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Betting on the Rugby World Cup

Held every four years, the Rugby World Cup is a men’s rugby union tournament where the best international teams compete for the prestigious Webb Ellis Cup.

South Africa are the current champions after beating England 32-12 in the final of the 2019 Rugby World Cup held in Japan. The 2023 World Cup will be held in France.

Bookmakers offer hundreds of markets on the Rugby World Cup with punters being able to place bets with leading online bookmakers such as BetEasy and Ladbrokes.

Rugby World Cup Bet Types

The bet types available on the Rugby World Cup are those that you would expect with a standard rugby union match. Here are the more popular bet types available.


The easiest bet type in sports betting is the head to head bet. You are selecting which team (nation) will win their Rugby World Cup match. The team with the shorter odds is called the favourite and the other team is known as the underdog. The All Blacks for example are generally favourites in each match due to their dominance in rugby union.


Line betting may also be known as handicap betting and occurs where bookmakers set a line for both teams. The favourite is given a negative handicap, such as -11.5 points which means the underdog would be at +11.5 points. The favourite needs to win by 12 or more points for a bet at -11.5 to be successful.


Margin betting is available on the Rugby World Cup. This bet type is where bookmakers break up the number of possible end results into grouped margins. For example, Team A 1-12, Team A 13+, Team B 1-12 and Team B 13+ are common margins that will appear for rugby union matches.


Trying to predict the player that will score the first try is exciting and this bet type is available on rugby union matches.


Futures betting is another popular bet type with punters being able to place wagers before the Rugby World Cup begins on which team will win the Cup.