaments swing along throughout the year, notably on the PGA Tour in the USA and the DP World Tour in Europe. The exciting thing about golf is that even those governing bodies sanction tournaments in other parts of the globe.

One of the most popular golf betting markets is simply picking the tournament winner. However, it’s not the easiest of sports betting markets to size up. That’s because you can have more than 100 players lining up at the start of a single tournament.

So picking one player out of that lot can be tricky and a big test of handicapping skills. But some golf betting markets offer viable alternatives to that outright winner market.

Other picks like First Round Leader, Top 5 Finish and Top 10 Finish are popular approaches to take for golf betting. There are also options like Player v Player, golf handicap bets and Group Betting, where a selection out of a playing group is backed to edge those they are playing the round with.

So there are plenty of ways within golf betting to cut down what can be a massive field into smaller, bite-sized chunks for wagering.


Golf Betting Odds

On a pre-tournament outright market, golf betting odds can present some attractive quotes, even on the leading players. For example, it is not uncommon to see a price like 11.0 on one of the world’s current Top 10 players in US Open golf betting.

That all goes back to the volume of competing players, and it doesn’t take a great deal for a player’s round of golf to go south. One wayward smash into the drink or a bit of heavy rough can blot a player’s scorecard.

Even while there are big odds around for golf betting, the punter still wants to get the very best of them. That’s where picking out some of Australia’s best golf betting sites can help out.

Having selected Jon Rahm to win the Australian Open, for example, as a selection, you don’t want to just snap up the first odds that you come across of him winning. Maybe one bookmaker has him at 9.0 and another at 10.0, so taking the longer odds will add extra to your potential profit.

Also, look around for any enhanced odds offers that a bookie may have, which can extend to even better value. As with any sports betting, golf betting odds vary quite a bit. However, they are worth studying and tracking, and one of the best ways to seek out the top golf betting value is to use an odds comparison site.


Golf Betting Tips

The first step to golf betting is to get registered with any of the recommended best golf betting sites in Australia mentioned on this page. But then what? It’s not a case of just randomly hitting the sportsbook and making wagers.

Golf betting tips can help you sort out a strategy for your tournament outright betting selection, Top 10 Finish or even Winning Nationality golf bet.

What golf betting tips can’t do is offer a 100% guarantee that they will be correct. However, what golf tips can do is bring to light some great information about current statistics that may influence the current tournament. Maybe it’s a player’s track record at TPC Sawgrass or the rising trend of the Greens In Regulation stats for a specific player.

Golf is loaded with statistics, and it’s tough to cover everything in your research. But absorbing information through golf betting tips is a great way to cut through the chaff and help you to narrow your golf betting options.

Not sure where to look for the best golf betting tips to help you size up your betting options? Our experts have them right here.


Golf Betting Strategy

A golf betting strategy can be whatever you want it to be, and that’s its beauty. It’s understanding the game, understanding the golf betting markets and reading golf tips, statistics and trends to put it all together.

There are a lot of different factors that influence golf, such as the type of course that is in play, a windy links course on the coast, or a narrow tree-lined nightmare? However, there are some key pointers to focus on when putting together a betting strategy.


Player Form

The current general form of a player is one of the most important things. Even if a player has a good course history at Augusta, if they haven’t made the cut in any of their most recent six tournaments, they may not be worth a second look for current Masters golf betting. It’s a good idea to at least look at the last half a dozen finishes that a player has recorded.


Horses for courses

Course form is another crucial element because some players naturally have a game that fits specific courses. But, again, courses and even playing conditions vary greatly. For example, you may find links specialists or lean towards players with considerable driving distances on wide fairway tracks. Pair this with the current form, and you could have a solid pick.


Golf Statistics

Statistics are fascinating when it comes to golf because they are so heavily ingrained into the sport. They are plentiful so use them in a golf betting strategy. For example, how well is a player’s current scrambling stats reading as he heads to a tournament that has narrow fairways?

Consider stats for the season like birdie average, consecutive cuts, scoring average, driving distance and approaches from more than 200 yards. Of course, the relative stats have to be lined up with the type of golf course in play.


How to Place a Bet on Golf Online

Getting started with an account online at a betting site is straightforward. Click any of the links on this page to reach one of the recommended golf betting sites that we have researched for Australian bettors. The sign-up process will be quick and easy.

It should only take a few minutes to register an account with a bookmaker. During registration, account information, including email, username and password, will be required to start the set-up.

Then it will be time to enter your personal info.

You will need to verify your ID and address for security reasons, which is standard practice at Australian betting sites. Then, after all of the preliminaries of setting up a betting account are done, you will want to head over to the cashier and fund the account.

Check the betting site for accepted payment methods, and one of the easiest and quickest ways is to use a card to deposit. That’s it, and the next step will be to browse the sportsbook for the golf betting options that you want, adding them to your bet slip and placing your bet.


Golf Live Streaming

Considering that the top golf events, from the US Masters to big domestic tournaments like the Australian Open, are broadcast free to households, a simple download of the relevant broadcaster’s app will allow you to live-stream some golf.

Getting coverage of live golf streams through betting sites is less uncommon. However, that’s not to say that you can’t find them. Some tournaments, for example, can be found from abroad at bet365.

Under Australian law, we must inform you that Live Streaming on bet365 is exempt from Parts 3 and 4 of the Broadcasting Services (Online Content Service Provider Rules) 2018.

There are a lot of good betting sites available for Australian bettors that provide live sports streams from the likes of basketball, tennis and soccer. So if that’s a feature you are looking for, check to see if a bookmaker provides it.


Live Golf Betting

Because the pace of a golf tournament is relatively slow, it pairs up very nicely with live golf betting opportunities. These can be found at the best betting sites in Australia. Note that any live bets have to be placed over the telephone because of Australian betting regulations and can’t be done online.

Live odds will be listed for a tournament as the event is in swing and so it’s just a matter of browsing the active markets as you would for pre-tournament picks. For example, you might want to select a player for a Top 10 Finish as you notice them starting the final round well, jump on a selection to win the tournament outright while in-play, or select the pick for group betting for the day.


How our Experts Rank Golf Betting Sites

We rank all the best golf betting sites by the same standards. Drop by any betting site in Australia, and you will find golf betting options.

But not everything is the same because some bookies may have more coverage, for example, on the European and Asian Tours, or one will consistently offer some of the best golf odds around against their competitors.

Our betting experts look at many factors to come down on the best golf betting sites in Australia.


Here is what we examine to come to our conclusions.


Golf Market Variety

One of the first things we look at is what range of golf events are covered by a bookmaker. There are some significant events in the sport played around the world, and we look for the betting sites that give comprehensive coverage of them. Not only that, but the degree of bet variety within the golf markets is crucial too.


Golf Betting Odds

Along with the market coverage, getting the best golf betting odds consistently has enormous importance. Unfortunately, you will not always get the best price every single time through one betting site. Therefore, we look for bookmakers that consistently offer more substantial odds across the board with low margins.



Golf betting markets and odds are the standard things we examine, but then we need to see what features a bookmaker has available too. One of the big ones is live streaming. Does a betting site offer it, and what sports do they have for Australian bettors to enjoy? Other features for golf betting include cash out and bet builders.


Golf Betting Offers

Australian betting sites can’t welcome new customers with a sign-up offer, but punters may be able to find golf betting promotions once registered with an account. That could range from simple enhanced odds price boosts, insurance-based wagers or money back specials.


Live Golf Betting

We also take a look and see what live golf betting coverage is with a betting site in Australia. For that, we consider the value of odds and the degree of market coverage there is for punters.


Customer Service and Help

Another significant area that we examine is customer service. It’s not the most exciting section for punters to think about, but it’s vital. For a safe and secure betting experience online, it is essential that the backing of solid customer service is there. If there are issues, you will want them resolved quickly and professionally.


Major Golf Tournaments

Tournaments in golf do not come any bigger than the four Majors. They are the pinnacle of the sport, and that is when the enormous attention on the sport at betting sites gets ramped up with things like markets and offers.


The Masters

The Masters is perhaps one of the most iconic major golf tournaments as it’s hosted at the famous Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia, USA. It’s the only one of the four majors with a permanent home. The tournament was inaugurated in 1934, and one of the most iconic items in golf, the Green Jacket, is awarded to the victor. The all-time leader at the Masters is Jack Nicklaus, who won it six times during an incredible career.


PGA Championship

The PGA Championship is usually hosted the weekend before Memorial Day in the US. The PGA Championship was first played in 1916, so it is the youngest of the majors. One unique aspect of the PGA Championship is that it’s the only Major that amateurs can’t compete in.


US Open

The hype and buzz around the US Open are generally like nothing else. The tournament is played in June. US Open courses are set up to be extremely difficult, making it one of the biggest challenges in the sport. This is the national championship of the US, and it was first contested in 1895, so it has a rich history. At the 2000 US Open, Tiger Woods set a record margin of victory of 15 strokes, which is a record in all the majors.


The Open Championship

The one golf major not hosted in North America is The Open. This treat on British soil is always a links tournament. The Open Championship started in 1860 and is the oldest golf major. It’s the oldest tournament in the world. Some of the famous venues it is played at include St Andrews, Royal St George’s and Royal Liverpool.


Australian Golf Tournaments

Getting more Australian-centric, there are some exciting big Australian golf tournaments to look at betting for. Australian golfers like Greg Norman, Adam Scott, Marc Leishman and Jason Day have made waves at the highest level of the game, helping raise the profile of Australian golf.

So what Australian golf tournaments exist? Let’s take a look.


The Australian Open

The Australian Open is the oldest of the major Australian Golf tournaments as it was established well over 100 years ago in 1904. This is the country’s flagship event, and it is played at The Australian Golf Club in Sydney, while it has also been hosted at other venues like Royal Melbourne Golf Club. For the first time in 2022, the European Tour sanctioned the Australian Open.


Australian PGA Championship

First played in 1929, the Australian PGA Championship has played out across many different courses. This exciting stroke play tournament is usually played in January and is a significant feature of the PGA Tour of Australasia. Since the turn of the century, it has found a more permanent home in Queensland but has been played at other locations throughout its history.


Final Verdict

The great thing about golf is that there are a lot of tournaments played throughout the calendar year across the different Tours. Throw the women’s events for golf betting into the mix, and there are many betting options that crop up for the sport.

The big moments in golf betting are when the Majors come around, natural highlights for punters. However, there is so much to golf betting, from breaking down the considerable odds in the tournament outrights to picking out a winner in group betting.

Take a look at any of our recommended golf betting sites in Australia for the best experience in terms of bet variety and striving to pick up the best golf betting odds.


Golf Betting Sites – FAQs


What is the best golf betting site?

There are plenty of excellent sportsbooks out there for golf bets – among the ones that we rate highly as the best golf betting sites are Palmerbet, bet365 and Neds.


How do I bet on golf?

Visit any of the recommended best betting sites in Australia, and browse through the sportsbook for your selections. Then, explore the markets for the best betting odds.


Is there in-play betting for golf?

Most of the leading betting sites in Australia do have in-play golf betting available. However, any such bets have to be placed by telephone.


What are the best golf betting site offers?

Betting sites can’t offer a sign-up incentive, but once registered, look for things like Extra Places, Money-Back Specials, or Bet Boosts for golf betting.


Which are the biggest tournaments for golf betting?

The four Majors are the biggest tournaments for golf betting. They are the Masters, US Open, The Open Championship and the PGA Championship.