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The Ladbrokes Bet Ticker is a tool that punters can use to keep track of the latest market action across horse racing and other sports. So if you have been curious about where the money is going, where it has come from and which bets are trending, look no further.


What is the Ladbrokes Bet Ticker?

The Ladbrokes Bet Ticker, a feature of the main Ladbrokes app that can be downloaded for iOS or Android, is a tool through which punters can study betting trends for selected events.

It is an information tool, providing 24/7 live insights about bets on a sports market. That’s on all events from the Australian Open Tennis, NRL and horse racing – users can select the events to study.


How to use the Ladbrokes Bet Ticker

The Bet Ticker is free to use, and you need to be a registered customer and do a Ladbrokes login via the app to look at it. Find the desired event you are interested in and click the Bet Ticker option to look at insights such as the Big Bets coming in for it.


How does the Ladbrokes Bet Ticker work?

The Ladbrokes Bet Ticker provides punters with information about what is going on behind the scenes in terms of betting action. A Heat Map displays where the bets are coming into the market from in terms of the general location.

There is also a Versus Map available in the Bet Ticker, which allows customers to choose a location to study. Doing so will then reveal what percentage of bets are going to which outcome on a selected market and how close the market is to being flipped on its head with the underdog getting backed.

A Big Bet tool is also available, which displays what bigger stakes placed on a market are going towards, allowing you to jump on any growing trend by following the more significant money.


Frequently Asked Questions


Is Bet Ticker available 24 hours a day?

The Ladbrokes Bet Ticker constantly runs on a 24/7 basis, but naturally, when a market closes, it’s no longer available for that event. As a result, the maps become available only when the activity on a given event has started to roll in.


Can I see my bet?

You can see your bet on the maps within the Bet Ticker. It may not always be available, especially on the more heavily populated markets, but your bet hotspot will be shown on the map when it is.


Are the bets live?

The incredible thing about the Ladbrokes Bet Ticker is that all the data is gathered in real-time. So as soon as a bet is placed on a horse race, for example, it will be registered in the Bet Ticker, giving punters real-time insights.


Can I access Bet Ticker features after a market or event has closed?

After a horse race, the information gathered about Big Bets by the Bet Ticker will be available for no more than 48 hours.


Can other punters see my bets?

The Bet Ticker is an information tool and doesn’t display customer details. While it can show what bet you placed and the general location from where it was received, it won’t display personal information. It is not a specific location marker that reveals the exact whereabouts.


What type of bets are displayed in the Bet Maps feature?

All the bets placed on a horse race will be included in the Ladbrokes Bet Ticker Hat Map and Versus Map, plus an analysis of the individual runners. For sports on the Bet Ticker, they include all bets received for a given event.


What is the Tipping Point?

The Tipping Point can be found in the Versus Map. It’s just an indication of how well-supported a team or a horse is from a location. When a selection receives more and more bets, the Tipping Point scale will lean in their favour, the trend indicated by colour on the map.


For more information, visit and create a free account. Recent legislation changes in Australia prevents bookmakers from offering new customers a sign-up bonus when opening an account. However, registered customers can still find an excellent betting platform, daily racing promotions, and other Ladbrokes bonus offers as part of a superb service.

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