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Ladbrokes Mates Mode is the latest innovation from the operator, which has been supported by a significant national advertising push. Punters can now join together for a larger, more interactive wagering experience in a first from an Australian betting site.

This is a nod towards the highly-rated Ladbrokes mobile app, where punters can now join group chats and bet together in a Pot.

Ladbrokes Mates Mode

What is Ladbrokes Mates Mode?

The simplest way to think about the Ladbrokes Mates Mode is to just size it up as a group chat like the ones that can be found in one of the many popular messenger apps available.

In truth, though, it is a lot more than that because it adds a dynamic new approach to sports betting.

The genuinely innovative feature here, heavily promoted by a broad Ladbrokes Australia media campaign, is the ability for groups of mates to bet together. This is all done through the Ladbrokes app, which contains many brilliant features.

Moving into Ladbrokes Mates Mode on the app, punters can create a group and invite their friends and family along for some banter and bragging rights over winning bets. The cherry on top of the general social interaction is that players in a group can collectively bet together in a Pot.

It is a fun, heady soup of being able to chat, share tips and details of bets that you have placed, study stats together and create the shared betting Pots.

Any registered customer with access to the Ladbrokes Mobile App can create or join a group. A secure valid join link or code is required to invite mates into the fold. Whoever is invited does need to be a registered Ladbrokes customer too.

The person who has created the group or been set as an Admin can invite and remove members from the group.


Creating a Pot in Mates Mode

There is a Pot icon in the Mates Mode group chat within the Ladbrokes mobile app in the bottom left-hand corner. A tap of that will create a Pot. The creator will set the name for that Pot, the buy-in amount and the maximum stake per bet (if required).

Once the Pot has been created, then others can be invited to join in. Interested players buy into the Pot, and the betting can start. There is a minimum of one other person needed to buy into a Pot for it to be activated. Once the Pot is activated, it is live, and no further players can get in on it.

Creating the Mates Mode Pot is where the point of marrying the chat and the innovative betting feature come together. The setting up of the Pot could be discussed via the chat beforehand, with users putting in their two cents worth about what the Pot is for, the buy-in, max stake and the fact, of course, that a Pot is going to be created.


The Buy-In

The buy-in for a Ladbrokes Mates Mode Pot creates a Pot Balance for that specific Pot. So, for example, for a horse racing betting Pot on the Friday night action from Moonee Valley, if five players buy in at $10 each, the Pool Balance for that particular Pot is $50.

When bets are then placed for that Pot game, the stakes come from that pot balance. So again, a stake limit can be set for the Pot. Once the Pot’s balance is zero, it will automatically close.

Individual players in the Pot will make their selections and add them to their slips. The switch from My Betting to the selected Pot needs to be done on the mobile app before the bet is placed. This is done through the Switch Balance button in the footer of the slip.

Enter the required stake, and then the bet will be funded from that Pot Balance and count towards the Pot play, and not come out of your betting balance.



How to Bet Together with Ladbrokes Mates Mode?

Betting with the Ladbrokes Mates Mode is done through the shared Pots, and not all the members of a group have to participate in a Pot. Instead, the group can create different Pots among participants who want to get involved.

So if a few of your friends are keener on horse racing than on footy betting, then the customization of different Pots is a significant feature. There are 10 different Pots that you can be in at any time.

The Ladbrokes Mates Mode Pots operate on a buy-in model. Once a Pot has been created, anyone invited can simply join the Pot by putting up the set buy-in amount. Everyone pays an equal buy-in amount. Admin can set a bet limit as well for a Pot.

Once a Pot is activated, punters can add selections to their bet slip as they usually do.


Ladbrokes Pot Payouts

This pool-style form of betting issues payouts evenly when all the members’ bets have been struck at the same amount. Of course, it’s not always the case that everyone stakes evenly. When a bet has been struck with the Pot balance, you will also see your share of the stake in the Pot, the estimated return, and the Pot and group details.

Once a bet has been placed into a Ladbrokes Pot, its details will be shared with the group, and the user can find it under their pending bets. Finally, any payments are sent to the individual accounts of the winners.


How to Get the Ladbrokes Mobile App?

This is exclusively a feature available on the Ladbrokes mobile app. The quickest way to get the highly-rated app is to visit the Ladbrokes website on a mobile browser. There are icons on the site then to get the direct downloads.

The Ladbrokes mobile app is available on both the iOS and Android platforms. Alternatively, a search can be done in either the App Store or Play Store.

This new feature is a fantastic addition to an already excellent mobile betting app. The Ladbrokes app gives full access to their extensive sportsbook and other great features like superb racing coverage, racing promotions, same game multis and live bets.

All account management can be done in the app, including getting instant deposits credited for the account.


Ladbrokes Mates Mode FAQs


Can I leave the Pot after joining Ladbrokes’ Mates Mode?

It is possible to leave a Pot that you have joined. If you leave before the Pot becomes active, you just get the buy-in stake refunded. However, should the Pot be active and you want to leave, you get an equal share of the remaining balance in the Pot at the time – the bets from those staying in continue.


How many Pots can be created in Mates Mode?

There is a limit of ten per member. That covers both Pots that have been created or joined as a member. So if you have created seven Pots and joined three others, you would have to wait until one of them is settled before joining or making another.


What are Pot limits in groups?

There are no limits on how many Pots a group can currently have running. Therefore, having multiple Pots is possible. The only limit is on individuals who get a limit of 10 groups at a time that they can be active in.


What is the minimum number of players in a Pot?

The creator of the Pot will need at least one other person to buy into the Pot for it to be activated.


When does a Pot close?

Once the entire balance of a Ladbrokes Mates Mode Pot has been spent, the Pot will be closed.


Can anyone use the Ladbrokes Mates Mode?

All registered customers aged 18 or above can join a Ladbrokes Mates Mode group. A valid join link or code will be needed with their active Ladbrokes account.

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