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  • Extensive Promotions
  • Blended Racing Bets
  • Even Shot Racing Bets
  • Unique Runner Highlights
  • Protest Payout
  • Same Game Multis
  • Same Race Multis
  • No Live Streaming
  • No Telephone Support

Embark on a thrilling journey through the wild terrain of online betting with JungleBet, Australia’s rapidly emerging bookmaker. With a promise to deliver an adventurous betting experience, JungleBet offers a diverse range of fixed odds markets in sports and racing. This platform invites punters to navigate the lush landscape of betting opportunities with the assurance of responsible gambling practices at its core.

Whether you are a seasoned bettor or new to the game, JungleBet aims to be your guide through the exciting world of wagering, all while ensuring a commitment to safe and responsible play. Join us as we delve into the heart of JungleBet’s offerings, exploring the features that make it a unique contender in the online betting safari.


JungleBet homepage


JungleBet Quick Facts

Owner JungleBet Pty Ltd
Operations (Headquarters) Melbourne
Founded 2023
Website https://junglebet.com.au/
Rating  8/10
Currency AUD
Language English
Minimum Deposit $10
Minimum Withdrawal $20
Format Decimal


JungleBet Racing Features

JungleBet has some unique racing features that are sure to appeal to punters looking to spice things up a bit.

Even Shot

Even Shot is a unique racing feature on JungleBet and is available 10 minutes prior to race time. When users click on even shot in a particular event, they will get the option to back a randomly selected runner at even money ($2) to finish in a particular set of placings.

For example, the graphic below shows a market on Healesville Greyhounds where Inter Mary was offered at $2 to finish in the top 2. Inter Mary ended up finishing 2nd and only paid $1.62 for the place, but users taking advantage of the ‘Even Shot’ function would have received $2 for that greyhound finishing in 2nd place.


junglebet even shot 1

junglebet even shot 2

junglebet even shot 3



JungleBet’s Blended Odds gives punters the option to select multiple runners and receive a combined price for either of the runners to win. The below example shows a scenario where the second and third favourites are selected to beat the favourite.

If either horse were to win, users would receive the Blended Odds of $2.40. This feature can be a great tool for taking on false favourites or backing multiple runners with one bet when you cannot decide which runner to take.


junglebet blended bets


Runner Highlights

For punters that do not have the time or knowledge to delve into the form guide, JungleBet’s Runner Highlights give a quick heads up on key stats such as: Track Specialist, Strong Finisher, Best Rated, Last Start Winner, Roughie, Dynamic Duo and more.


junglebet Runner Highlights


Protest Payout

Gone are the days of backing a horse and watching it win, and then going on to lose the bet on a protest. At JungleBet, if your horse crosses the line first, you are guaranteed the win regardless of whether there is a protest or not.


junglebet protest payout


Betting Markets Available on JungleBet

Sports Betting Markets on JungleBet

JungleBet offer an extensive array of sports betting markets. Whether you are looking for Basketball, Soccer, AFL, or Rugby, you will find what you need at JungleBet.

Australian Rules Football Cricket
Rugby League Darts
Rugby Union Ice Hockey
American Football Soccer
Baseball Sport Futures
Basketball Tennis


Racing Markets available on JungleBet

JungleBet presents an expansive selection of sports markets, ensuring that every bettor’s preference is met with enthusiasm and variety. The betting markets available on JungleBet include:

  • Greyhound Racing: Offering numerous races daily, JungleBet ensures that fans of this fast-paced sport have many opportunities to place their bets.
  • Harness Racing: Catering to the harness racing enthusiasts, JungleBet provides a platform to engage with this unique and strategic form of racing.
  • Thoroughbred Racing: JungleBet offers extensive coverage of both Australian and international horse racing events, capturing the essence of the sport for racing aficionados.

This diverse range of betting markets signifies JungleBet’s dedication to providing a comprehensive and engaging betting experience for all its users.


JungleBet Odds

JungleBet has quickly gained a reputation for offering competitive odds that enhance the potential for lucrative returns for its bettors. The platform prides itself on delivering its own expertly assessed odds, which stand up robustly against industry competitors. With a commitment to providing the best possible odds in both racing and sports markets, JungleBet positions itself as a go-to destination for bettors seeking value and quality in their wagering endeavours.


JungleBet Promotions

JungleBet does offer promotions from time to time, but there is no specific menu option to find promotions which is a bit of a letdown.


JungleBet Website Usability & Experience

Design Aesthetics

  • Typography and Visual Elements

Typography and visual components are harmoniously integrated to offer a delightful and navigable interface on mobile devices. JungleBet’s mobile site is meticulously optimised to leverage these visual elements effectively, ensuring that the colour palette, typography, and overall design are tailored for effortless recognition and interaction on touchscreens.

On desktop computers, the visual elements are strategically arranged to maximise layout, spacing, and imagery, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal. JungleBet’s desktop interface distinguishes itself with a unique visual presentation that stands out from the competition, providing users with an engaging and intuitive navigation experience.

  • Consistency in Design Across Different Sections/Pages

In the fast-paced world of online betting, JungleBet stands out with a website that exemplifies the importance of design consistency for a superior user experience and the establishment of a trustworthy brand presence. The uniformity in design across JungleBet’s platform is a testament to a well-implemented design philosophy that facilitates effortless navigation for users. This harmonious experience is maintained throughout the user’s journey on the site.

JungleBet achieves this consistency by meticulously applying a uniform colour palette, typography, icons, buttons, and layout structures. This strategic design approach fosters a quick sense of familiarity, engendering trust and comfort in users. It imparts a sense of unity and coherence, transforming the site into a single, unified entity rather than a mere assemblage of individual pages.

  • Use of images, videos, and other multimedia elements

The digital landscape of today’s world is rich with websites that cater to a myriad of needs, from entertainment and information dissemination to e-commerce and financial services. JungleBet embraces this digital reality by incorporating a variety of multimedia elements such as images, videos, and interactive features that not only captivate but also engage users deeply.

JungleBet’s strategic use of consistent multimedia elements across its website is a deliberate effort to create a seamless user experience. This consistency in visual elements ensures that as users navigate through different sections, they are guided by familiar visual cues. This familiarity breeds a stronger connection between the user and the JungleBet brand.

By maintaining a uniform use of images, videos, and other multimedia elements, JungleBet establishes a distinctive visual identity that becomes synonymous with the brand in the minds of users. This not only enhances brand recognition but also plays a pivotal role in maintaining user interest and engagement, which is essential in the competitive world of online betting.


Layout and Structure

  • Organisation of Content and Information Hierarchy:

JungleBet’s website is meticulously crafted to offer a streamlined and structured online betting experience. The site’s layout and content organisation are designed to guide users effortlessly from one section to another, creating a logical information hierarchy that is easy to navigate.

Upon arrival, JungleBet’s homepage presents a welcoming and aesthetically pleasing gateway to its services. The layout is straightforward and user-centric, allowing visitors to quickly grasp the site’s offerings and encouraging further exploration. Strategic use of headings and subheadings effectively segments content, enabling users to scan and locate the information they seek without hassle.

  • Responsiveness and Adaptability to Different Screen Sizes:

The website’s adaptability across various devices is a testament to its responsive design. JungleBet understands the importance of a consistent experience across all platforms, ensuring that whether on a desktop, phone, tablet, or smart TV, the interface adjusts seamlessly to the user’s screen for optimal browsing.



  • Intuitiveness of the Navigation Menu and Search Functionality:

User-friendliness is at the core of JungleBet’s navigation and search functionalities. The navigation menu is intuitive, with a clear and concise design that aids users in identifying the sections of interest swiftly. By limiting the number of menu options and grouping related sections, JungleBet avoids overwhelming users, fostering a sense of familiarity and ease with the site’s navigation.

  • Accessibility Features (if any) for Differently Abled Users:

Accessibility is a key consideration for JungleBet, aiming to provide an inclusive experience for all users, including those with disabilities. The website incorporates features such as alt text for images and customisable font sizes to accommodate users with visual impairments, ensuring that everyone can interact with and enjoy the content.

  • Clarity of Information and Lack of Clutter:

JungleBet’s commitment to clarity and a clutter-free interface is evident throughout the site. The minimalist design, coupled with generous white space, clean typography, and strategic visual placement, creates an environment free from distractions, allowing users to concentrate on what matters most—their betting experience.


JungleBet App Review

In the dynamic world of online betting, mobile apps have become essential for bettors who demand convenience and flexibility. The JungleBet app stands out as a premier choice for those looking to engage with sports betting on the go. Designed with a focus on user experience, the app offers a comprehensive and intuitive interface that caters to both the casual bettor and the experienced punter.

The JungleBet app is a powerhouse of functionality, mirroring the full suite of features available on the desktop version. Users have the entire spectrum of sports markets at their fingertips, along with a wealth of betting options, real-time updates, live scores, and in-depth statistics. The app ensures that users can enjoy a complete sportsbook experience, including secure banking methods, all optimised for mobile use.

Performance is a key highlight of the JungleBet app. Regardless of whether users are on Android or iOS, the app is engineered for speed and reliability. Reports from users consistently praise the app for its quick load times and smooth, error-free performance across different devices and operating systems. This attention to technical excellence means that bettors can rely on the JungleBet app for uninterrupted betting action, anytime and anywhere.

In summary, the JungleBet app is a testament to the brand’s commitment to providing a superior mobile betting experience. It is a robust platform that brings the excitement of sports betting to the palm of your hand with the quality and service expected from a leading sportsbook.




JungleBet Android App

The JungleBet Android App is a tailored betting platform for enthusiasts who prefer the Android ecosystem. It mirrors the comprehensive functionality and user-friendly design found in its iOS counterpart, ensuring that users have a consistent experience across devices. Whether switching from an Android handset to an iPad, bettors can expect the same high-quality interface and betting experience without missing a beat.

The app integrates the full array of JungleBet’s features, from a vast selection of sports markets to various betting options and live updates. Android users will find the app’s performance on their devices to be smooth and responsive, with quick navigation and reliable updates that are essential for in-the-moment betting decisions.

For those ready to dive into the JungleBet experience on Android, the app is conveniently available for download on the Google Play Store, providing easy access to a world of betting at your fingertips.


JungleBet Apple iOS App

The JungleBet Apple iOS App is crafted to deliver a seamless betting journey for users of Apple devices. Available through the Apple App Store, the app is optimised for the iOS environment, ensuring that iPhone and iPad users enjoy a betting experience that is both smooth and intuitive.

The iOS app is designed to offer the full range of JungleBet’s services, mirroring the desktop site’s features. This includes access to all sports markets, betting options, live score updates, comprehensive statistics, and secure banking methods. The app’s interface is clean and user-friendly, making it easy for bettors to navigate and place bets with just a few taps.

With the JungleBet iOS app, Apple users can expect a betting experience that is as robust and feature rich as the desktop version, tailored to the unique capabilities and strengths of iOS devices.


How to Sign Up for a JungleBet Account?

Follow these straightforward steps to register with JungleBet and join the action.

  1. Head to junglebet.com.au
  2. Click “Sign Up” in the top right-hand corner
  3. Enter your personal details and create a strong password
  4. Enter a code: Use the exclusive JungleBet code BPRO100 when signing up
  5. Set a deposit limit if you choose to do so
  6. Deposit funds and place your first bet


Is there a JungleBet Sign-Up Code?

The best JungleBet sign-up code for new users is BPRO100.


How to Verify your JungleBet Account?

Account verification can be automatic, but if you are prompted to verify your account, you must verify within 14 days of account registration. Failure to verify your account may result in restricted access to certain features, such as making withdrawals. To verify your account, simply provide the requested identification, such as:

  • Driver’s License
  • Australian Passport
  • Medicare Card
  • Australian Citizenship Certificate


JungleBet Deposit Options

Funding your JungleBet account is designed to be straightforward and convenient, offering a variety of deposit methods to suit different user preferences. Here are the deposit options available:

  1. Credit Card/Debit Card: Use your Visa or MasterCard for instant deposits and get into the action without delay.
  2. POLi: This online payment service enables you to transfer funds directly from your bank account, bypassing the need for a credit card, and ensuring immediate availability of funds.


Please note that JungleBet may provide additional deposit methods. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, it is recommended to visit the JungleBet website or contact their customer support.


JungleBet Deposit Limits

JungleBet is committed to promoting responsible gambling by providing tools that help you manage your betting activity responsibly.


Setting a Deposit Limit:

JungleBet allows you to set a daily deposit limit, giving you control over the amount of money you can deposit into your account each day.


How to Set Your Deposit Limit:

  1. Log In: Sign into your JungleBet account.
  2. Account Settings: Select ‘My Account’ at the top right of the page.
  3. Responsible Gambling: In the account settings, find and click on ‘Responsible Gambling’.
  4. Deposit Limit: Choose ‘Deposit Limit’ and enter the maximum amount you want to allow yourself to deposit daily.


The deposit limit takes effect immediately. If you choose to increase this limit later, there will be a 7-day reflection period before the change is applied.


Changing or Removing the Deposit Limit:

  1. Log In: Sign into your JungleBet account.
  2. Account Settings: Select ‘My Account’ at the top right of the page.
  3. Responsible Gambling: In the account settings, find and click on ‘Responsible Gambling’.
  4. Modify Deposit Limit:

– To remove the limit, check the option ‘Do Not Wish to Set a Deposit Limit’.

– To change the limit, enter a new amount.

Decreasing your deposit limit will take effect immediately, while increasing it will be subject to a 7-day waiting period to ensure you have adequate time to consider the change.


Additional Measures:

In addition to deposit limits, JungleBet also enforces a bet limit of AU$500 per wager, unless stated otherwise, as part of their responsible gambling policy.

In essence, JungleBet’s deposit limit feature is a clear indication of their dedication to ensuring a secure and responsible gaming environment for all members.


JungleBet Withdrawal Methods

Withdrawing your winnings from JungleBet is a straightforward process, though the options are more limited compared to deposit methods.


Here is what you need to know about the withdrawal process:

JungleBet processes payouts exclusively through bank transfers to your preferred bank account in Australian dollars (AUD). This method ensures secure and direct transfer of funds into your account.


How to Place Bets on JungleBet?

Engaging in betting on JungleBet is designed to be a user-friendly and efficient experience. Whether you are a seasoned bettor or new to the game, here is how you can place your bets on JungleBet with ease:


  1. Account Creation and Verification:

Start by creating an account on JungleBet.com.au. Fill in the necessary details and verify your email address to ensure your account is active and secure.


  1. Logging in and Exploring Bets:

Log into your JungleBet account. Take your time to navigate through the platform. You can explore various sports and events, filtering them by categories such as popularity, sport type, or upcoming events.


  1. Selecting Your Bet:

Once you have found an event that piques your interest, click on it to view more details. You will be presented with information such as the event description, potential outcomes, odds for each outcome, and the deadline for placing your bet.


  1. Placing Your Wager:

Decide on the outcome you want to bet on. Enter the amount you wish to wager—you can adjust the bet amount using a slider or input the figure manually.


  1. Bet Confirmation:

Review your bet to make sure everything is correct. Confirm your bet by clicking the “Place Bet” button. You’ll receive a confirmation message along with a digital receipt of your bet.


  1. Awaiting the Outcome:

After placing your bet, all that is left is to wait for the event to conclude. If your prediction is correct, you will receive your winnings based on the odds provided. If not, you will lose the stake you wagered.


Remember, betting should always be approached with strategy and moderation. JungleBet offers a variety of betting options, and it is wise to familiarize yourself with them. Each bet type has its own strategic value, and finding the right approach can enhance your betting experience. Take the time to research, learn, and experiment with different strategies to discover what works best for you. Good luck, and may your bets be fruitful!


JungleBet Terms & Conditions

All JungleBet T&Cs can be viewed here.


JungleBet Licence & Security

JungleBet provides a secure and fair betting experience, strictly following legal and safety regulations. It holds a license from the Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission, showing its commitment to high regulatory standards. As a recognised member of the Victorian Bookmakers’ Association and holder of a Club Bookmakers Licence from Racing Victoria Limited, JungleBet is a trusted name in the betting world.

By maintaining lofty standards of licensing and security, JungleBet demonstrates its dedication to providing users with a secure platform where they can engage in betting activities with peace of mind. The combination of regulatory oversight, industry-standard security practices, and proactive monitoring makes JungleBet a trustworthy choice for bettors looking for a secure online betting experience.


JungleBet Responsible Gambling

JungleBet is committed to promoting responsible gambling and provides tools to help users bet within their means. Users can set their own deposit limits to manage how much they can fund their accounts daily, weekly, or monthly. This helps prevent excessive betting and encourages responsible play.

The platform also enforces a maximum bet limit of AU$500 per wager, with the possibility of adjustments at JungleBet’s discretion. Other measures include the option for self-exclusion, safeguarding personal information for responsible gambling purposes, and policies against engaging with minors or those with gambling issues. JungleBet may also refuse or close accounts to uphold responsible gambling standards.

Additional resources and support for users seeking further information or support regarding responsible gambling, reach out to:

Gambler’s Help or Gambling Help: Contact at 1800 858 858 or visit their websites at www.gamblershelp.com.au or www.gamblinghelponline.org.au.

Gambler’s Help Youthline: Contact at 1800 262 376.


How to Get in Touch with JungleBet?

JungleBet provides efficient customer support to assist users with any inquiries or issues they may encounter. If you need to contact JungleBet, you can reach out to their customer service team through the following methods:

  1. Live Chat: For immediate assistance, JungleBet offers an integrated live chat feature on their platform. This allows you to have a real-time conversation with a support agent.
  2. Email: If your concern requires you to provide documentation or if you prefer not to use live chat, JungleBet also supports communication via email. You can send your queries and attach any necessary documents directly to their support team’s email address.

JungleBet provides a hassle-free support experience, ensuring that help is readily available through these convenient contact options.


JungleBet Alternatives

If you do not like the feel of the JungleBet website or app, and would rather look for a new bookmaker, here are three top rated bookmakers to consider:

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Advance your betting experience with our top picks of Australian betting sites. Delve into our detailed reviews and find out which online bookies are the ideal fit for your preferences.


Conclusion & Final Thoughts

JungleBet, though a newcomer to the online betting scene, has quickly signalled its ambition to be a key player in Australia’s vibrant online betting market. The platform has rolled out a suite of features and services that cater to a diverse audience, offering a plethora of betting options across various sports and events. Whether you are into mainstream sports or have a taste for more obscure events, JungleBet’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to find and place your bets.

The odds on offer are competitive, and while the live betting feature may have some limitations, it is still a significant draw for bettors looking for real-time action. Customer satisfaction is a priority for JungleBet, with a responsive customer support system in place to address any issues promptly.

However, there’s always room for growth. Expanding the range of payment methods would not only benefit members by providing more convenience but also help JungleBet to appeal to a wider audience. Additionally, while there are some promotions and bonuses available, ramping up these offerings could serve to attract new users and enrich the betting experience for existing ones.

In summary, JungleBet is off to a promising start with a solid foundation in place. With a few enhancements, particularly in payment options and promotional activities, it could well evolve into a favourite haunt for Australian bettors.


JungleBet Review FAQs

Who owns JungleBet?

JungleBet is owned by JungleBet Pty Ltd, an Australian private company.

Is JungleBet legal in Australia?

Yes, JungleBet operates legally in Australia, adhering strictly to the terms and conditions of its licenses and certifications as mandated by the appropriate Australian regulatory authorities.

What is the minimum bet amount on JungleBet?

The minimum bet amount on JungleBet is $0.50.

How can I set deposit limits or self-exclude from JungleBet?

JungleBet offers responsible gambling features, allowing members to set deposit limits or self-exclude for specific durations. This can be accessed via the 'Responsible Gambling' tab in the member's account.

What payment methods does JungleBet accept?

JungleBet accepts payments through Mastercard, VISA, POLi, and direct bank transfers.

Go to JungleBet New customers only. 18+. T&C's Apply. For free and confidential support call 1800 858 858 or visit gamblinghelponline.org.au.