Ladbrokes Cash Out – Everything You Need to Know!

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The Ladbrokes Cash Out is a fantastic tool for taking some control over your bets. Place a sports bet, and before the event has finished, you have the option to settle the wager early at a Cash Out price.


What Is Ladbrokes Cash Out?

The Ladbrokes Cash Out allows users to size up how a bet is currently performing. It gives the option to either cash out for some guaranteed profit or minimise some losses if the wager isn’t performing as expected.

If you are interested in the Ladbrokes Cash Out for a currently active bet, the price offered for Cash Out will be determined by a couple of crucial factors – the time remaining in a fixture and the current state play within it.


Example Cash Out Scenarios

An example would be the Penrith Panthers v Brisbane Broncos for NRL betting. A pre-match Win backing the Penrith Panthers is taken, but with 70 minutes on the clock, they are up by only 3 points, and the game is still in the balance.

If you were feeling uncertain that the Panthers would close out the game successfully, then it would be possible to take a Ladbrokes Cash Out offer by settling the active wager on a Penrith victory.

The price would be settled at would be reduced from the original odds that the bet was taken at. Also, if the circumstances were very different, for example, Penrith led by a considerable 18 point margin with just five minutes left, then the Cash Out offer would be a lot less. But, again, it’s dependent on the situation currently in the active match.

That is where the balance of a Ladbrokes Cash Out option comes in. Taking the price that is offered based on the current situation or letting the bet ride to its conclusion for the full pre-match odds.


Can you cash out in Ladbrokes?

Cash Out is available at Ladbrokes on various sports, from NRL and AFL to Soccer. To find out if the Ladbrokes Cash Out covers an active bet, just visit My Bets in your account to see if a bet has a Cash Out button.


How To Cash Out With Ladbrokes

After a Ladbrokes login, visit My Bets in your account, which will list all of your active bets and any of those with the Cash Out feature available.

By selecting a bet, you will see the current offer that Ladbrokes have for you, and you can simply hit the Cash Out button if you’re happy with it. Always wait for an on-screen confirmation that the bet has been settled before navigating away.

The price of the offer could, for example, decrease from the time you have pressed the Cash Out button to it being settled. In that instance, the Cash Out won’t process, and instead, you will be offered a new price.

If, after pressing the Cash Out button, the offer’s value goes up, then Ladbrokes will just automatically settle at the new higher value.


Why Would Cash Out With Ladbrokes Not Be Available?

Cash Out is not always available. It’s not offered on every market on every bet type, either. It is best to think of the Cash Out as an added feature they provide at their discretion. So please don’t go in with a set plan that you will cash out as part of a strategy as it may not be available.

There are blackout times that crop up on a market that does have the Cash Out feature. A try in a Rugby Union fixture, for example, will send the Cash Out feature into a pause while the markets are adjusted.


Ladbrokes Account

All the information on this page, including the next section about the Ladbrokes Card, is managed through an account with the bookmaker – note that there is no Ladbrokes Bonus Code needed to register one. This is because new legislation prevents bookmakers from offering new customers a sign-up bonus. But with plenty of racing promotions, Multi bet features and more, there’s still plenty of reason to open a Ladbrokes account and enjoy an outstanding betting experience.


Cash out instantly with Ladbrokes Mastercard

A significant feature that Ladbrokes offer their customers is the Ladbrokes Card. This is a Prepaid MasterCard which is linked directly to a Ladbrokes account.

Any winnings in the Ladbrokes account can be cashed out instantly to the Ladbrokes Card.

To initiate a withdrawal of your winnings to your Ladbrokes account, go to My Account and select Withdrawal. Next, choose the Ladbrokes Card as the withdrawal destination and process the transaction.

It should take a mere few sections for the balance on the Ladbrokes Card to be updated.


Shop Online with the Ladbrokes Card

The Ladbrokes Card, funded entirely by the winnings earned in your Ladbrokes account, can be used to shop online. That means it can be used at millions of retailers for immediate purchases of goods and even for booking a hotel. In addition, the Ladbrokes Card can be used wherever MasterCard is accepted.


Use the Ladbrokes Card Anywhere

The versatility of the Ladbrokes MasterCard is one of its considerable assets. It gives you immediate access to your Ladbrokes winnings, to then use as you like by withdrawing cash from an ATM, shopping in a store with contactless, or shopping online. Where the MasterCard is available abroad, too, it can be used.


How it works

You can log in to your account and request a Ladbrokes Card to be sent to you. That should take no more than three weeks to arrive. Once you have received it, set it up online by activating it with the information that comes in the mail.

With the card linked to your Ladbrokes account, the winnings earned from successful punts can be instantly withdrawn to the card to spend.


Ladbrokes Cash Out Key Terms

For all information about the Ladbrokes Card, the full terms and conditions can be found here.

Some standard terms and conditions apply to the Cash Out of sports bets that are made – a complete list of those along with qualifying sports and markets can be found in Ladbrokes How To.

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