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In this review, we look at some of the best basketball betting sites in Australia. The popularity of basketball across the globe is enormous, and it’s right up there alongside the likes of soccer and rugby as one of the most well-supported areas of sports betting.

The pinnacle of the sport outside any international competitions like the FIBA World Cup and the Olympic Games is the NBA in North America. That is the largest professional basketball league globally, and it’s unrivalled in terms of support.

With the big NBA Championships one of the highlights of the sporting calendar, we look at Australia’s best basketball betting sites to get into the action on that and more.

basketball betting in Australia
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Top 5 Basketball Betting Sites in Australia

We’ve listed the top 5 Australian bookies for basketball betting below.

  1. Palmerbet
  2. Unibet
  3. bet365
  4. Ladbrokes
  5. TAB


Basketball Odds

Because Basketball is such a huge deal, pay a visit to any of the leading bookmakers in Australia, and you will find some basketball odds priced up. The majority of that may well be from the NBA, but there are some other significant competitions worldwide to consider.

From the domestic perspective, Australia’s NBL and the top tier in Europe, the EuroLeague, are fantastic to focus on. So all year round, Australia bettors are likely going to be able to find plenty of basketball odds.

There are the big international basketball tournaments to look forward to, and they don’t come bigger than the Olympics or the FIBA World Cup, both of which are only hosted every four years.

But where to get the best basketball odds for the big tournaments? That is where getting registered with any of the recommended bookmakers on this site can help out. Go through a quick sign up process, fund an account and then you can start browsing the sportsbook markets for basketball odds.

As often as possible, the goal is to find the best basketball odds that you can get. It’s always worth looking around different bookmakers’ quotes or using an odds-comparison site to achieve that.


Popular Basketball Betting Markets

Any Australian bettor looking at some basketball odds isn’t going to be short of markets to browse through. There can be an overwhelming amount of different basketball markets, but it’s worth zoning in on just a few of them to get an excellent working knowledge going.


Here are some of the most popular basketball markets that you may come across.

Match Winner

This is the simplest way to get into basketball betting, as it is just picking who you think will be victorious in the match. However, while it is a straightforward market, it’s generally not the best place for the greatest basketball odds unless you have two very evenly matched teams.


Basketball Handicap

Taking a look at basketball betting through the handicap (or points spread as it’s also called) is a very popular approach as it allows punters to position themselves how they would like in the market. A Basketball handicap example would be the Golden State Warriors -9.5.

For that handicap bet to win, the Warriors need to be victorious by at least ten points. Punters can choose what points spread on the line that they think the best value is in terms of odds.


Basketball Margins

Another approach to basketball betting is the margins. This is similar to what can be found in rugby betting, selecting the margin of victory that a team will win by. That could be the NY Nicks at a 1-10 margin, and this basketball margins market will always offer better odds than the straight match win.



It is unnecessary to pick out a winning team for basketball betting, as you can instead just focus on the points scored during the match. There are different ways to approach the Total markets in basketball betting. It could be the Total points of one team or combined between the two teams in the match. This is an over/under market.


Props Bets

Basketball betting is rife with props bets where you can focus on the performances of individual players and even things like who will be the first toss-up. Popular props bets in basketball betting are Player Assists, Player Rebounds, Player Blocks and Player Steals. These are all simple over/under markets where you go above or under the set line.



You are not just locked into basketball match-winning bet options or any of the many alternatives that we have already mentioned. Futures betting in basketball betting is big as well. That’s where a punter selects the winner of the NBA Finals before the season has started, for example, or picking the Eastern Conference winners. Long term bets offer big odds as they are a riskier proposition.


How to Place a Bet on Basketball

Placing a bet on basketball is just as straightforward as any other sport. Sign-up with any of the recommended basketball betting sites mentioned on this page for Australian bettors to get up and running.

We have selected the ones that we have found to be the best in terms of service, odds and features. The registration process is a simple one that will need you to input details such as your name and email and set up an account password that needs to be kept safe.

Usually, when you register an account at a betting site, you will be prompted to deposit at the time of registration. If not, or if you just want to do it later, you can just visit the Cashier section and go through the process there.

Check to see what payment methods are accepted by the operator you are looking at, and then process the payment. Most payment methods offer instant deposits. Once that has been done, browse through the sportsbook for the best basketball odds, add them to your bet slip and place the wager.


How our Experts Rank Basketball Betting Sites

Whichever of our recommended betting sites for Australian bettors that you look at, you will be sizing up many markets. Not all bookmakers will offer the same markets at the same odds.

There are differences, and you may well come across some niche markets that can be found at one site and not another. Then there are differences in features and odds.

Our betting experts rank the best betting sites by examining them and looking at both the areas of merit and some areas in which they may fall a little short. We strive to give readers unbiased reviews of betting sites in Australia, and our wide range of criteria includes:


Variety of basketball markets

At any of the leading betting sites, you will comfortably find a lot of markets on NBA action. While we look at which bookmakers carry the broadest range of markets, we also look at competitions. Maybe the NBA is not your basketball betting preference, and you want to focus more on the EuroLeague. Punters must get access to the markets that they wish to, and bet365 is one of the leaders in variety.


Basketball Betting Odds

Besides getting the markets you want, it’s also essential to register with a bookmaker that consistently offers strong odds. The two things don’t always go hand in hand. Low bookmaker margins are the key to this, and it’s relatively easy to check that, meaning that we can spot the betting sites that consistently churn out the best basketball odds.


Bonus & Offers

Due to regulations, betting sites in Australia cannot offer sign up incentives to get new customers to sign up with them. But once you have registered, you will find offers that can add a little something extra to your basketball betting. Common basketball offers are simply enhanced odds and money-back specials. However, basketball betting promotions are more commonly found in bigger matches and tournaments like the NBA.


Features for Basketball Betting

We also look at what extra features are available for Basketball betting on a site. That can include live streams, bet builders, live betting odds, virtual basketball betting and any other nice extras that we spot.


Basketball Live Betting

The leading betting sites in Australia offer live in-play betting on the sport, which gives even further variety to betting options. Live bets on things like the Match Winner, To Win Next Quarter, Top Points Scorer, and spread options create a dynamic platform to make selections while the action on the court is unfolding.


Help & Customer Service

When people look for a betting site to use, the common things that are looked at are betting bonus offers and the betting markets. It is not as common to think about looking at customer service. But we include that as essential criteria by which we judge a betting site. In addition, we look at things like hours of operations and how good an FAQ section is on a site.


Basketball Live Streaming in Australia

Many of the best betting sites in Australia offer live streams of basketball, and TAB is one of those. They are well worth checking out if this is your thing, as you can get a courtside view from the comfort of your sofa.

TAB is the official betting partner of NBA in Australia and live streams all NBA matches. More commonly, you will come across action from the top European tournaments with other bookmakers such as Unibet and bet365. However, bookies will generally list a schedule of forthcoming live streams, so it is easy to look at the betting site’s fixtures.

Usually, a funded account is the only thing needed to watch a live stream at a betting site. Having a live stream to watch alongside calling up some live basketball odds lets you get into the thick of it all.


Live Betting on Basketball

In-play basketball betting can easily be found at betting sites in Australia. The only stipulation here is that it is not live online in-play betting that can be done. So while you can look at the latest prices that a bookmaker offers on basketball betting for a live match, you can’t strike a bet online.

The interactive Gambling Act of 2001 prevents that, so you have to pick up the phone and call the betting site for live betting.

That’s the only difference here, and the operator will confirm your bet when you call. If the bet ends up winning, that money will be put into your online account, ready for the next round of betting or withdrawal.

Not all bookmakers offer live in-play basketball betting, and between those that do, the market options may vary a fair bit. Stick with some recommended basketball betting sites in Australia mentioned on this site for better coverage.


Basketball Betting Tips

After signing up with a betting site, you are at the point of being able to place bets on basketball. If you are looking for some guidance or assurances in this area, then basketball betting tips will be worth exploring.

It’s easy to get good free Basketball tips, and the more you look at them, it is likely that you will be able to spot trends with them. Don’t just take the tips at face value and back whatever selections are thrown out there.

Use the information within them to strengthen your decision over a particular market or sway from it if there has been a crucial piece of team news that you may have missed. You must understand the markets that you are betting on and not just go blindly at things with tips.

Another approach with basketball betting tips is to find one that piques your interest and then do your bit of research to back it up before placing a bet. Again, our betting experts help you by providing some excellent basketball betting tips for the big matches.


Strategies for Betting on Basketball

Putting together a basketball betting strategy can help you have a solid plan of attack when jumping onto your favourite betting site and looking at some wagering. In addition, putting together a strategy can help you manage a bankroll and know when to place the strongest bets.

But flexibility needs to be worked into that because injuries can cause havoc with a team’s form, and other variables like long road swings can upset teams’ momentum. So here are some pointers for putting together a basketball betting strategy.


Plan your bets

Don’t look at every game listed for a round of NBA action and think that you have to bet on every listed match. Instead, plan things out and look for the odds of selections that fit nicely into your pre-planned basketball betting strategy, which will help protect your bankroll. But, of course, just rushing into bets is never a good idea.


Hit the pause button

Any punter will tell you that losing streaks are a real thing. They happen, and it is part and parcel of sports betting. However, the most important thing to understand is that chasing those betting losses is the wrong way to approach things.

When the losses roll around, hit the pause button with your betting and perhaps even reassess your betting strategy. Don’t go throwing more money at the problem of a losing streak.


A cool head prevails

Emotions are best kept out of sports betting. For example, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the NBA Finals’ pre-match hype, especially if the team you support is involved. One area where punters do go wrong is through emotional bets on teams they support.

Passionately wanting a team to win doesn’t mean that they will. If the betting strategy and odds tell you not to back your team, you should pay attention and not let the emotional voice overrule.


Understand markets & statistics

Another element of putting together a betting strategy is being able to piece things together yourself. Pick a few markets for basketball betting and get to understand it. Look for trends in odds and general value so that when value bets come along when a bookie has underestimated a selection, you can make the most of the opportunities.

Understand the sport you are betting on as it’s easier to follow tips, reports and general news. For example, if you have followed NBA basketball for the last 15 years, your working knowledge will be better than on a sport you have never watched. Statistics is the final part of this – take the time to read them and integrate them into your strategy.


Top Basketball Leagues and Tournaments

Next, we look at some of the most significant basketball leagues and tournaments to help punters know what to watch.


NBA Basketball

The biggest basketball competition in the world is the NBA, where the stars of the game congregate. The NBA consists of 30 teams split across conferences and divisions. Each team plays 72 regular season matches.

The season is far from done for those teams that reach the NBA Playoff bracket. The rounds of action in the NBA Playoffs are Best of 7 Series match-ups, so a whole host of more matches have to be ground out.

Eight teams from each conference make the playoffs, meaning that there are three rounds of knockout basketball action to get through before reaching the NBA Finals. With so many matches in a season, there is so much NBA betting tips for punters to weigh up.


FIBA World Cup

The World Cup is the most significant international team event in Basketball. This is hosted every four years, and it operates just like the FIFA World Cup soccer tournament does. There is a group stage to start with, and the top two from each make it through to the quarter-finals, where the tournament becomes a tense knockout. The United States has won more medals at the FIBA World Cup than any nation.


NBL Australia

The leading professional tournament in Australia is the NBL, inaugurated in 1979. The NBL consists of 10 teams, all but one of them from Australia and the other from New Zealand. At the end of a regular season, the top four teams at the top of the ladder (teams play 28 matches each) go through to the Finals. The first two knockout stages are a best-of-three series, with the NBL Finals the best-of-five.


WNBL – Australia’s premier women’s competition

The Women’s National Basketball League (WNBL) is the leading competition for women’s basketball in Oceania. The competition, which features eight Australian teams, was founded in 1981 and has seen consistent growth. The Canberra Capitals and Adelaide Lighting are among the leading teams in the WNBL.


NCAA Basketball

No country does college sports like the USA does college sports. College Basketball is huge in the US, and the NCAA is the leading feeder competition for future NBA stars. There is well over a century of history in the NCAA. The tournament reaches across the country with a host of divisions and conferences.

The top-level of that is NCAA Division 1. For basketball betting, March Madness is one of the year’s big highlights, which is the single-elimination tournament featuring 68 teams. Despite being at the college level, March Madness is one of the biggest national tournaments in all sports in the US.



Europe’s leading basketball competition is the EuroLeague which features 18 teams from across the continent, including Spain, Italy, Greece and Turkey. It’s a long, challenging season for the teams and the top eight qualify for the playoffs. However, while it’s Europe’s elite league, it’s not anywhere near on the scale of the NBA in terms of quality and fan attendances at matches.


Olympic Basketball

Coming around every four years is the Basketball Olympics competition – there is an event for both men and women, with Australia usually getting in the mix in the women’s tournament.

The hunt for an Olympic Gold Medal is the pinnacle of the sport, but it has, for so long, been dominated by the USA. The USA men’s team won 16 of the first 20 Olympic basketball tournaments. At the 2022 Olympic Games, 3×3 Basketball was introduced.


Basketball Betting Australia FAQs


What is the best basketball betting site in Australia?

That choice will be down to personal preference, but our betting experts recommend TAB and bet365 for basketball bet variety.


Which Australian bookmaker has the best basketball betting odds?

bet365 consistently provides excellent basketball betting odds, while Palmerbet and Unibet both rate well.


Do any Australian betting sites have live-streaming of Basketball?

A good few of the best Australian basketball betting sites have live-streaming of Basketball, notably bet365 and Unibet, leaders for sports streams.


What is the best basketball betting app?

A good betting app can make betting on the go super-efficient, and highly-rated ones can be found at bet365 and TAB.


What Types of Bets can be made?

Basketball betting has many markets for punters to consider, from match outright, points spreads, winning margins and more.


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