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Hop into the saddle and enjoy the ride as our betting experts look at the best cycling betting sites for Aussies. Cycling is a sport that has a broad range of disciplines, from endurance-based road racing to time trials and Olympic and World Championship action in velodromes. It’s a thrilling sport to follow.

Arguably the pinnacle of the sport is the Tour de France, but there’s so much more in the sport to look at beyond that highlight.

From a cycling betting perspective, the aim of the game is to find the best odds, along with the most reliable operator services. With that in mind, we look at some of the best cycling betting sites in Australia.

betting on cycling in Australia


Top 5 Cycling Betting Sites in Australia

Below we’ve listed the top 5 cycling betting sites in Australia taken from our complete Australian bookmakers list.


  1. Unibet
  2. Ladbrokes
  3. PlayUp
  4. BlueBet
  5. bet365


Cycling Betting Odds

Using one of the best Australian betting sites for your cycling betting means you are more likely to get solid odds and market coverage features. When the big races of the year roll into action, like the Tour Down Under or the Tour de France, you want to be sure that you can find the markets you desire.

But the top priority is landing those best odds. That means not just jumping on the first price that you see on a specific rider to win a race stage but also looking to see which of the best Australian cycling betting sites have the top odds.

In the world of online sports betting, there are naturally going to be some discrepancies between how different sportsbooks price up options. So whether it’s using an odds comparison site or doing the manual work and seeing the quotes various betting sites have for your pick, finding the best cycling odds will only benefit you.

While the difference between one bookmaker and another on the Vuela de Espana winner isn’t going to be huge, even if it is a difference of 1.80 and a slightly longer 2.0 price that is found, why not strike the cycling bet at the bookie that is offering the better quote?


Cycling Betting Tips

Cycling is an exciting sport from a betting perspective. It’s an entirely different ball game from following the NRL each week and recognising which teams are in form. Riders don’t get a lot of opportunities to ride themselves into shape.

Some may even use smaller cycling events ahead of a Grand Tour race, for example, simply for fitness and don’t go all out. So that can make cycling betting markets tricky to read. Consider the Grand Tour races, the Giro d’Italia, the Vuelta de Espana and the Tour de France.

Those are the three biggest races globally, and not every rider will take them all on during the season. However, it is common for the elite riders to put a dedicated focus on attempting to land one of them. These are massive endurance tests, and it is not easy to get primed for all of the challenges.

So that is where cycling betting tips are well worth considering. After signing up with one of Australia’s best betting sites for your cycling wagers, ahead of making selections do a little research.

Reading cycling betting tips can help sway your decision over what you may want to do with your wager. Even if they are just read and used for insights, perhaps offering contrary information or a piece of news that solidifies your thoughts about a cycling market selection, betting tips can prove to be valuable.

To read some of the best cycling betting tips, our betting experts compile up-to-date insights for punters to freely browse through, especially when it comes to the big Grand Tour and Olympic events.


Cycling Betting Strategy

Because the appeal of doing some cycling betting may only crop up a few times a year when a big event is on, it’s good to go in with a cycling betting strategy. Along with digesting some cycling betting tips, there are other things to look at when piecing together a betting strategy.

Race history is a good angle into sorting through a field because some riders specialise in certain events. The Tour de France is a good indicator of that, as it’s the biggest cycling event globally and one that some cyclists put their entire stock into.

So looking back at previous performances of riders in that particular race ahead of the latest edition is an excellent start to piecing together a strategy.

Understanding the conditions of a road race stage is crucial too. There are different types of riders within the Tour de France. Sprint specialists will flourish on certain stages, while others only really come to the fore on the heavy climbs. Some team riders are even there to support the leading rider only.

The weather is an uncontrollable element that factors into cycling betting, as inclement conditions can throw a spanner in the works of leading contenders. The other critical angle for creating a cycling betting strategy is simply absorbing the news. Did a rider crash in the last leg and could be carrying an injury? Is a rider complaining about conditions? Don’t just look at the figures in a betting market – fully understand that cycling betting market.


Most Popular Cycling Betting Markets

Cycling betting is more nuanced than just picking out the race winner. An excellent amount of variety can be looked at, so it is important to consider picking one of the best betting sites in Australia for your cycling betting. Here are some of the most common cycling markets.


Race Winner

If you are looking at a Madison race at the Olympic Games for cycling betting, that is just the pick of the winner of that race. However, selecting the Race Winner will be for the overall outright conclusion for a big road race like the Tour de France.

It’s also known as the General Classification, the rider that takes the least time across all race stages combined. You are most likely to find the best in the world coming through for the top events – a rank outsider underdog will rarely win.


Points Classification

At the Tour de France, the Points Classification betting market is also separate from the General Classification. During the race, points are handed out for finishing position in a stage and sprints within it. This is where sprinters, who may not have the great endurance to push for the General Classification win, can make an impact.


Stage Winner

The stage winner of cycling betting is picking out the selection you think will win a single stage. This is where some research and reading cycling betting tips is likely to pay dividends. It is essential to understand the conditions of a stage, i.e. a mountain climb, or a sprint or even if it is a regular stage, whether it ends with a climb, for example.


King of the Mountains

This is another of the significant classifications and honours at the Grand Tour races. The combined mountain stages of a race test the riders with brutal inclines. It’s where some specialists, who aren’t as threatening on the level, can have their day. The climbs are challenging, and the King of the Mountain betting market is picking the overall winner of that classification.


Top 3 Finish

Picking out the one rider that will get to the finish line first in a stage is not the easiest of tasks to pull out. However, cycling betting markets like the Top 3 Finish offer a little contingency. That’s backing a rider to make it into any of the first three positions. Other similar markets like the Top 5 or Top 10 can also apply to the race outright.


Number of Finishers

Is the rain lashing down on a nasty cobblestone stage of a race? Is the sun beating down on the longest, steepest climb of an entire race? Does it look like being a smooth race with little drama where crashes are at a minimum? A popular cycling betting market is picking the number of finishers of a stage – an over/under market.


Best Young Rider

It’s tough for a young, inexperienced rider to just go to something like the Giro d’Italia and land the race win. Experience, maturity and strength are often needed first, and therefore the Grand Tour races do not have the Best Young Rider betting category to look at this. This is picking which rider will be the top youngster (based on an age limit) of the general classification.


Bet on Other Types of Cycling Races

It is common to think primarily about the Tour de France for cycling betting. But as mentioned at the top of this article, there are many disciplines with cycling to expand your cycling betting range.


Here are a few of the other types of cycling races to consider.


Time Trial

The Olympic Time Trial is one of the most popular disciplines for riders seeking a gold medal. This is when riders set off at staggered times to complete a road course. Because riders are sent off separately, there is no knowing how other riders are performing, and it’s all based on the best individual time.


Mountain Bike

There is also mountain bike betting, part of the Olympic Games. This sees specialist cyclists take on rough tracks through nature, looking to set the best time. It’s a big dangerous thrill ride and one of the top spectator disciplines in the sport.



Also introduced in the Olympic Games, BMX is a thrilling, shorter course discipline for cycling. It’s not about the tricks – it’s riders going up against each other on a short course of jumps and turns and sprints to get to the finish first.


Track Cycling

Track cycling is a huge deal, with notable events being the Olympic Games, the World Championships, Commonwealth Games and the European Championships. Track cycling is, for the most part, held inside at velodromes. There are different formats of track cycling like the Omnium, Madison, Sprint, Team Sprint and Keirin.


Cycling Live Streaming in Australia

Live-streaming in Australia cycling events is not something that is going to be easy to come across – it’s not something that providers have offered. But, highly recommended operators like bet365 and Unibet, in particular, are highly touted for their superb live streams on things like football, rugby, tennis and horse racing.


Cycling Live Betting in Australia

Some of the best betting sites in Australia offer some live cycling betting which puts an exciting spin on things. In addition, waiting for some live in-play betting markets gives punters a chance to strategise more with their selections.

It could be waiting until a few kilometres of a stage of the Tour Down Under has passed by before placing the bet on the outright winner of it. But, on the other hand, maybe someone has just made a stunning early break from the leading peloton, and you fancy them to stay the distance.

It is common to find live cycling betting at the leading bookmakers in Australia, but note that live bets cannot be placed online due to the Interactive Gambling Act (IGA) from 2001. Instead, you have to look at the betting market, select your option and then phone into the sportsbook to strike the wager.


How to Place a Bet on Cycling Online

Hopping in the saddle and getting some cycling betting online done is a straightforward process. A few simple steps will get anyone up and pedalling to strike up some bets. Here’s an overview of how to place a bet on cycling online.


Pick a betting site

We recommend using any of the best betting sites in Australia that we reference on this page to register an account. We rate them all highly based on numerous factors like odds quality, market variety and customer service.


Register an account

Go through the registration process, which is quick and easy. What will you likely be asked when setting up a betting account? The general fare is an email, username and password to set up the account, while personal information includes the date of birth and address.


Make a payment

To place a bet, you need some funds in the account to use. So first, look at the bookmaker to check what deposit methods they take. One of the most common methods is to use a Visa or a Mastercard, and most deposit methods are instant.


Select a cycling bet

Once the account at a betting site is set up, you need to browse the sportsbook to find the suitable cycling bet you want. Then, pick through the options you want and add them to the bet slip. Once you have set your bets, enter the stake on the slip and place the bet.


How Our Experts Rank the Best Cycling Betting Sites in Australia

With many highly rated betting sites for Australian bettors, to help assess which are the best, we look at specific criteria for each of them. So, for example, our experts want to know which sites have the best cycling betting odds that can be found consistently and what a site offers in terms of features like live-streaming.


Here are some of the main areas that our betting experts examine to rate a betting site:


The Cycling Markets

Variety is regarded highly in cycling markets because punters want more than picking a race winner. Therefore, we look for a deeper cycling betting market variety, such as Head To Head, Winning Nationality, etc. Also, the number of races covered is essential, as it could be a frustrating experience not finding Vuelta de Espana markets, for example.


Cycling Betting Odds

Bookmaker odds are not going to be the same at different bookmakers. So while there is no one betting site at which you’ll always find the best odds on a selection, we study bookmaker margins to see which consistently offers ones at the lower end. Helping bettors get the best odds is an important goal of ours.



A betting site isn’t just all about the sportsbook market and odds – there are other things to factor in, like features. Does a betting site have a bet builder? Do they offer live betting or even live streams, and how many and on what sports. Features can enhance the online experience at a betting site. Features like a blog or betting tips all count towards extra features.


Mobile Platforms

Another angle that we like to examine is what a betting site offers for players on the go. Betting on a mobile device is extremely common, and we look at whether a bookmaker has a dedicated sports betting app or, if not, what their mobile website experience is like.


Offers and promotions

For punters looking at cycling betting, there may be offers that can be used to add some value to your bets further. For example, it could be a bet boost token or money back special. Unfortunately, Australian betting sites cannot offer sign-up bonuses for new accounts, but there may be options once registered.


Customer Support and Safety

Everyone needs a helping hand now and again, so we look at customer support and other security features. If you need a little guidance, does a bookmaker have a good FAQ section, and what channels do they offer for customer support? We only look at trusted, registered betting sites when it comes to security.


The Major Cycling Events

Not sure what cycling events to look out for? Don’t worry – we have you covered. While landing an Olympic Gold is a big dream of most sportspersons, away from that arena, there are the big cycling Grand Tour events in Europe. Here is a look at the most prestigious major cycling races in the world.


Tour de France

Arguably nothing is bigger in cycling than the Tour de France. Its history goes back to the early 1900s, and it is seen as the pinnacle of the sport. This is where you will see the best endurance cyclists in the world taking on the challenge.

It’s a fascinating race in different environments across France, and it does dip into other countries like Belgium and the Netherlands.

With a host of coveted Classifications, the pick being the Yellow Jersey, it is one of the biggest, most well-supported races in cycling. Only five riders in history have completed the triple crown of cycling by winning all three Grand Tour races.


Giro d’Italia

Another of the Grand Tour events is the Giro d’Italia which doesn’t get the same degree of hype as the Tour de France. It is another of the world’s great road races, however, featuring a host of varying stages and one of the real highlights is when it moves through the Alps. The Giro d’Italia is usually the first Grand Tour of a calendar year.


Vuelta de España

The third and final Grand Tour of cycling is the Vuelta de Espana, another multi-stage road race across varying terrains around Spain. This race was first started in the mid-1930s, and its mountain stages are held in the Pyrenees. The race’s conclusion sees the riders end the testing three-week challenge in Madrid.


Tour of Britain

While not big enough to be associated with the Grand Tours of cycling, the Tour of Britain is a popular UCI event. Britain has a long tradition with cycling, including Olympic and Tour de France champions. The Tour of Britain was introduced in the mid-1940s, and it’s hosted over eight days around England, Scotland and Wales in some testing conditions.


UCI World Championships

Hosted by the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), the UCI World Championship is a festival of the best cycling racing around. It’s a major championship, and it covers a lot of different disciplines from time trials to road races, track cycling and BMX. It is hosted annually for both men and women.


Olympic Cycling

What sportsperson hasn’t dreamed of having an Olympic Gold medal hung around their neck? Every four years, some wonderful Olympic Cycling is betting to look into. There are different events at the UCI World Championships, ranging from the time trials to mountain biking and a whole host of action at velodromes for track cycling.


Australian Cycling Betting Sites Final Verdict 

The sport of cycling has a lot more to it than just the Tour de France. It reaches far and wide worldwide as it is an accessible sport for beginners, pros and spectators alike. Therefore, betting on cycling is broad, with so many markets to break down.

It is exciting to break down an entire Tour de France event into separate stages and look at the different betting options for each. The varying conditions and styles of riders are all catered for, offering some great options for cycling betting.

Visit any of the best betting sites in Australia for cycling betting that we have mentioned on this page to get a whole experience, where you are likely to find the best cycling betting odds and the best variety of markets.


Cycling Betting Sites FAQs


Can you bet on Cycling?

Betting on cycling is common, and there are plenty of markets to be found. Visit any of the best betting sites that we recommend, like Unibet, and you will find plenty of betting options, especially on the top events like the Tour de France.


Is the Tour de France worth betting on?

Betting on the Tour de France can be done in various ways, from picking the overall winner to betting on individual stages and lots more. The key is reading tips and looking at form to try and find the best cycling bets with the best odds.


How do you bet on the Tour de France?

Go to any of the recommended cycling betting sites to look through the markets for the Tour de France. Of course, the first one to be priced up will be the outright winner odds for the famous Yellow Jersey, but other Classifications like the Points, King of the Mountain, and Young Rider are also popular markets.


Who offers betting on the most tours?

Variety is essential for punters to get the markets for cycling betting when they want them. One of the best betting sites in Australia for a variety of cycling markets is Unibet.


What is the best cycling betting site?

The best cycling betting site is going to be down to personal preference. Check out a few that we highly recommend and make the proper selections that fit you.


What Australian bookmaker has the best cycling odds?

Odds shift and react to things like the injury of a rider and the betting volume received on a particular outcome. One of the best ways to track the best cycling odds is to use an odds comparison site and do that often enough, and you’ll probably see a trend in which bookies continuously lead the way with the best odds.


Do Australian betting sites offer online in-play betting on cycling?

You can get in-play betting on cycling betting at most betting sites in Australia. In addition, live bets can be placed via telephone.


What is the best app for cycling betting?

A good betting app with good operation and functionality is a superb way to do your betting conveniently. One of the best apps for bettors in Australia comes from PlayUp.


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